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It's a small thing, but I really enjoyed the Lego in the book. Jer's tirade was good too.

Lady Kathleen:
All I want to do is eat your brains. I'm not unreasonable, I'm not going to eat your eyes.

But...I'm quite fond of my brain. It's what makes girls at my college want to hang out with me. Admittedly so I'll help them with chemistry, but whatever. /jking

Great episode.

"Where yesterday´s future is today"...?
...Oh hey, it really is. Fascinating.

Also: I´m tempted by the internet browsing capabilities of that iPad. Where can I buy one?

I sent in Firebats to take care of my zergling infestation and it worked exceedingly well. However now I am infested with Firebats.

Thanks for the kind words, guys. Crazy to see the number of non-3D-visualizers out there. Solidarity in the second dimension! Seriously, I'm not sure what to do when the 3DS comes out ... hopefully there's a way to turn it off :S.

Has Mark Sauceman always been wearing the paint-streaked shirt from the trouble with scribbles?

lol i just started playing Fallout 3 after a hiatus where my comp decided to tank (after the fact i realized my dad stopped paying for the antiviral software our network but wat'ev)

The Gear Gasm Money Shot. I'm glad you guys are nice and subtle with the sexual puns. Hahahaha


I could talk about how bored Graham sounds when he delivers lines, or how references to videogames are pointless without a joke (Opening), or how awful all 3 of Kathleen's headlines were, (not that it's her fault, they were just bad jokes) but since I'm the only person in this thread who seems to see any point in offering criticism, rather than just saying "OMG Kathleen zombie LOL!", I might as well not bother.

Jeremy, I love you.

Lady Kathleen:
All I want to do is eat your brains. I'm not unreasonable, I'm not going to eat your eyes.

Hah, Grahams "zombie Billy Mays" in the last desert bus was one of my favorite parts.

Mark's iPad is better AND cheaper. Do want :D
Kathleen zombie!

Great episode. Even better than usual, methinks

i am a zombie... grr. arrg.

Being legally blind in my left eye this mad me giggle like an idiot.

Poor Quickbender.

I wanted to hear more of his snide insinuations!

Legendary mock up of the apple pad :) I never sniggered so much :)

I really liked Jeremy in this one! And Paul was great with his "Ipad" :D

What if you have zombie zerglings?


Laughed a bit at Paul going cross-eyed for the DS parallax effect.

Ha, I had missed that in the first run through.

Every nerdy part of me just nerdgasmed when Kathleen said grr arg.

I love eNN

Damn, that was a funny one. Definetly getting better and better. Jer and Paul were especially great, in my opinion.

Also, get well soon Kathleen! I had an upper resp. tract infection last week and it really brings ya down.. Glad to see it's not stopping you guys from doing what you love.

I loved the escapist ipad bit with the little Lego block to show it doesn't support the flash player.

Another great episode, as per usual.

And damn the new posting rules! *shakes his fist anrgily*

I loved the bit about Galaxy News Radio!

Hahaha loved the "Grr Argh" at the end, was it supposed to sound like Mutant Enemy Productions creature?

That part made me lol. So awesome...

Also everyone knows you need Firebats to deal with a Zergling infestations, not Ghosts. Geez.

Cookie if you get it. Maybe.

Haha, hey what do you know, my sister had meningitis too!


Its cool though :D

I think I might go buy and iPad now.

Really good episode. Loved Jer but also felt truly sorry for him, liked the Ryan Quickbender bit, and I really liked Geargasm. The funny thing is, if you were listening to just the audio, you would think that it was just a regular run down of the iPad's features, and the juxtaposition of serious dialogue with hilarious visuals made it all the more humorous.

Also, nice Mutant Enemy reference at the end.


It did sound like that didn't it...Joss Wheldon fans?

Surely this is the default for all savvy Internet users? Observe!

Haha, nice Mutant Enemy reference at the end there.

And I liked the "Mk. III" deal on the whiteboard behind Jer for the new Moonbase. It's always reassuring to know you guys haven't come back to Earth or anything.

Paul's Moneyshot (never thought I'd use that phrase) was pretty awesome, too. Keep up the... making of new segments? Creatively? Though, the ones you already have are really funny. Eh, whatever you do, keep being hilarious!

She looks good for an anything!

Anyway, great episode. Funny as always!

The irony of this episode is that I think that is the most UN-crossed I have ever seen Jeremy's eyes in a bit! It turns out EVERYthing is backwards in Jeremy World: the rest of us drink until we CAN'T see straight, and he seems to have drunk until he COULD!

This episode did cause me to go cross-eyed, however, and for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with staring at Kathleen for five and a half minutes.

... what?

I don't care how bad the game is, the DOA movie is not something to fondly remember...
(or remember fondling)

Kathleen Zombie can probably get a ton of nerds. All she does is "arg, grrr.." and do a hair flip to lure them in. And then feast on their brains. O_O

Jer: I feel you. I'm part of the excessively can't see without glasses population. We're deeply oppressed with this "you don't need glasses" BS. It's time we stood up for what's right!

Graham: No. Bad myocardial infarction. What next, pulmonary embolism?

enn rules
yo yo blit blat launch dat mutherf***er bro dawg shit dude my nig***

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