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hahahaha I still can't stop laughing over the "best footage of china we could find" line xD

Kathleen looks so much like my science teacher it's not even funny...

Reporting from Iceland, BULLSHIT!
Loved the third arm, keep this up :D


Jeremy has really got to start looking into the camera instead of reading his lines from off-camera, it has been distracting me in every segment he's been in so far.

Is that what he's doing? I find it odd as well. I thought he might have a lazy eye but I didn't want to say something and hurt his feelings.

He's not reading his lines, none of us do that.
He does, in fact, have an occasional lazy eye. Check again, one eye is looking right at the camera.

Actually, someone we were working with did read off camera, once. But none of you noticed it :)
Usually we memorize... I'd love a prompter though...

Well... damn *feels like a dick* :(

Bioshock 2 added a vynil record? That's frikkin' cool right there.
And yes, I have a player for it.

The Phurba dagger they added for Uncharted 2 was also a funny add in from the useless cheap plastic department. I actually thought about importing one of those SE's for that because of my love for the Shadow movie.

Ah, useless stuff...

Speaking of Special Edition I much go get my preorder Bioshock 2 and My little Pony 3: the Revenge of white horse from game stop tomorro


"I'll be YOUR ball boy anytime"
"This is the best footage of china we could find"


Damn! I wanted to post on that :P

Brilliant job as always, guys XD

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