Doomsday Arcade: Episode 25: Series Finale

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I loved the Pulp Fiction bathroom scene! that really made my day

Nice Pulp Fiction reference. Anyway it's end of an awesome series, the only complaint is that it didn't last longer! D:

Oh and screwe you ninjas, there must hav ebeen a whole clan before me I didn't read the posts .XD

I have no idea what was going on, but it kicked way too much ass anyways.

Also, loved the Shining reference.

kick you with my fist! lolololol epicness all over the place.

Wow brilliant as always. But who was the man upstairs?

It was good, but it dose fell like a coop-out not saying who the man up-stairs is.
But the people saying the suggestions where great.

ahh, utter genius. loved the whole series, great work guys. best finale I've seen on the escapist!

i believe the man upstairs is really a women. i believe she is the announcer from TF2 because she didn't try to stop them and it keeps with her style of just doing things for entertainment. it also sticks with the Valve style of the series

What a strange and long trip has it been.

Excellent work.


I though it was going to be Master Hand xD

Me too, kind of, or maybe a system. I'd say "BULLSHIT!" to the Man Upstairs situation, but I can't really say I'm not completely and definitely hap-

Where's Toad? Did he just kind of vaporize? I figured he'd do something. Other than that, zero loose ends. Lazer Cat is okay in Lazer Heaven, Kratos is fucking dead, and Duke Nukem showed up. Most definitely as epic as There Will be Brawl.

Oh, and the Man Upstairs is totally a pong stick.

"From four pixels in a line we came, to four pixels in a line we must go."

Well done guys. Just well done.

This has easily been my favorite video series here. And even though its sad to see it go, it had to end sometime.

So thanks for all the great videos, and maybe now you can finally get some rest and relaxation ;)

I pissed myself at that final high five at the end.

So was Duke Nukem the man upstairs then?

Fantastic series by the way, well done lads.

You guys do amazing work. Whatever you do next make sure you keep up those glorious GLORIOUS puns. They're amazing.

It's been a whole bloody year, and the best series on the Escapist. Excellent work, guys. The ending was brilliant.

Also, I'm pretty sure Bruce out-Australianed Saxton Hale in that episode.

Ben Legend:
Wow brilliant as always. But who was the man upstairs?

I've been waiting a year for this, you should end it with a cliffhanger, i want moar.

The man upstairs should be the master hand or Tabuu!

Complete. Epic. Ending.

and the "Man Upstairs" is obviously Russ Pitts

*sob* Finally over QQ.

Insanely epic, I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more. You sir, are a friggin' genius. Honestly, I am a little disapointed with the ending, but it's more because it's just that: The Ending.

Many of my friends didn't care for how you did this ending. They are entitled to their opinions.
I however thought it was quite good.

I hope you guys are able to make a DVD set for this series!
Thanks for the great ride!

I was thinkin the Man Upstairs would somehow turn out to Gabe Newel. Still epic, though. I laughed my ass of when they made out, then wiped it off at the same time. Also: Kratos v. Austrailia=Awesome.

Great episode, with 2 exceptions:

1. The music video dragged on too long.

2. That ending was a kick in the balls. Claim it's not a copout all you want, it was.

Well, I was sure Gabe Newell was going to be the man upstairs.

And glad to see the show stuck with it's wacky humor throughout to the end. I'm not particularly a fan of the humor (okay, Krazy Kratos really made me laugh, and the kiss was also a shock laugh), but you did well with sticking to your guns.

ahh, utter genius. loved the whole series, great work guys. best finale I've seen on the escapist!

Yeah, kicks the shit out of Let There Be Brawl

Well that was suitably epic.

I dare someone to name a better webseries.

What a cop out.

I would've guessed Bobby Kotick.

OMG that was a truly epic episode and one of the best endings i have ever seen! That song in the middle was really touching to and I loved the "but I am a fucking better plumber" part!
And crazy Kratos was not bad either.
But it is also sad that the series is done but at least you ended it with the best video aired on the escapist so far!

Lemontastic AND appleriffic!
This must have been the most epic series i've seen on the internet.
Sad that it's over though.

I loved the music video. Did not expect the making out afterwards, but nice to see that you're secure in your manliness.

You could have left out the man upstairs and it would still have been an awesome series, although, you wouldn't have the cool (but copout) audience/creator interface.

Still, the man upstairs was 6/2 DAWG.

Greatest ending ever! Only thing wrong with it is that it ended...

i kinda wish it was yathzee... o well great show!

It's... Over
Been fun watching you from start to finish and hoping there may one day be more to caome :
BTW thanks for the dick move of not saying whos the amn upstairs I'm sure you pissed off a lot of fans *points and laughs at you all*

And thus endeth Doomsday Arcade.... T_____T

And yet it ended EPICALLY.

Nice going with references to Leeroy Jenkins and Pulp Fiction... As well as an EPIC multi-facepalm too. That Krazy Kratos furniture ad was insanely random. Oh, and I forgot about Bruce's grenade heart.

As for the Man Upstairs... I've come up with 3 possibilities:
(1) E.T. as revenge for that E.T. game for the Atari 2600;
(2) Superman as revenge for Superman for the Nintendo 64; or
(3) a Magnavox Odyssey light blip thing

Speaking of the Man Upstairs issue, that moment with all those people talking with Lund was really random. "Sorry, I clicked on the wrong link. I was looking for Yahtzee..."

Again, a shame it has ended.... But the ending was PRO. Well done. ^_^

Sorry to see it go. Again I must say: DVD release, please?

That was suitably epic. Seriously thank you all so much for bringing us this show. Shanks, I look forward to what I'm sure will be a long career in film out of you. I really loved the music video. Keep us posted on your future projects.

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