Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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Whatever, he only discussed the single player, which is still better than MW2 IMO. The real price is the multiplayer, which is a goddam blast, and also better than MW2. My first time playing I got into a match of Rush on Island and it became the single most epic battle scene I've ever seen. And I generally dislike the abuse of the word epic, but nothing else could describe it. Other team had a few guys that were way higher in rank than anyone, and a few that seemed to be cheating, but my scrappy team valiantly fought them back for 45 minutes with pure chaos going on everywhere.

I typically love TF2 above all else in multiplayer, but damned if that wasn't the greatest experience I've ever had in an FPS, and it was entirely unscripted.


Bioshock 2.



Hey, you misspelled System Shock 2 there.

That's an insult to System Shock 2. Bioshock 1 was an okay analog to SS2, Bioshock 2 is a big steaming pile that fixed bad game mechanics and tossed all good bits like atmosphere out the window.

What are you talking about?

If anything BS2 had way better gameplay than those two just sucked on some other levels...=/


That's an insult to System Shock 2. Bioshock 1 was an okay analog to SS2, Bioshock 2 is a big steaming pile that fixed bad game mechanics and tossed all good bits like atmosphere out the window.

I apologise, System Shock 2 has and always will be one of my favourite RPG's out there, next to Deus Ex.

And Rush is quite fun, isn't it? :P At least when people are actually working together and defusing the charges. We unfortunately have a little crossover from MW2 players, thinking that KD ratios actually matter in this game.


Ha. True, true.

However, no matter you how cynical you want to be, you can't deny that there were vast gameplay improvements between Bioshock 1 and 2.

And notice how I didn't mention "stellar storytelling." Wink wink. I don't think anyone could say that the story of Bio2 has the same gravitas and deep significance as the well-contained presentation in Bio1. But that doesn't make the game unplayable, and that certainly doesn't mean that it's not at least worth a rental.

But a bit off topic here...

Actually, I really couldn't get into Bioshock, either I had hyped myself up to it, or something, I just couldn't get myself in the game.

Oh yeah, the dust. I remember that being an issue in the first game...
And dammit, I never got a Truckasaurus rex!

I hear people whining about that it's a multiplayer game and shouldn't be judged by its single player. Well if it shouldn't be judged by single player, it shouldn't have a single player mode, now should it?!

A Truckasaurus reference? Is yahtzee watching Archer's Aussie run?

I agree with this ZP. He could have bashed the AI a little more still.

Give me bulky space marines and lasers over Soldiers and projectile weapons any day.

I always hope B:BC and MW will get together and make a single uber-game that destroys them and stops this slew of the exact same fucking game every month.

good review, sorry the game sucked, and good luck getting that new term for realistic shooters to catch on.

Can I just say *cock* the penis *dick* refen *tallywhacker*-ces are getting *shlong* a little *todger* more use than the *wang* breasts *slobber* ones in the Tomb *boner* Raider ones?



I think the cock references are getting extra air time because of the increase of cock sucking going on in the comments?
Am I right, or am I speaking rubbish?

OT: Yes there was a crap-ton of dust that attributed to the majority of my deaths.... That's about all I'll agree on.
I guess he didn't play the first one, because I expected a note about how the games tone went from light hearted to gritty dark between the sequels.

Bran Mugen:
I hear people whining about that it's a multiplayer game and shouldn't be judged by its single player. Well if it shouldn't be judged by single player, it shouldn't have a single player mode, now should it?!

please explain that logic.

Because it could go both ways, what if you took Total War, judged it purely by its multiplayer, and then said "Well if it didn't want to be judged entirely by its multiplayer it shouldn't have had it."

Not to mention that nobody is saying the single player shouldn't have been reviewed, on that reviewing only the single player is stupid.

agreed, I've been saying for years that realism does not equal fun, realism equals bang your dead I don't want to play this anymore

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Watch Video

It's a Mutliplayer Shooter... like Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield 1943... all of those didn't even have a SinglePlayer campaign aside of "play map with bots"... maybe if some of you people would have played any of em you'd have gotten that point by now xD

Oh and here's a spoiler, Battlefield 3 will be a Multiplayer Shooter too, they just put the SinglePlayer in there for all those "I hate Multiplayer games" crybabies as far as I've seen... I've played it for about 20 minutes and Online for about 30 hours.

Also... what chest-high walls? There were no chest-high walls in the first 2 missions I played, at least not on the PC...

