Unskippable: Final Fantasy XIII

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Tehlanna TPX:

Erm... Don't know if its an ammerican thing like Airith rather than Airis, but that looks an auful lot like 6 to me...

.....lol. I can't say it. Even my fingers are giggling.

Nope I was right it is 3, it was called 6 in america because it was only relesed in japan until 2006... Never try to out Final Fantasy me! I have a friend with an import of the originl JP import.

Wasn't trying to out anything... I just found it funny. You take your own interpretation of the humor. It's nice to have friends with neat shit tho, I must agree.

Oooh, an actually good game :D


Dead Raen:
I knew something was up when I saw the clouds and lightning.
"That doesn't look like good graphics." When the organ player died, I knew you were up to no good and starting to make trouble in my neighborhood.

An excellent video, though. Final Fantasy games have the habit of saying absolutely nothing with as many words as possible in their intros.

And the X is indeed very important.

or possibly in my living area?

+Win points if you get the reference

OT: Was a great episode. Organist makes me die laughing, every time.


Good one!

Organist makes me die laughing, every time.

You can only die once...

lol nice episode


Anyway, good episode regardless *(twitches)* and for those confused, FFIII and FFVI are the same but released in different places. One of them (US I think?) didn't have the first few.

Yes FFIII in the US is FFVI for the rest of the world. Damn the ban....

you guys better do a real XIII though!

The episode is a lie the episode is a LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great episode :) i was really confused at the beginning but i still like it :)

HOLY CRAP THAT WAS ORRIGINAL.. no, April Fool's, it was totally cliched and predictable.

Nicely done!

This would be the point where I'd be all like "but that's really Final Fantasy VI and not III, the U.S. release just had it wrong for a few years" but I don't care enough. It's my favorite nostalgic Final Fantasy and a far cry better than most of what Square has pumped out in recent years, so it was good to watch.

Haha, you got me too xD

Wow... I thought that game was supposed to look great...

Yes, finally a magic reference. :D *nerds it up with predictable magic gaming*
Very cute ep. Well done guys. :)

I guess I was one of the few who recognized the opening sequence before you guys said anything. Nice blast from the past... and as I recall, the mechs weren't steam-powered, they were wind-up.

I did. I even got the "missing an X" joke before they said it.

Do I get a cookie?

Haha loved it, nice switch over.

lol lol lol hehehhe ha ha ha ha rofl, snicker snicker, nicly done, ill remember this 1 for a while =)

I'm just gonna come out and say this, and then I'm going to choke myself to death because you made me say it...

...but I LOL'd. Switching out FFXIII with FFIII... I never saw it coming - that is until the lightning-filled pixelated sky came on-screen. It was long and it was hard (but enough about my GIGANTIC TAGER! - and kudos to whoever gets that reference) but the laughs that were had were great and plentiful.

Nicely played, gentlemen :D

I knew something was amiss when you showed a selection of scenes, rather than the usual snippet from the opening material.

Haha! Funny. I can dig it.

Nice one, guys. I think its possible for people in their position to make crappy April Fools jokes, but the whole "Dropping the X" was good!

"It's just an X, it can't be that different..."

Au contraire, Paul. The X is important. And Graham would know:

What makes any game cooler and more likely to appeal to the youth? The letter X.

Serves me right for complaining that April fools pranks shouldn't be pulled only on the 1st.

Enjoyed this. (If there was a Mode 0, does that mean Mode 7 was the 8th attempt to fake 3D on the SNES? Maybe the researchers were a bit embarassed about it all)

Hmmm I've never actually seen the older final fantasy games.... this was a learning experience for me. How on earth did these sell like hot cakes so well?
Good bait and switch. I salute you!

Because Final Fantasy VI(III) is a damn good game, that's how. :P

I lol'd, nice one guys

HAHAHA! I was like "Hey, that looks oddly like Final Fantasy III.", though I thought they would have just done that as a joke and later continue with FFXIII.
Also April the first skipped by me without noticing. Then again, that happens when your house mate calls you and since your both off from work and school you decide to play games via LAN all day xD

Also there seems to be something wrong with the reply box..... All this time it's been adding an extra line of input space and is now about a quarter of my screen O.o

(Win 7 U x64, Google Chrome Beta, 1920*1080 <- so you know the input field has become quite big now)

The M:TG reference was well played.

but does it mean that you won't actually do FFXIII? 'cause that could be funny.

Man, I was actually planning to play FF:III, too! (It's number 6 in the whole series, third released in America)

Aw well, at least you only got to making fun of the credits. When I played Lost Odyssey after watching your take on it I could hardly take it seriously XD

awh, and here I was hoping for some gorgeous FFXIII visuals :|

DOUBLE LIES! This isn't FF III, it is FF VI

I knew something was off when I saw the lightning.

I was laughing so hard before watching, because I got this game two days ago and thoguht "Oh yeah, that'll be fun!"

And when the video started I laughed even more and more, until I almost couldn't breath XD

Well, at least this was still an entertaining episode. Some of the other April fools videos this year were just retarded.

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