The Escapist Presents: Pokewalking with The Escapist

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John Funk:

Ummm... You can't evolve a Pokemon in the Pokewalker >.>;; I've tried it. It can't learn any moves, either. That can only be done in-game.

I know. I still have a Gyarados now :P

You kept saying it wrong! I kept yelling at you when you said it wrong :( And you're so metal! What did you headbang too?

Is that really how you pronounce Gyarados?

No it isn't :P

hahahahaa. now that I saw this im just gonna go out and buy a game just for the Pokewalker. x) this made my day


Get tired, sit down, shake hand.

Oh boy does that sound dodgy...... and, on second thoughts, probably quite effective.

Actually, scratch that, I'd be a bit freaked out if I got sexually frustrated and the first thing I thought of was my Pokewalker.

I actually didn't mean it that way, but hey, it's open to interpretation.

Too bad though his magikarp will not evolve on that. In fact from what I have been through they only level up once, so you'll have to transfer over and over again to get more levels. Their happiness does increase, your pokemon when they reach a level.. will not learn a new move when they reach that level and yes thankfully you can rename the pokemon you capture from the poke-walker. And no, they will not evolve on the poke-walker sadly so heads up.

John Funk:
Nope! The day care's still there. How else would you breed your 'mons?

OT: Great video, but I don't need help cheating :P soneone found the smartest way to cheart!

Facepalmed at "Guy-rados".

Another awesome method, connect the pokewalker to your pants (like you would if you were walking)

go for a drive

Most times I go out driving I get about 2,000 steps (granted that canbe up to 20 minutes+ I haven't actually tested how much I get)

Dunno if this has been mentioned, but merely attaching a wrist strap and swinging the pokewalker like a pendulum while you do something else (like play pokemon) has been by far the most effective method I've found of cheating it yet (both in terms of results and energy spent).

I just showed this to mine friend and she burst out laughing on how effective Poke-banging was.

Device is way to addictive. Who knew that I would spend more time with the Pokewalker than with the actual game it came with?

I've been putting a pokewalker in my pocket as a subconscious reflex along with keys and phone in the morning...

Best cheat I've found? If you can get the tempo and orientation right (mostly upside down), shaking it works.

all i have to say is my wobbly dryer is a great poke-sitter 8P

I think i'll just keep it to just walking, or just don't use it.

I have the most serious restless leg I've ever seen, I don't care if it's not the best method, I'm doing it ALL the time, so I might as well use it.

I just give my Pokewalker to my mom.

She works as a CNA and spends about 8 hours on her feet.

In just two days, she's gotten me 2000 watts. (it took me two days to get 50)

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