Wait a minute.. there's a Single Player part to this game? Really though, reviewing the single player portion of any Battlefield game would be like reviewing Crysis solely based on it's multiplayer.

Not trying to be a hater, but why review a very Multi-player centric game when you don't like playing games online? Seems odd, there are many other games that could be reviewed in lieu of BFBC2. Is this what the SCII review is going to be like?

he has no idea how much work goes into dust particle physics programming!

Good review, not particularly funny but still liked it since it's a game I've actually played. It was a pretty crap game (Singleplayer anyway)... wasn't really a MW2 clone until the copy pasted part with the EMP going off and the helicopter falling from the sky. You'd think with all those billions EA could buy an imagination or some shit.
I did notice the massive amounts of dust but it wasn't really a problem until the driving missions, when you couldn't see shit for the bastards in front of you kicking all kinds of snowy earthy crap and bullets into your eyes, so you drive off the edge of the cliff you were so carefully trying to avoid.
Wouldn't mind a Just Cause 2 review in the next few weeks... just played it and uninstalled it after a few hours... fucking awful game (the PC version), crap controls, laggy camera, the main guy moves like a dripping sack of diarrhoea. Rip it a new one by all means.
Oh yeah... Russian national anthem is fantastic, brings a tear to my eye listening to it.

I thought the single player was good. But you did the mortar scene TWICE. I liked the game single player was ok, But at least the multiplayer is really fun. I mean if you hate a game because I CANT CALL IN AIR STRIKE, WHERES MY HARRIER, THERES NO HEAVY CLASS ON MY SCREEN.[Ahem]

Well, i like the game and i liked modern warfare, (first one, second one was god awful)

Single-player in BF: BC2 is absolute crap on a fosillized roll but multiplayer was a gleaming god statue of excellence, which made me feel like i was in a team, instead of stuck with some random freaks. It also had epicness that I normally don't experience in a game like this. i felt like i was fighting a battle with dependable comrades more than most multiplayer games i play, also i don't suck at it (well, noth that much).

However I do have two complaints;
1. I'm a level 7 at this point and it's taking FOREVER to get any cool weapons, with all of them around 20, couldn't they spread it out a bit?
2. Is you can't cancel directly after a game, but these are minor complaints to a very good multiplayer mode, but could make the singel-player a little better, or more crap now ya think about it.

I loved the hand crushing scene

I love it that he never mentioned the multiplayer once! Respect.

Note: only support weps are unlocked at lvls, kit guns are unlocked seperatly.

Yahtzee, you never give a proper review of games any more. You take a game, say something (if anything) about the good bits, then rattle on about everything else for the rest of the video...
I used to go on your judgement on games but now I don't know any more because all your "review" seems to do is slag off a game for 5 minutes.

Maybe I'm missing the point here, maybe I should just be enjoying it because you rip apart games, and it's funny. But, from your early days, you've changed a lot.

OT: I didn't know Bad Company 2 had a single-player mode. Well I've learnt something today.

To all people who make realistic shooter games like Bad Company, Modern Warfare and Medal of Honor: STOP MAKING THEM. I AM SO FUCKING TIRED OF THESE GAMES.

Sorry about that.

I need to go play a real game for a few moments now.

Mortar part was hard? Sheesh, I played the castle parts of the desert 10 times per autosave, the imported from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. enemy guns really made it hard to shoot a dot from 100 meters. Although I completely agree about the helicopters ;]

lol just rented this game
haven't tried it out much but I did notice I was just...going through the motions
not that I'm complaining or anything

Well, BC2 is not MW2. BC2 is in my opinion. And the mortar scene. Why is he complaining about that one? I managed to get through that scene without dying once. Good job I must say. Try using the 10 m high walls properly next time.

It takes a special kind of moron to review the singleplayer component of a predominantly multiplayer game, even moreso in this case since the Battlefield series has rarely been about SP.

What's next Yahtzee? A Quake 3 Arena singleplayer review?


and Yahtzee's right,this whole game is almost an MW ripoff from start.

I like it how some people on the escapist appear to just blindly assume that everything Yahtzee omits out of his ass during his reviews is true. Battlefield is a much, much older franchise them MW and have always been pure mulitplayer shooters. In fact the way I see it the only reason DICE bothered putting single player campaigns into BC 1 and 2 was because they were afraid of shipping a console game that had no single player.

