The Escapist Presents: Pokewalking with The Escapist

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I prefer the phonograph trick...

and the "right-hand" trick...

Also if you have a little brother with ADHD, strap it to his wrist and tell him its a watch XD

And yay John Funk :D *brings out his ''I <3 John Funk Banner''*

get one of those $15 desk fans and break off one of the blades, tape it to one of the existing blades and turn up the speed.

i know this works because when i was in my final year at school they gave us all pedometers and said we have to walk a certain number of steps by the end of the year for exercise or something

lol GUYrados...


Nope. Pedometers generally measure rapid changes in acceleration. When your foot hits the ground, the pedometer accelerates rapidly in the opposite direction it was traveling. The electronics measure the spike and add to the counter. If you attached it to anything that rotates at relatively constant speed in the same direction, you would only get steps when you went over large bumps, or if you changed gears a lot.

That's how it seems to work to me. I'd like to try taping it to a clock pendulum, which I suspect would work well, but I don't have access to a clock with one these days ;)

Don't those move at 60 ticks a second? meaning only 300 steps in 5 minutes?


That's how it seems to work to me. I'd like to try taping it to a clock pendulum, which I suspect would work well, but I don't have access to a clock with one these days ;)

Don't those move at 60 ticks a second? meaning only 300 steps in 5 minutes?

No, I believe most tick twice a second, so it'd be 600. Though I can imagine the extra weight disrupting or slowing the swinging motion too much to be effective.

John Funk:
This wasn't meant to be taken seriously, you know. :P I bring the Pokewalker with me when I go work out every night.

But can you benchpress more than a Geodude?

Cheating pedometers is always a good time. Especially when trolling gym teachers. "You've walked over 9000 steps?"

A friend of mine wore hers while riding a horse, she got over 5500 in 30 min. Doing the math that is over 900 steps in 5 min. It was awesome.

Lol nice attempts. I'm thinking, attach it to a yo-yo. For some reason, I think a few minutes with that should work.

I'm not cheating atm. I wore it down to the shops yesterday. When i got home, i had enough watts to catch 3 pokemon. not bad.

Excellent video!I'll take mine out when I go to concerts!

My Gyrados will kick your Gyrados' ass Mr.Funk! haha!

This is the single greatest use for Jordan Deam I've seen in a long time.

I resent that, Zombie_Fish. I really do.

I haven't really played since generation II, but doesn't a Pokemon get better stat development when actually fighting and not being raised at a day care or fed a diet of rare candies?

I could see uses for this with pokemon like Magikarp and Abra, who can't learn any worthwhile attacks until they evolve into the next form. I'm not sure I'd want to put a Pokemon who could actually fight in it.

Well, on the wipers you go :D

Awesome! Looks like my headbanging is going to come in handy.

Just my two cents from experimenting with my Walker in that if I move it in a circular motion, it seems like it registers those as steps. Maybe it is because when you walk you tend to make a circular motion? I'm not too sure, just something I have notice...

I really don't think I'm going to cheat at it... Just seems pointless, your Pokémon would get more XP from walking through tall grass and fighting other wild Pokémon.

Wow, the windshield wiper method worked wonderfully. This was useful, thank you...but....


It may be right, but man does it sound odd.

Step 6: The adult method...

when you're having some male "alone time" tape it to your "busy" hand and make use of that extra energy...

Or just shake the pokewalker when you're bored.

In all honesty the restless leg method would be best in the long run since you're most likely to spend the most time doing them. Also if you tapes it to the back of the foot rather than on the instep, you'd get much better results.

Hahaha, I'll try the dog method!

I beat the system! I went out for the night but before I did I attached a pokewalker with my lv 20 krabby to a windmill, after I came back(which was only about 2 hours sadly) Krabby had gained almost 2 levels and had taken 7000+ steps.

Hm. I used the foot tap, and in about 2 hours with it on my laces I got probably 21000 steps. Then today on my two hour trip, I got another 17000. I was using my dog earlier, but that seems like a great plan. One question: Why is your pokewalker black?

Really? Has no one brought up the Pokemon Pikachu yet?
I totally had this.

I'm surprised at this, as well. That was pretty much the only way I could do Mystery Gift outside of Stadium 2.

