Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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I wasn't exactly thrilled with the first game either. What is it with destructable environments anyway? They look pretty but they never really seem to do anything other than clusterfucking the landscape and giving you an option between doorway and hole in the wall. They can bang on about (and I just read about the guy making Body Count bang on about for about three pages) how they alter tactics and strategy and you can't just hide from tanks in inpenetrable buildings anymore, but the fact is that pretty much every player out there is going to treat it almost exactly the same as they would any Call of Duty of Medal of Honor. I thought we were over this shit about the time Black came out.

The multiplayer does actually play pretty heavily off of the destructible buildings, especially rush mode in which you can take out some objectives by bringing down the building they're in. This is one of the few games that I will say the multiplayer single handedly justifies the price tag. The single player is a giant wad of brown paste though, I will agree to that.

DUST! haha nice review mate as always^_^

Hello, this is me making my obligatory comment that has little to no relevance and almost zero chance of being read and replied to by anybody. Just thought you ought to know.

I'm not really into war games and modern war games are even worse. When did game developers stop making WW2 games with English speaking nazis with fake accent?

haha.. I don't like war games, but this review was HILARIOUS!!! He reminds me of a british Micro Machines guy!!

Good review, although he complained about the mortar scene, I got through it on mu first try.


Yes, but the things they have added to the the Bad Comapany games still borrow a lot from Modern Warfare. Those are two very general points too, especailly the second. It describes any online shooter from the past 6 years: Halo, Ghost Recon, CoD, Rainbow Six, etc. Or any game that has an unlock/ranking system- Battlefield 2 didn't invent them. I'm sure that game borrowed from previous shooters. I'm thinking of little details in the game and things they do.

So did Modern Warfare ... every shooter naturally borrows something from previous SHOOTERS ... it's what they add that matters not what they borrow ... and BattleField:BC2 adds a lot.



I've found the kits in Bad Company 2 to be incredibly ineffective as a system. All of them are quite capable of killing people

lols, of course they are .. what do you expect in a SHOOTER .. every kit MUST enable you to kill enemies ... it would be stupid of a kit forces you to hide or do tasks while being unable to defend yourself or even attack if you need to.

which really detracts from them each having their own specific job. It starts to get a lot closer to simply choosing your primary weapon, which is exactly how the class system in MW2 works.

NO .. they are nothing alike ... you can't fix vehicles with a medic Kit and can't heal fallen allies or revive with an engineer Kit .. etc etc .. every freaking Kit has a distinct and very clear role that no other Kit can replace .. how does taht boil down to selecting your primary weapon !!!?

Also, the fact that you can pick up kits completely ruins the entire system for me.

Oh god .. you completely understood it the other way around .. it adds tons of tactical depth and adaptability that allows you to react to any situation on the fly .. in one situation for example .. i was with a squad-mate who had a Medic kit .. we got in a firefight ... i was an enigneer ... he got killed .. i survived and killed the last of the attackers .... ran over to my squad-mate medic kit .. picked it up .. revived him and switched back to my engineer kit to fact the tank that was approaching our position.

Health regenerates and you very rarely find yourself low on ammo (at least from my experience).

Health takes lots of time to regenerate in BC2 .. it doesn't regenerate instantly .. it does very slowly (play as a medic and watch you squad-mates health bars and you will see that .. i played as a medic a lot and this is a FACT.

As for ammo .. i ran out of ammo numerous times ... the longer you survive and the better you play you will notice that you will run out of ammo faster ... that's why ammo-packs are essential ... but someone who gets killed every five seconds won't notice that (not to mention won't be doing much good to his squad or team)

The core gameplay of the two games is incredibly similar: in both of them one man is able to rack up kill after kill after kill if they're skilled enough. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but there's not enough of a focus on the collective team to truthfully label BC2 as being that much more focused on the collective.

The core gameplay is NOTHING alike ... it isn't about racking kills at all in BC2 ... killing is only a means to achieve your objectives .. and you get rewarded with ranking points for every freaking action you do that supports your team (spotting enemies, completing objectives, healing, reviving, supplying ammo, fixing tanks with squad-mates in them, .... etc etc etc) and tons of other things that has nothing to do with racking up kills.

