Game Dogs: Episode 12: The Party

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Haha ok wierd stuff, Loved the Yahtzee bit and the Richard Garriot Allusion, but what happened to Bethany?

This is probably the best episode of Game Dogs to date.

I loved the fact that you were picking on 'Lord British' (aka Richard Garriot), Just keep making sequels until you get it right... That was just damn brilliant!

The Yahtzee cameo was pretty cool, and quite un-expected.

All the talk about getting women and just putting on an act to attract that was hilarious. Really great job guys, I hope you can keep this level up.

I'm still confused about the Yahtzee cameo part... Go me for being dumb.

"Just keep making sequels until you get it right. That's what I do"

Interesting development strategy.

Awesome episode.

I watched this for the Yahtzee cameo.. But er... I didn't even see that? Was he playing Sir Dick?

Spider Expert:
PLEASE STOP MAKING THESE oh god they're so bad

and what's with the animation? stop bobbing back and forth.

you know that Apocalypse Lane do the same with animation/bobbing back and forth

I think I am insane, I saw Yhatzee in the video O_O

because he reads the Meloncholy "hint hit"
int the april fools thing and they should be directly related

Sir Dick the Duke!
Hopefully a recurring character?

then Bob being a Transvestite

BOB was never a transvestite.

"Am I on the Internets?" XD Oh, Bob!

Okay, this episode was good! It got better as it went along. I liked the party...the "stick puppet" dancing style was actually kind of funny.

"Just keep making sequels until you get it right, that's what I do"--LOL! Basically as soon as Sir Dick the Duke broke out of Ren Faire, I burst out laughing. He was great. New favorite character. Still liking Roger a good deal more than Chet, heh (despite how slick he is with the ladies...) Roge is a cutie.

Yathzee from Zero Puncuation apeared in this episode? Someone tell me when he apears and who he is please, because i didn't see him... it wasn't that Dick dog guy right?

I don't like Just Dick, but Sir Dick the Duke is hilarious :)

Best thing in the whole episode actually.
Pretty enjoyable on the whole. Although is it me, or are poodles used way too often to parallel "good looking females"? Can't stand the breed myself. They look like they're made of shampoo or something!
The proto dogs from which it descends must be covering their ears in their graves.

Er, I digress....

Really liked Sir Dick, and Chet's babbling was funnyish.... He's really had too much sugar, hasn't he?

And what a glorious example of getting decent advice.... and then shooting yourself in the foot so badly, the foot falls off.
Cringeworthy, but funny.

They must have taken Yahtzee's part out after yesterday. He ran back to his Zero Punctuation page.

I have to admit that the dogs "dancing" in the background were lame. It wouldn't have been so bad, but while Chet talked it was obvious. And Chet talked for the first half of the episode. Some of it was funny, but I expect more Game related jokes in a show titled Game Dogs. Instead it was just sex joke after sex joke.

That was uhh... idk...

I pretty much agree with the points Boba Frag & master-jedi made. Except about Poodles. ;) I think they are beautiful, so it's an appropriate usage. I know, I know, I know...but believe it or not their haircuts have functional reasons behind them!

It looks like it's starting to actually get good. Was the big top game designer guy (I won't say that name) supposed to seem like Jeff Goldblum?

A lot of the talking was just too long and boring, most notably the things that Chet said at the beginning of the video. Also, that joke about not being able to hear anything at E3 isn't funny anymore and has run out of possible ways to be done.

Other than that, I was too late to see the Yahtzee cameo inside the episode (haven't been near a computer for a few days) and saw it on the ZP page. Probably would haave been a huge surprise for me if I had not known about it.

Finally, Sir Dick the Duke is badass. Just the character of him and the way he speaks were awesome. Maybe the company should collaborate with him on their next game and make a game about one of his many (fictional) badass adventures.

Love this show.

At about 6.20 it won't play further.

OMG please get some different intro music... I have to wait until the video has loaded past it because i can't stand it. Please? PLEASE?!?

I loved this episode, with Roger completely screwing up his chance to get laid. It's great to see the series improving again after the dip of the last two episodes. Also, a lot of talking doesn't have to be bad as long as the conversation is interesting and compelling. Quentin Tarantino always puts a lot of conversations in his films, but they are always interesting and worth listening to. Be careful to keep long conversations interesting, otherwise they get tedious and look like lazy fill-in. This episode got to the border of that a few times, but fortunately didn't cross it.

But the dance animations, ouch! They weren't animations, just cardboard cutouts moving up and down. Even only very small animations, such as flipping the images every now and then, would have been a radical improvement.

Awful, just awful, I love Apocalypse Lane but this show is terrible, and this seems like a dumb question but, is Yahtzee Sir Dick the Duke?

Meh it had funny bits but it kind of dragged on. Better than most the episodes so far.

All I saw was wobbling figures in the back.

finally, a good voice actor
although i can't help but think that they did it on purpose to make people ask for 'more Dick'

Good job.

"I don't speak RenFaire."

This was just god awful. The whole series is god awful, with it lame jokes and horrid animation it makes CaD bearable.

came back and re-watched this one after episode 13.
Originally found the beginning dragged it down too much (a little to slow to get going), but after being driven half way into rigormortis by 13, the second half of this episode was actually really funny.

Meeting Dick the Dukes character was fun and then continued into how roger tries to play his role only to mess things up.

So in short, an engaging opening would help, and the introduction of more varied characters helps keep the episode going.

let me guess, the yahtzee thing was only on april fools day. great, the one day i dont have patence to watch it is the day that something happens and only that day.

Haha, this episode is made of win. Can't wait to watch the next one. (Clicks next episode...)

I was face palming long before chet and dick were

Spider Expert:
PLEASE STOP MAKING THESE oh god they're so bad

and what's with the animation? stop bobbing back and forth.

South Park and Apocalypse Lane do the same thing.

Theron Salard:

Spider Expert:
PLEASE STOP MAKING THESE oh god they're so bad

and what's with the animation? stop bobbing back and forth.

you know that Apocalypse Lane do the same with animation/bobbing back and forth



Spider Expert:
PLEASE STOP MAKING THESE oh god they're so bad

and what's with the animation? stop bobbing back and forth.

South Park and Apocalypse Lane do the same thing.

DGAF bout A.L. I don't watch that but South Park? To what extent? You wouldn't even be able to see that considering their heads and backs are practically one joint limb.

that fish game actually exists online as a flash game called "Fishy" and plays out just like Chet said at the end you get so big you take up the whole screen.

the last part was just indescribably awkward.

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