Alt+Escape: I Can Hold My Breath Forever

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Eric the Orange:

Funk, you always find the most touching and heartfelt games. Keep it up, I love these "artsy" games.

You seem to be one of the few people here that seems to understand what the "message" this game was trying to get across. So would you please enlighten me to what it is?

Well, when I started playing through, I got the feeling that the character was searching for a pet or something. A fish or something of the like. Now, the letters made that seem wrong, but it is a game, after all, and stranger things have happened than fish writing notes. Near the end, though, I felt it was more of this friend searching for another person. A friend who had committed suicide, or drowned in the lake somehow. The character's search for this friend was either a last-ditch effort in seeing his friend once more, or finding a peaceful resting place next to his deceased friend in order to be with him forever in the afterlife.

I also enjoyed this comment on the meaning of the game by someone who played it. I feel as though it is a very accurate representation of what the creator had in mind. Though, we never will know for sure.

I found the last letter (what I hope to be the last letter) extremely touching. The sweet, childish hope of it... "My dearest friend, When we were children I dove into this pond. Now we are both very old, and tired of exploring. I shall wait for you in the water, but you do not need to hurry; I can hold my breath forever!"
I nearly cried, especially when I saw his skeletal, octopus-like form, floating and glowing... He was no longer the dear childhood friend who jumped into a pond. He was one of them, and I would never get my friend back. All I could do was collect the letters he left for me, and treasure them, and hope that some day someone else would find them, and think of us... Or perhaps that, somewhere, deep in his mind, my friend still knew me. Perhaps he even knew that I had gone looking for him, and that he had waited for me for many of his years.
But deep down I know that he does not. The day my dear childhood friend jumped into the pond we once fished in was the day I lost him, and the day I followed was the day I lost myself.
Towards the end, I forgot what sunlight looked like; the only light I knew was the soft glow of the fish, and of my friend of long ago; the only memory I kept was that of a letter from one I dearly loved, and missed.
I will never forget my friend. But he forgot me a long time ago.


Ah, thanks for the clarification. I am notoriously bad at picking out themes or meaning in art.

Personally, I think there's a bit of fridge horror in the ending.

It was an interesting experience, not too hard, but still engaging. I had to to look up the ending though, I didn't get what happened.

I enjoyed it, the notes lead you to thinking different things until the end. It was a nice way to spend 5 minutes. It reminded me of that game where you swap the words in the sentence and different things happened until you were 'free'.

Am I the only one who went "Ah crap, what is that!?" when I got to the end, freaked out when my controls got locked up, then had a " it can't be....oh god it is!" momment when I understood what was going on?

I remember those days fom the Sonic sound...were you tried desperatly to find that air pocket...

Kinda intresting concept, and instills a whole different kind of fear for sure!

i wouldn't call it fear, more like a very panicked anticipation.
but it was terrific in my opinion. we need more games like this.

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