You simply have been playing BC the WRONG way .. go watch this excellent tips video and you will understand why BC2 is way better than MW2 will ever hope to be ---->

And this for an extra laugh --->



No mention of multiplayer? Isn't that like, I don't know, the focus of the game?

seriously, it's a multiplayer game with a tacked on single player mode.

I wouldn't call the single player tacked on. AvP has a tacked on single player. I would say this has a decent one.

Personally, I love everything about Bad Company 2. I was just copping a cynical pose because it's y'know, a comment on a zero punctuation thread. That said, Dice makes multiplayer games, everything beyond that is gravy. That is what we have here. To sum up, with the singularly amazing multiplayer (which yahtzee would still hate), you also get a very fun single player. (that yahtzee hates)

No mention of multiplayer?

Mortar scene is exaggerated, it's not difficult.

ZP has been lacking lately, but this made up for that. Best video in a long while.

the part i most agree with is russians r evil. seriously, the russians are just normal people. in games america is a ultr awsome hero team while russian is evil for some unexplained reason

Heh, yahtzee never play the multiplayer mod, no wonder why he hate most of the games. This game is only about multiplayer. He totally missed the point in that review...eeesh.

wow.... i bought this on day one and I HAVENT even played the single player mode O.o But I can understand what he means, although i really did only buy this game for the MP experience.

There are going to be buyers who don't though, and will possibly share the same sentiment as he.

LOL thanks for another good review though nonetheless ^_^

this was a good review, made me laugh, I loved the google maps bit

the part i most agree with is russians r evil. seriously, the russians are just normal people. in games america is a ultr awsome hero team while russian is evil for some unexplained reason

Of course, they are. So are the arabs and the chinese.
Don't worry, the Russians are always villians just because someone has to be one.

Pretty good job and I thought it seemed very Modern Warfare 2 ish. I haven't played the game but I doubt I'll get it (I still enjoy my MW2). Also since you seemed to beg for an insane game with weird guns and complete disregard for realism wasn't there a Serious Sam HD Remix floating around a while bag. I dunno. Also (not sure if you read this) but what are your thoughts on the March Mayhem this year.

Edit: Just thought I'd remind everybody to vote in March Mayhem. Its a great way to get more into the community and support your favourite developer. Plus some of the stuff happening is pretty interesting (something related to this review would be that Zynga (Farmville creator amongst other things) beat Infinity Ward and are now facing Rockstar North)

Pretty good job and I thought it seemed very Modern Warfare 2 ish. I haven't played the game but I doubt I'll get it (I still enjoy my MW2).

So... why did you think it was like MW2? From his "review"? Single-player, they look similar, but again are different. Multiplayer? No, totally different.

There's too much penis lately in his review.

ioudas omnis:
Sometimes I forget that video games are incredibly serious business. Thank you, random strangers on the Internet, for reminding me.

As far as the review goes, I'm with a lot of the others in saying that, while he didn't review the multiplayer (as he has openly stated that he never does) he didn't really... tell us anything about the game other than there was a lot of dust and things were kind of ridiculous and like every other game of its type in that regard. And as someone who currently can't play online (I have a Mac, no wireless connection to my 360, and a Silver account) I'm infinitely more concerned with the single-player aspect of games, than multiplayer. So, this would have been a beneficial review for me, had I been told anything.

You are welcome fellow random internet person.

I quoted you becuase I just love your avatar. Its one of the best on here in my opinion.

that was amazing.

i completely agree with the Duke Nukem apology at the beginning. we need to carry more weapons and we need medkits in fps.

i also agree that realistic shooters should be relabeled. thankfully Yahtzee took the opportunity to rename them himself.

