Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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I really enjoyed this game, mostly for the multiplayer, and the tanks... and the hell is he talking about 'impenetrable walls of dust'? I played the beta and the released game and found no such dust that i couldn't see through. I get the feeling yhatzee was reaching for the first and or most obvious petty fault he could find.

Anyone else find it ironic and funny how we're given an ad for BC2 right before the review starts and Yahtzee rips it a new one?


Haven't played Bad Company 2, but I think Yahtzee should stay away from first person shooters for a bit, especially ones that attempt 'realism' as stuff like buildings falling down and creating dust, as well as glare on sunny levels while sniping is somewhat set up to be 'realistic'. I think he wants more fantasy in his games, so going through all these first person shooters is somewhat like beating a dead horse.

Hmm, I was rather looking forward to him dusting off the "Its like God of War but..." poster for this week only to burn it because it would be God of War. A slightly boring review, probably because I don't play shooters and find them to be the most uncreative form of game design.

As I recall, Yahtzee has always said that a multiplayer game should still have a single player mode that's worth playing on its own (or something to that effect, with a cool accent and a hat). In this regard, he's perfectly in his own right to review them as such.

And I'm actually glad I'm not the only onwe getting tired of companies pushing realism always further. Soon, as a way of escaping real life, we'll go play fake-real life... (I think it's called the Sims, or somehting...)

Wow. Seeing Yahtzee reconcile with Duke Nukem was something I seriously did not expect. Especially not after his Duke Nukem Forever pseudo-review.

But what I'm wondering is if I'm the only one who noticed what appears to have happened. That the FPS genre started getting flooded with soldiers, space marines, and realistic (or pseudo-realistic) shooters because developers started taking the genre seriously. What do you think is a better word for that? Would it be tragic or ironic?

I have it for the computer and I never noticed the haze... I have had experience with the dust though, but you'd think there would be dust if an entire building was crumbling down around you/walls being blown out. I think its a neat feature that I actually use to my advantage in multiplayer. Shoot a rocket at a wall and use the dust that is blinding the enemy to run around. It works out pretty well actually.

Other than that, definitely not one of your better ones. I enjoy reading your articles far more than your videos now. I'm glad you took up writing those now.

Did I do something wrong?

Also, if I would be a game writer, wouldn't present wars be against insurgents and rebels, ambushing and suicide bombing the technologically advanced soldiers (I'd rather not say Americans, due to the fact that present "realistic" FPS protagonists always includes Americans).

I would love a Third-person war game in which you're on the rebels' side of the war fighting against technologically advanced enemies,owning them via ambushes, suicidal-bomber teammates, and dirty tricks. You would be destroying their radar and radio system by hijacking one of their vehicles, commanding your rebels to keep the guards busy while planting mines and traps as well as RPGing all of their sattelite and radio machineries to impair their communication.

I'd rather want a war in which there's other objectives than just running around, taking cover, and gunning everything down.

Meh, I like most of your reviews Yathzee but this was meh... ill probably be called a fan boy by someone (wow nice one thats original). But really i enjoyed the single player it was entertaing and better than Modern warfare, yer the dust could be excessive its not that bad. Also you seem to have a serious case of "Penis" on your mind this week i didnt count but at a guess at least 7 references? There are other things you can use as a funny analogy.

You'd never play it but really the Multiplayer is where this game is strongest but your above tha sort of thing aren't you :).

Im aware that he aint into the whole multiplayer scene, but this game has a very poor singleplayer, the multiplayer is the main aspect.

That was depressingly short, actually.



Good to see someones finally criticizing this game!

After all the "OMG its so awesome it is better than anything" It has been getting nice to see a new view on it.

And, as usual. Cant disagree with any of it, heh.

This is in my top 2 worst ZP's I've seen.

Try something other then Cock Jokes. Perhaps something Witty?

I enjoyed the review, but it was particularly uh, off I suppose.

Battlefield has never been about Single Player. 1942 didn't even ship with a single player campaign at all, it was a purely multiplayer experience, unless you enjoyed playing with bots all day. That IS the essence of the Battlefield series.

To argue that this game is at all realistic is pretty facetious, the selling point of the single player campaign in this game that it is, essentially, a complete pisstake on Modern Warfare 2. Bad Company's SP campaign has always been a spoof of the war genre in general.

I've never noticed this so called 'blurry fuzz' that you saw when you were sniping, quite possibly a result of playing it on a dumbed down console version. Battlefield has and always will be for the PC.

Just because a game has destructible buildings (an incredibly useful feature in Multiplayer, I might add), does not mean it's going for realism. The only thing even slightly realistic is bullets being affected by gravity.

And about the dust, you could, you know, just move elsewhere?


Good to see someones finally criticizing this game!

After all the "OMG its so awesome it is better than anything" It has been getting nice to see a new view on it.

And, as usual. Cant disagree with any of it, heh.

This may shock you, but it may be because it is actually a pretty good game. Waiting around for someone to say something you agree with isn't a barometer of a game's quality.

Ya, from the sounds of it the first game was better. You had crazy amounts of guns, the difficulty wasn't extreme(actually it was too easy), and the plot was more deviant than helping one side win the war.

Everyone calling for "non-modern" shooters do realize that Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2 are out right now, correct? You know, decent, completely playable games? Just because Yahtzee said a few unflattering about them, doesn't mean that they're ALL bad. Or, for that matter, that they don't exist.

At any rate, they're better buys than BF:BC2.

