Chrome Hounds

Chrome Hounds is based on the Armored Core series and, according to the game's producer, Toshifumi Nabeshima, is intended to be Sega's foray into the world of Xbox Live-enabled games.

Original Comment by: Brian Easton

I presume by minimal on screen display they mean that whatever information is presented on the screen is from the HUD of the "actual" mech.

This is one of those 360 games that I'm excited about. There's alot of potential for this to be a more accessable version of Steel Battalion: Line of Contact. And it's a game that all my friends might get so I won't have to deal with as many jerks on live.

I'm wondering if the client is 100% complete, but the game servers aren't in place yet? Perhaps there are still localization issues?

Original Comment by: Ethan Knoop

To my knowledge the game is scheduled for a July 2006 release. Sounds to me like Sega's PR reps ought to be polishing up his resume.

In any case, this is the game of the show for me. Sure, there are other games that have more glitz and glamour, but this is a game that I will actually be playing soon, and that means an awful lot.

By "minimal on-screen display," I meant "minimal on-screen display." No HUD, no crosshairs. Just a very small "health" meter at the top left, and a turret-view camera at the top right.

Original Comment by: jlaakso
This is one of the few next-gen titles I'm excited about. Not because it'd be anything revolutionary, really: just that it's more Armored Core. Shinier, perhaps a little better to control, and Live. That's all I'm asking. Good thing that Oblivion's already out; the wife is craving for a 360 now.


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