Yahtzee should make a ufo. i wouldnt mind fighting one of them in a game.

another funny episdoe dude congratz

russia is used because russia is a good enemy, they are on equal grounds of power, they are kind of mysterious, and they have no mercy
why the hell would you not use russia? who do you want to fight, france? belgium? canada? a small african country? i bet you hate tv shows with a re-occurring bad guy too.

but really? blow their own nuts off if they were handed a real gun? i could have sworn that throughout the world right wingers where known as gun crazy militants who spend every lunch break at the shooting range?
or you know what? maybe he is half right here, most of the fps players ive ever played with still call a magazine a "clip" so ive got to imagine they WOULD blow their own nuts off given a real gun, but ive also got to imagine they were scared of the damn gun, and had a picture of BO on their wall, because its more than a likelihood.

seriously yahtzee, its getting annoying, i cant enjoy these reviews when you put your political shit into them
its like eating a nice sandwich with branston pickle, but about half way through youve discovered that the smarmy prick who made it for you unloaded his spunk into it. i dont like spunk yahtzee. (who am i kidding, this whole community would probably love get get some of that sandwich)

I'm just wondering what happened to all the other factions in the Battlefield games. The Chinese, the Middle Easter Coalition (MEC) and that European Union thing.

As for anyone complaining about the dust.

Thats what happens when buildings collapse.

+1 for "DPPFFRWSIWWBTONOTMTWHAAFAPAHD shooters" becoming a legitimate genre name.

... realistic... what?

yes, destroying a 20+ story high rise with hundreds of thousands of pounds of explosives makes dust.
congradulations on figuring that out.

now can you explain why a 5 pound explosive charge produces a larger dust cloud that lingers longer when destroying a 3x5 foot segment of wall?

I actually laughed out loud at the "DUST!" line and the bit about being stalked by google maps, but other than that it wasn't you're best imo


Pretty good job and I thought it seemed very Modern Warfare 2 ish. I haven't played the game but I doubt I'll get it (I still enjoy my MW2).

So... why did you think it was like MW2? From his "review"? Single-player, they look similar, but again are different. Multiplayer? No, totally different.

Not from his review but just the general feel. I do mean Single-Player since I haven't really seen much from the Multi-player at all to be honest. And that would be why I said I thought it seemed rather then just it seemed. Plus I do agree that I shouldn't really be making statements on a game I haven't played I just thought I'd throw in my two cents. Is the multi-player better in MW2 or Bad Company dya think?

Why do I get the feeling he will be oozing with joy at playing with Metro 2033
(You get to play a Russian!!!! OOOOOOOOO!)

Booooo!! You, Yahtzee, did the obvious shamefulness of comparing this game to MW2, and since this game is, yes, set in the present day I can see why. But why don't you compare it to Counter Strike while you are at it? There must be some differences as I personally much enjoyed BC2 over MW2 any day.

But yea the Dust was very annoying.

I was hoping he'd be critical of such things as the lack of co-op, I mean you're in a squad of 4 that's a very fit number for multiplayer, or how in the last game the squad was an untrustworthy, undisciplined group of misfits and in this game they're reliable spec ops. Plus all the humor of the last game is missing, everyone is way too serious. Not to mention the game is too short.

Plus, there was too much emphasis on the single play campaign. Battlefield is all about the online multiplayer. Single play campaigns are getting tagged onto Battlefield games much like multiplayer gets tagged onto games like BioShock 2 and such, like an afterthought. COD games are all about single player campaigns, BFBC games are all about the multiplayer.

I love this game more than I loved MW2, they did a great job on the competitive multiplayer, but it could have been better if they worked more on the main campaign.

One thing that bugs me about Yahtzee's reviews is that it seems he doesn't bother trying to adjust the settings. The "glow" thing he was talking about could be easily fixed if he just turned the bloom effect off. The dust on the other hand is what you get in a realistic shooter.

I started hating destructible environments after this game ,especially when theres a tank blowing up half of the town trying to get you and you don`t have anywhere to hide anymore and you have no clue where to get a rocket launcher. Oh and.. DUST!

Where did my comment go?

If you posted before you even had time to watch the video, I just deleted it. We got tired of suspending accounts for posting before watching the video, so I just delete them.

I agree, the Russian national anthem kicks ass!

I didnt like this one, all he talked about was the dust and the ability to shoot down helicopters with rockets and also was the truck-a-sarus-rex reference from the first game?

also no mention of the world war 2 mission? i think yahzee only played this for a 2 hours and assumed its going to be a mw2 knock-off which isnt true

actually, when the game basically rips int Modern Warfare 2 with dialogue, you cant say that it isnt trying to rip something off of it. It tries to be like MW2, tries being a key word, as in you could also try to be a car, you might be able to put a cardboard box around you and make the sounds, but you wont survive in a wreck.

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