Review: Red Steel 2

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Review: Red Steel 2

It may have taken a few years, but the Wii finally has a game that gets motion-controlled swordplay right.

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Huh, might actually pick this one up then. I really like stylised games, and if it makes good use of the wii controller, well it's better that than collecting dust oh the shelf.

I love this game. Advice to anyone who picks this up: set the sword swinging to 'relaxed'. You'll thank me later.

looks great, have to give it a go

So they actually took one of the worst games, gave it a new gloss and made it awesome?

Well, certainly might give it a shot...anything involving a katana and actually making it move properly (Without risk of lopping off my hand) is shweeeett!

Looks like a lot of fun. Lately, I've only been using my Wii to play Gamecube games like Wind Waker and Melee. It'll be nice to be able to play a real Wii game again.

Jordan Deam:
Red Still


Other than that, nice review. If I had a Wii, this would probably be the first game I'd buy for it.

This seems really cool. I might have to pick this up.

Looks pretty darn cool.

I played Red Steel recently and I really liked the swordplay.

It's just such a shame there was all that FECKIN GUNPLAY WHICH SUCKED BALLS.. I have another reason to buy a Wii.

Seriously, I need a job.

I just got this game uesterday and it's pretty fun. It plays like a first person Devil May Cry which is really cool. The GTE was annoying.

It is a very RSI-inducing game though.

Picked this up a couple of days ago and it's great so far.I'd recommend it to anyone that has a Wii.

Sweet, sweet game.
The only thing I personally would have changed would have been the inclusion of a "survival" mode.

Still wish there was a multi player, but aww well, Worth picking up.

I've got the "exclusive pre-order pack" with the solid metal branded Red Steel 2 bullet, art book and four additional, instantly unlockable weapons. My favourites being the Cord Industries Barracuda .357 AMP semi-auto pistol and the Kuro No Ken katana, although the Nihonto Hana is also very pretty and the Tataro .357 revolver is nice too.

I'm not entirely sold on the response time of the moves. It seems every time I try to do a combo everything's half a second slower and I end up getting stabbed a lot, also whenever you use the sword you seem to be stuck facing in the same direction from your last strike when you try to string different strikes together, which is annoying when you're trying to break open boxes to get money for weapons upgrades and suchlike. You can move once the strike has ended and it's possible to strafe and/or dash-strafe but it does feel like you're frozen facing forward until you stop swinging.

It's led me to abandon the game for a day or two while I get to grips with Blazblu: Calamity Trigger and complete all the modes before I kick my brother's ass at it when he comes back from Germany.

The game does have a pretty fluid combat system, however, and I think the problem isn't on the game side of things but rather the position of my TV, I think it'll be more responsive when I finally get the wall-mounted LCD HDTV/Blue Ray/DVD which is yet to be delivered.

On a side note, if anyone has got the game already; do you know the location of all the wanted posters? If there's a site or youtube video showing where to find them I'd be very grateful for a link. Thanks.

I've been skeptical about this game ever since I saw it in action at E3 '09, but every review I've read of it has exceeded my expectations. I'll be giving it a try once I get home, though I'm not really sold on a purchase just yet.

I love this game. Advice to anyone who picks this up: set the sword swinging to 'relaxed'. You'll thank me later.

I'd say the opposite :P
Set it to Athletic and really challenge yourself, I found on regular that anything stronger than a wrist flick came up as a heavy blow. Having that set to Athletic and the difficulty on Ninja (Wahay for non-generic difficulty settings) makes the game a real challenge.

OT: Great review! I am absolutlely in love with the game, it has rekindled my love of the Wii and made me anticipate No More Heroes 2, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Monster Hunter Tri all the more.

Like the Mythbusters have proven, you can in reality shine shit.

Nice review. I may consider buying it. That is, after I buy Monster Hunter 3.

Heh, now this and other M. I'm almost curious about getting a wii again..

But still a console needs more than 2 games on it that are exclusive that I like for me to buy it.

It is next on the list after Super Mario Bros Wii and Super Mario Galaxy.

It's been a while since a game has really made me want a system I don't have. This game looks like a blast, but I don't have a Wii, Motion Plus, or even a TV for that matter. Oh well.

This and the new Metroid game are going to breath some life into my Wii this summer, literally for the first time in years.

Also for some reason I thought the ending of this video was hilarious.

"That's just great. You can have mine for now...BUT DON'T LOSE IT!" boom

This is a good game, the only suggestion I have is to buy a nunchuck extension cord so you can make really big swings without being all tangled up


This is a good game, the only suggestion I have is to buy a nunchuck extension cord so you can make really big swings without being all tangled up

I'd suggest buying a wireless one to stop getting whipped every 3 seconds.

It's negligable though. Awesome game, my only fault is it's a bit short, in heindsight, I wish I hadn't paid £45 for it, but it's just about good enough to not worry about that.

This looks interresting... my craving for goo dswordplay on teh wii has been battling with my huge disapointment over Red Steel 1 (it sucked, like really really hard)

I was actually more suprised how there wasn't the line "Wort a rent at the very least" on the recommendation part.

I stand by my view of the original Red Steel that the swordplay wasn't broken at all. It's just that the enemies you had to fight were feckin hard and the game required patience and some in depth enemy pattern recognition. Once you memorized the right moves and recognized when to strike it was actually pretty good fun.... Yeh so near the end you died almost instantly if you made a mistake - someone did just put a blade through your head...

"minority of Wii owners who also enjoy first-person shooters, you likely won't do better than this for a long, long time."

That's weird; I enjoy first-person shooters and I happen to be a Wii owner. The two are not compatible, however. Exhibit A is The Conduit, which was well-polished fail with a side of shit.

The Wii simply cannot respond quickly enough to be an accurate sword fighting simulator, though it seems Ubisoft has done a pretty good job trying.

BTW I did enjoy the the original. It was a little broken, but it the swordplay was tight enough to flow. Thank God I got a shooter-friendly console shortly thereafter.

Definately one of the best wii games I own. The visuals are adequate for any system, not just a wii, and the swordplay starts out great and gets even better with all the hidden strikes. I can't help but be in love with the eagle move. The first person aspect of it makes it stunning.
I'd give it 5 stars... but then come the doors... I think it would be better at that time if it was 3rd person, that way we could see the kusagari stand impatiently for a few seconds. That would be at least a bit entertaining. But that's negligable, definate 4.5 stars.


Jordan Deam:
Red Still


Other than that, nice review. If I had a Wii, this would probably be the first game I'd buy for it.

in leu of this, "deja vu" does not need a capital. It does needs accents, though.

Other than that, nice review. If I ever played my Wii, I would probably buy this.

It's a bit strange how you comment on the graphics and show a pre-rendered scene at that time.

Swiping at barrels tends to move your view so I just use stabs instead, works fine.

The reason I use the sword in combat is because pulling all those moves increases the money you get, just shooting them all dead is fast but not terribly profitable.

Overall a really fun game, not GOTY-level but very enjoyable.

You sure Metroid Prime 3 doesn't have better graphics?

I'm glad it was improved so much. The only thing the original Red Steel had going for it was the awesome bar fights with Uzis.

I am looking forward to picking this game. Best game on the wii yet.

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