Do you know what needs to be brought back to FPS games? The paint ball cheat from Golden eye. Think about it you have all of the drab gray and brown environments but as the fire fight progresses it gets the the point that it looks like a kindergarten classroom on finger painting day. And what would be even cooler is if it had a random chance to be turned on every time a multiplayer match started.

frankly someone should make a game with that sort of premise, something along the lines of "Da Blob vs Modern Warfare" but with plasma cannons and giant explosives and chain saw throwers.


that was too funny; always funny to watch

Baby Tea:
I fail to understand what makes Battlefield Cad Company 2 'realistic'.
Since it's about as realistic as Super Mario Bros.
But it was a charming video nonetheless.

I think you bring up a pretty decent point. But it could be that this "tyranny of realism" of which Yahtzee speaks also refers to the arguably misguided attempts of FPS developers to be realistic.

Battlefield 2 was amazing multiplayer fun. I bought BFBC2 fully expecting it to not have any single player whatsoever and that wouldn't have bothered me at all. Battlefield games ahve always been about the multiplayer. Things that did irritate me were the removal of the prone position and the excessive dust.
First time I played I got my arse handed to me more times than I could count, then I got back into my groove and started scoring some major points. I initially was dubious about only 4 classes over BF2's 6 but after unlocking a load of weapons and being able to use them with a variety of classes I was more convinced.

There is a huge amount of game here, the maps are huge and are going to take a lot of time to learn properly to exploit them as I used to be able to in BF2. The new game modes are refreshing too.

Great as the gamme is I can't wait for the modding tools to be released so the guys who did AIX 2.0 (allied intent) for BF2 can get to grips with this. (Just less airpower this time guys!)

*sigh* This is the first time I've disagreed with Yahtzee this much.*ahem* PLAY THE MULTI PLAYER FOR THIS GAME ONLY. Even if your entire team are dicks(which I am sorry to say is the case most of the time) you can join a squad with a few of your mates and play in a team INSIDE a team. I only have 1 friend with battlefield bad company 2 but we go in a squad of 2 and are ALWAYS the top 2 players in a game.

....I did hate the dust and motors too though.

I wasn't exactly thrilled with the first game either. What is it with destructable environments anyway? They look pretty but they never really seem to do anything other than clusterfucking the landscape and giving you an option between doorway and hole in the wall. They can bang on about (and I just read about the guy making Body Count bang on about for about three pages) how they alter tactics and strategy and you can't just hide from tanks in inpenetrable buildings anymore, but the fact is that pretty much every player out there is going to treat it almost exactly the same as they would any Call of Duty of Medal of Honor. I thought we were over this shit about the time Black came out.

The fact that you can't take advantage of the realistic destruction is nobodies fault but yours. I have been playing BC 2 for the past 3 weeks and the fact that the buildings can be blown up makes a huge difference. I remember this once where a guy I was shooting at ran into a building, so I selected my grenade launcher and took a rough guess just where inside the building he was and blew up a section of a wall I assumed he was hiding behind and what do you know, the guy was hiding behind it after all and the blast kills him.

I also remember another scenario where I was inside a building with very low amounts of health and ammo and I saw 2 enemies enter the building, there was no way I could take them on so I blew a hole in the wall and then used the whole to leave the building and later found a medkit and a ammo box.

People who claim that the realistic destruction doesn't change anything are either just looking for reasons to bash the game or are simply to simpleminded to bother taking any advantage of the fact that walls and cover can now be destroyed.

If you want to bash the game, then bash it for having a shitty server system since EA did a poor job of insuring that its online servers work properly.

Lord Azrael:

Great as the gamme is I can't wait for the modding tools to be released so the guys who did AIX 2.0 (allied intent) for BF2 can get to grips with this. (Just less airpower this time guys!)

Their won't be any modding tools, DICE has already said so.

One of the funniest reviews I've watched, particulary because I aquire COD Modern Warfare 2 recently and it's all true the simularities between the two.
It irriates me how brown and grey each map is on the multiplier. It's like living in a world with a muddy puddle on your face.
I agree with the annoyingness of sniping in these games. I play on a laptop where the resolution is smaller than that of a typical moniter so it's really horrible for me to look down my scope and disguingish another squinty player or a funny shaped vase. I often find myself when camping windows in COD MW2 leaning forwards towards my screen in hope I can see better. It doesn't and makes my contact lenses steam up somehow which makes seeing even more hard with all the dust that gets kicked up.

I hate realistic games. They just get boring :P I only keep playing MW2 because it's oddly amusing to plonk claymors in wierd places and bait people over them :) People are so predictable ^^

Wow, no mention of Atkinson at all!

Probably saving it for the next one.

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