I mean, Christ, if you took Yahtzee's word for law, your video game collection would only consist of Half-Life 2, Portal, and Silent Hill 2. Which, of course, would be an awesome collection, but you also wouldn't have played anything in the past two years.

That final scene made me wretch slightly...

...So, a new type of aerial vehicle based on imps... Great Plan is Great

Edit: TV_Casualty +1 Correct

Bioshock 2.



Hey, you misspelled System Shock 2 there.

I loved the first BC's campaign - the blowing up stuff mechanic was pretty intense and fun, but the best thing was that the story and characters didn't take itself too seriously, so after you have your cover being blown to bits and went through the usual gun fights, you get treated to some toilet and high school humor in between and it somehow worked (still loved the scene where Haggard was shooting his shotgun into the air while crossing over a border to chase for GOLD in the first one). BC2's campaign was dry with most of the humor gone (except the MW2 pokes, which if you didn't play MW2 it would just fly right over your head) and took itself way too seriously, yes, exactly like in a "hey I'm pretending to be MW2!" way. BC and MW occupied different spaces the way I saw it, and it's a damn shame that BC2 decides to ditch what made it fun in the first place to try to move into MW's space.

BC2 is fun, at least, and you can't blame these new "realistic" shooters for trying to be epic.
But it's games like these and reviewers like Yahtzee that make me want to go into game development so I can make my game a reality:
A realistic cover based 3rd person shooter where the enemies start out as soldiers but further into the game they're all things like tigers with human heads wielding chainsaws and your character has a gun that shoots cobras.
It's called "Operation Groundhog" and it's rated M because your character is a sentient penis.

Sounds like a realistic shooter being too realistic. My cover can be blown up? Then why the hell is this a game? I of course don't know from playing it since fps games are all terrible, but thats how MW2 is.

Because blowing stuff up is fun. You got someone camping in a house giving you trouble. Blow the house up around him. It makes things more dynamic. You just can't hide behind an indestructible wall and take potshots at people you actually have to move.

Games just need... to... stop making these...

I have to agree that the vision-obscuring dust gets incredibly annoying; especially in certain levels where it's a constant effect on the level in some places and obscures your vision of the AI enemies even though they're perfectly capable of seeing you. Surely it wouldn't be that hard to code in some detection for where particle effects are so AI enemies have their 'vision' obscured too?

I never had any problems with the mortar section myself, though. I only ever died once, and that's because I lagged behind. I find that you'll generally stay alive if you're in the middle of your NPC comrades instead of behind them.

wow that is really fun to say


Bioshock 2.



Hey, you misspelled System Shock 2 there.

Ha. True, true.

However, no matter you how cynical you want to be, you can't deny that there were vast gameplay improvements between Bioshock 1 and 2.

And notice how I didn't mention "stellar storytelling." Wink wink. I don't think anyone could say that the story of Bio2 has the same gravitas and deep significance as the well-contained presentation in Bio1. But that doesn't make the game unplayable, and that certainly doesn't mean that it's not at least worth a rental.

But a bit off topic here...

Whatever, he only discussed the single player, which is still better than MW2 IMO. The real price is the multiplayer, which is a goddam blast, and also better than MW2. My first time playing I got into a match of Rush on Island and it became the single most epic battle scene I've ever seen. And I generally dislike the abuse of the word epic, but nothing else could describe it. Other team had a few guys that were way higher in rank than anyone, and a few that seemed to be cheating, but my scrappy team valiantly fought them back for 45 minutes with pure chaos going on everywhere.

I typically love TF2 above all else in multiplayer, but damned if that wasn't the greatest experience I've ever had in an FPS, and it was entirely unscripted.


Bioshock 2.



Hey, you misspelled System Shock 2 there.

That's an insult to System Shock 2. Bioshock 1 was an okay analog to SS2, Bioshock 2 is a big steaming pile that fixed bad game mechanics and tossed all good bits like atmosphere out the window.

Dublin Solo:

it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

try saying its name twice in a row :D

Aww... he was secretly humping the Imp.
Pretty funny review, not the most although that button at the end was charming.

I actually really like this game online which is weird, because I do not enjoy pretty much every other online shooter. I understand that arena is not his cup of tea.

gotta hate realism shooters. its just too accurate to life. Give me halflife 2 any day.

Amen to that...

Having heard from a number of people that Bad Company 2 was better than Modern Warfare 2, I was expecting Yahtzee to chime in with a similar sentiment, but it was lost in the DUST. Maybe because this is focusing mostly on the single player aspect of the game which, like Modern Warfare 2, is perhaps the lesser half of it.

Loved the "chest high walls"

Yahtzee is as funny as always. I was quite surprised that he decided to review Bad Company 2. I was expecting this week's video to be about Final Fantasy XIII because he apprently was going to review that game. I am really looking forward to his review of God of War III...which I would assume he's going to review. He is going to review it right?


You can argue the concept all fucking day, but that doesn't change the fact that buying a multiplayer game and then not playing the multiplayer is fucking stupid.

Let me preface this by saying I love all of Yahtzee's work and I understand he's never really reviewing a game so much as he rants at it, but 2 things kind of bug me about this. He played the SP of a MP game. It's pretty much like judging TF2 based on how the menu looks. Second, the users here and to a smaller extent Yahtzee himself screaming MW2 clone give me a headache on a magnitude I can't properly describe. This series has been around for way longer, and although it's keeping with the status quo of 'cinematic, on rails' FPS, its single player isn't really there for fans of BF. It's for widening the range of appeal so no MP playing people like Yahtzee will pick it up.

TL;DR go play MP you git.

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