Unskippable: Final Fantasy XIII

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That was cruel and mean... in other words, keep up the good work!

Well played Graham and Paul.

You tricksy hobbitses you!!!
No that I really care about FFXIII... seriously, I think I'm the only one not excited for Yahtzee's review of it..

Anyway, back on topic, that was hysterical... stale jokes during the walking section, but otherwise... pretty good.

I'm happier seeing a video about Final Fantasy 3/6 than I would have been if it were actually Final Fantasy 13.

And here I was about to ask if anyone else preferred seeing this over 13. Glad to see some old school love here.

You guys get all the internets. All of them. Even the cheap Korean knockoff internets.

... That was great.
The Delicious Delicious Fire Magic.
I do find something funny about Paul just not knowing how Roman Numerals work, though.
Though I forgot how bloody long that walking segment was.

Priceless ... I wish I could insert a "press x not to die" type of joke here but I can't :s

You cunning bastards! Not what I expected but funny nevertheless.

very clever...

This was a prank?
Seems kinda like the opposite, if you wanted to prank me you should have pretended to do 3 and then do 13 instead :P.
Ahhhh nostalgia.

Aww. Kinda sad, hope there is a Final Fantasy XIII one in the future, the opening sequence could be ripped to shreds so much, would be fun to watch.

Fun none the less to see Final Fantasy VI though, hah.

That was good, although it was pretty clear that you were doing this because the intro was showing scenes from the trailer.

Also, was it just me, or did the voices sound different in this?

Nice prank, I actually went through the entire video thinking that you were going to switch to FFXII.

Really funny you guys. Clever bait and switch since people used Final Fantasy XIII as a punching bag for it's linearity and staleness.

Fun to see one of my favorite (and best Final Fantasy IMO) on here.

You sly, clever foxes! Certainly didn't see that one coming!! Thanks for the laughs!

That explains the random cut-scenes from FFXIII ... Well played gentlemen, well played.

That was final fantasy 6, not three, or is that part of the joke?

I don't know, the titles on theirs said III but I know it as VI...I don't know why that would happen :S Is it a different version or something?

Nice bait and switch right there. I had an inkling when I saw non-intro cutscenes in the opening. But I have to say, no Dragon Age jokes? I mean sure they're easy to make but picture this, the Mage Origin Story would have been very interesting if the Circle of Magi had been attacked by steam-powered/wind-up mechs...

This makes Distorted Stu angry and confused.

Cunning.. Almost TOO cunning! Interesting play on the Roman numeral numbering, with all the IV is II and VI is III jumbled-up-ness..

Well played, Graham and Paul! Or should I say.. Gaul and Praham!?

Damn, SE really botched up the graphics on FFXIII, didn't they.. I mean.. Where's the battle system? Where's the linear plot? I.. I've been lied to all this time!

...In all seriousness, VI, IX and XIII and quite easily the most awesome games in the series. Followed narrowly by X. The storylines and overall aesthetic of them just appealed more to me. XIII's in-depth narrative is especially quite well done. The way they've designed it that all the more optional/open-world-ish content is fully available AFTER the final boss, so you don't have anything to "prepare" for. You can just have FUN. Wait.. FUN? In MY Final Fantasy!? Yegads! Note; there are STILL cutscenes in more story about the characters AFTER the main game is finished. Unlocking new sections on Pulse also reveal more in-depth story!

That was final fantasy 6, not three, or is that part of the joke?

Come now didn't you see the title.

Or perhaps you're serious and were to young to know about that debacle. Just in case, here it is. FFs 2,3,5 didn't have an initial release over here in the west. So as not to confuse the western players I guess the re-titled 4 to 2 and 6 to 3. But for whatever reason reversed there previous decision at 7.

I might be a 'fool', but at least an happy fool who fell at a cleverly executed trap

Sweet, I loved that game.

Ahh, I see...

I'll get you back for this... somehow

Do you enjoy making me cry?!

good joke though.

And so the fun begins! I'm sure we'll be April Fooled for the entire week by the escapist now. Great episode and I'm very impressed that you guys made an UnSkippable episode of a classic nintendo game.

Oh no, I just remembered I never actually got around to beating that game

Evil. Very evil. But still enjoyable. So, does this mean that next week will be a prank as well, or can we expect a "real" episode.

The slave crown on her head robs her of all concinous thought, she'll follow orders.

Well...uhh, am I the only one who wishes that this crown really exists? *wink, wink*

As for the video itself, you grubby little bastards, nice prank.

My lord! This is Final Fantasy 3?
It's ugly, so horribly ugly...

Oh what a dreadful trick! Thou shalt not be rewarded with any kudos!
Didn't get the "mode" thingies...

Ahmemories! The only FF i actually liked so far in the series!
And just imagine, since it was called FFVI in west you can repeat that prank on Aprils Fool when they release FFXVI !<.<


That was final fantasy 6, not three, or is that part of the joke?

I don't know, the titles on theirs said III but I know it as VI...I don't know why that would happen :S Is it a different version or something?

Yeah, when six got to america it was renamed three because we skipped many games, and was released on the SNES, it was later rereleased on the GBA and PS1.
also, I about cried when they popped the act raiser joke, good times, good times.

this is awesome for 3 reasons

1. the bait and Switch was very well played
2. the episode was pretty funny
3. you picked the best Final Fantasy ever made.

Bwahahaha, nice trick

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