Doomsday Arcade: Episode 25: Series Finale

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I'm so sad it's finished :(

Fantastic finale though

Next up, a soundtrack and DVD!

I take my metaphoric hat off to you. Although my idea of the Man Upstairs would be the "Mr. Mitchell" Colonel Nefarious mentioned, considering that he was in charge of the Polybius Project.

A brilliant finale, but that music video left a little to be desired in my opinion. No offence to the singer.

This may have been asked already, but are you planning a DVD release of all the episodes and etceteras? I'd buy one.

Now to plan my winning entry for the 2010 Escapist Film Festival... mwahaha.

i wanted lots more lazercat.... /sadface/

i feel strangely let down by the "There is no man upstairs"

Though that girl who went upstairs made me laugh. miss the show already..

I just finished watching, and....

It's just as dissapointing as the series has been since episode 13. I just don't find it funny anymore, or good. I did laugh at the part where Krazy Kratos' Furniture Emporium Warehouse was located on 2 Apocalypse Lane, though...


this was the greatest series to exist...EVER!

This episode had some exceptionally wacky distractions.

Also, the man upstairs! Wha-? But...I-! Whatthefuck?

i think this entire series should be released on dvd.

The Man Upstairs? Lazercat. Obviously.

And to Michael Shanks, we express our joy, we give our thanks, to the Aussie boy, not Yahtzee, with his fancy Mana Bar, but to Shanks, who took one concept so far, with effects, with lights, with puns and silly faces, keep it up, kid, you're going places. We all regret what we knew must end, Kratos in Bruce's base, killing his men till his live grenade heart avenged the laser feline dingo friend. Shanks can kind of sing, like I can kind of wax poetic, well enough that Lund's name turned user green, and I can't think of a good rhyme for poetic. The finale shown today was excellent nonetheless, and hopefully someday the Man Upstairs issue will be addressed.

So... Yeah. I'm no poet, and this was no April Fool's joke.

Russ Pitts is the man upstairs ;)

Magnificent. Really, truly magnificent. The greatest webseries on the Escapist.

Krazy Kratos was gold. The music video was...different, although it was the brilliant redeemer of Lund.
The user army was great, as was Leeroy Jenkins. Bruce & Kratos' showdown was brilliant too.
Mario and Luigi's fight was great:
"For years! For years Mario has been the better player! Mario's the better mascot! Mario's the better brother! Well i'm the better fucking plumber!"

Brilliant meta-ending as well. Completley unexpected, and masterfully done.

see you around micheals
was truely a lulz-tastic some turely lovely quotes i shall use to teh end of my nerd days
"i see no other possible outcome" is being used by me and my friend very often!

man upstairs? blatently teh watcher:P we were inc ontrol the whole time! rawr! as we had the pause button!
or whoever the executive admin of the escapist magazine is...

If only the man upstairs had turned out to be a naked woman

Great finale Do more stuff

That was the most epic final episode to a series EVER
Jaw dropping moments -
Eye toy thing
Heart greanade
Random love song
Krazy Kratos' furniture store
"Small prices! Just like your dick!"
Lazer heaven!
Duke nukem forever
Whiskers on kittens returns! :D
longest time to push a button ever
And a whole lot more

Best web series EVER! :D (my opinion)

Incredible, an excellent conclusion to an incredible series.

Hope to see more of your productions soon.

Excellent show. Fantastic ending. At least it's sure I'll never forget this episode. No matter how hard I try to forget the overly gay middle of it.

I don't think I've ever been as happy that I've followed a web series since day one as I am now.

Oh, and I totally remember Cool Spot! How could anyone forget? The game was also on the SNES by the way.

Holy shit that absolutely fucking epic! I can think of no better way to end one of the best web series I've watched!

Bloody hell. When they kissed I actually had to pause the video for about 5 minutes and had to wait until I stopped laughing before I could continue. Brilliant!

EPIC! Love the series hope you guys make more videos

This has gone a long way from the first episode, I'm proud to say that I watched it all.

EDIT: You have a great singing voice!

Thanks to the interview, I saw the end coming, but it was still awesome.

Great ending in my opinion, can understand not revealing the guy upstairs. But a few gripes...

1) There has to be another episode! Like an Aftermath Episode. What, afterwards they just go back to video games, knowing they're still killing NPC's in the gaming world?

and 2) Shanks found Polybius a little too easily. He was just... there.

Besides that, it was epic, everyone and everything went out with a bang. I just wish it wasn't as simple as pressing a button. Then again, I guess that's what gamers are good for.


EDIT: oh, and great ending. really, you should put out a DVD to buy. I'd hella spend money on that

If I may get totally pretentious for a moment, the "man upstairs" is us. Who else can tell a videogame character what to do and have our orders obeyed without question?

I liked the end. You flagged somewhat around the middle of the series, but recovered nicely with the terrible, terrible puns and this pretty epic finale. Kudos.

pulp fiction scene = awesome

Danny Ocean:
But who is the man upstairs!?


OT: Can't believe this has ended.....damn i'll miss these guys.

How convenient, releasing the series finale on April's Fool ;)

Nevertheless, I enjoyed what Doomsday Arcade became to be. Great job, Michaels! Looking foward to see more projects.

Loved the show guys, sad that the best series on The Escapist is over, but it was a great run.

That was suitably EPIC!
You guys rule, I really hope to see another project someday.

The random song was odd, but It was amazing nonetheless I like thew whiskers on kittens. I want to say something else but I don't know what, This was a great series.

Spectacular show, you have really kept me entertained through my first year at pharmacy school. Your show will be missed, I'll attempt to keep a look out for any future projects which I will welcome in with biased joy.
Also Loved the Klobb reference, I am guessing it was refering to goldeneye 64 since the klobb was the worst gun in that game.

I have to say if you hadn't put in the "who should be the guy upstairs" argument I wouldn't have liked it. Still think the Fallout story was the best. Great series guys

One last plot hole, Nefarious's boss, we hear him once. Fuck you shanks.

I loved the episode it was exactly what i wanted and more.

The series was top notch, motherfucking perfect.

I am going to miss running to my computer on thursdays to watch it.

It was a brilliant series.

Thank you Shanks.

...i miss them already...and thanks for that part in the middle with the clarification of the man up-stairs,it makes the fact that I'll never know who he is just that much more bearable.All around great episode,well worth the wait,and lived up to the rest of the series.Live long and prosper.

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