OT: Well, now I know that pedometers...still haven't changed. Regardless, the whole thing is a pretty good idea on how you can raise your Pokemon. If only that was around with the first time they did this back with the first generations.

So many wasted steps in my past...

Considering that the Wiper method is the most effective, all-be-it the most silly, I have found that simply creating a pendulum-like oscillation is the most effective, short of walking. If you are stuck sitting in once place for an extended period of time and can't just walk, place it in your hand or wrist and swing it. While it looks a bit silly to be swinging your arms back and fourth like a toddler, it will yield a high amount of steps, even higher than walking!
Need that arm to work/write/type/other? Fine, if your leg is high enough off the ground while sitting, attach it to your ankle or foot and swing it back and forth. Again, you will look like a silly little school girl, but if your playing Pokemon in the office or some other public place, what have you got to lose?

I'm kinda surprised to see The Escapist has some office space. I figured you were all telecommuting.

I work at an amusement park. Not the fun part though, I get to clean it. When we are scrubbing floors with an orbital buffer, you know those things right? I've had the pokewalker in my pocket while doing it and gotten more steps than I thought i would. I don't have a 5 minute example but it's pretty effective.

when you're having some male "alone time" tape it to your "busy" hand and make use of that extra energy...

Tried it; didn't work as well as I'd hoped, didn't register all that many 'steps'.
... make your own jokes.

You know, this brings back memories of playing pokemon when it first came out, on the ancient Gameboy system. Perhaps i'll get one for the DS...the peripheral sounds awesome as well. What a perfect way to level up your character without having to spend hours grinding monsters?!

Also, that music rocks! Maybe the Escapist can release an album? An OST perhaps?

Team Hollywood:
Pokewalking with The Escapist

John Funk takes a look at how to beat the system and cheat the step-counting Pokewalker.

Watch Video

Ah the gaming community. Proudly finding ways to drive game developers to tears since the 1950's

Just shaking it, using my technique, gave me 754 steps in one minute.

that is sooooo not how you pronounce gyarados...

Get tired, sit down, shake hand.

Oh boy does that sound dodgy...... and, on second thoughts, probably quite effective.

Actually, scratch that, I'd be a bit freaked out if I got sexually frustrated and the first thing I thought of was my Pokewalker.

John Funk:

Ummm... You can't evolve a Pokemon in the Pokewalker >.>;; I've tried it. It can't learn any moves, either. That can only be done in-game.

I know. I still have a Gyarados now :P

How did you get a black one? or is that a case? And where might i find one? A lanyard thing would really come in handy.

Also, SHAKING IT DOES WORK! But, vigorous fast motion shaking will not. Use slow shaking. Kinda like using gravity as a weight using very little strength, then fighting gravity during the whole falling motion of your arm.

I have gotten 430 steps this way in a 5:40 minute flight in world of warcraft...and when im not doing that, i play my DS while tanking ICC.

when i get it, i'm going jogging with all my pokemon.

i'm the best, AROUND! *headbang*

John Funk:

Stopped watching as soon as you slaughtered the pronunciation of Gyarados.

Fun fact. I worked at the Pokemon Center in New York City for a summer, and that's where I picked up "Guy-ra-dos."

Yeah where do you even get "Gar" from? The original anime? Two words.

English. Localization.

I mean I can understand calling it "Gar" when you were a little kid but if you look at it now it's clearly pronounced "GUY-ra-dos".

Fun Fact: This article from Wikipedia shows some Christians really need to put down the bible for a few minutes. (Even though I LOATHE using Wikipedia for gather information)

Pokémon has been criticized by some Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Christian concerns over Pokémon have primarily addressed perceived occult and violent themes as well as the concept of "Pokémon evolution" (which some relate to the theory of evolution), which is said to go against the Biblical creation account in Genesis

Cited from:

Makes your head hurt, huh?

Love this man, I hope you do more of this pseudo-science stuff. How awesome would that be?

I was thinking the exact same thing. This kind of content is the stuff of miracles. I'd love to see more of it, in my opinion, it reaches out to the community more. It certainly made me laugh. It's also nice to see the face behind the voice, instead of hearing you on the video supplements, which are still great.

I'm glad you did this, it was a blast to watch.

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