Zero Punctuation: God of War III

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i like the ending of the review, that made me laugh. and i have God of War 3, and i think the weapons are still pretty neat, although very similar

As always excellent review Yahtzee.

I have to ask is something wrong with your voice?

For some reason, the line "Hack-o Slash-o Button Mash-o" gives me a flashback to early episodes of ZP.

yea as far as yahtzee goes, that game actually got a pretty good review (for counter reference, see super smash bros brawl review)

Priceless review...they always tickle me.

Nice one, hope the cough gets better soon.

Well, finally a review that DOESN'T paint this game in some sort of holy light of the gods. Heheh. But it still seems pretty fun... Not sure I would pick up a PS3 just for that though.

And man, I had no idea Kratos turned into such a dick. I played Chains of Olympus, and he seemed... reasonable in that one.

i agree on u on that one mate, its like he completely lost his fucking mind in this one and turned in to a evil villan that cares only for revenge.
Like u said in Chains of Olympus he seemed like a norma...vell kinda normal in a bloodthirsty way, but he still had sum heroism over in sum of the ways he acted.
But the game was still fucking awesume!^_^

To both qoute and alter a saying from redlettermedia 'What is wrong with your voice?'



Sounds like he's got a sore throat or a cold.

He didn't drop the "Like God of War but" bomb this time... I wonder why...

Because this is God of War. There's no need to drop the "Like God of War but..." on something that is God of War.

Anyway, to the main point of this post. I remember that after people viewed Yahtzee's Assassin's Creed 2 review, there was alot of discussion concerning his voice and how different it was. He then had to devote an Extra Punctuation article explaining why his voice sounded different instead of focusing on something more insightful.

For fuck's sake people, do we really need to keep talking about how his voice is different this time. Yahtzee has already stated that he has a sore throat on a Twitter post and other people here have already pointed that out. Do we need Yahtzee to waste his next Extra Punctuation article on his voice when he could be using it to bring his unique brand of wisdom to us all concerning Kratos' character or the God of War series in general? The answer is no. So please stop talking about his sore throat already!

I was being sarcastic.

Oh. Ok. Shit, now I look like an ass. Sorry for calling you out. I need to start taking things a little less seriously.

that was strangley positive still you didnt say it was good so I guess its worth checking out just because you didnt absolutley destroy it I think ill at least rent it.

Oh, I think I get the pattern now. You review an overly popular, undeserving game that has millions of fanboys, then the next week you review a God of War title, and then finally you do a Mailbag Showdown with all the screaming fanboys of the previous week. Yahtzee, you creature of habit. :D

Seriously...its disturbing how many people posting here are sucking off the franchise. As though its a particularly different game from GoW2.

Lols, i only laughed at the Uncharted heroism reference .. it was hilarious to even imagine Kratos locked in the same room with Nathan Drake .. bloody hilarious XD

As for Kratos .. his character isn't the best thing about the game really ... nor is the actual story ... it is the "SET-PIECES" that you play through that take this game above any other game of its kind ... they are all very well executed and thrilling (including the puzzles/traps too) .. that's something it shares with Uncharted 2 among other things (production values, avergae story but excellent presentation, story-telling and set-pieces)

And if anyone still can't tell the difference between story-telling and the story itself .. i can't help you out there whoever you are.

One more thing to note .. it seems Yahtzee didn't attend his greek mythology lectures or didn't play the previous games thoroughly ... he seems to miss the reason why Zeus actually killed Kratos and deceived him in GOW2 ... it isn't because Kratos was killing things .. lols .. also before you jump the gun saying "there is NO Kratos in Greek mythology" .. i know that .. but the reason is strongly related to greek myths .. as people who played the game know .. Kronos was paranoid because a prophecy said he will be defeated by one of his children who will take rule from him .. that being Zeus .. and that's why Kronos ate all his children one by one and imprisoned them in his belly .. he was like that also becasue he did the same to his father Uranus and dethroned him ... it is some sort of cycle ... Kronos -> dethrones his father Uranus -> Zeus in turn dethrones Kronos -> and Zues was paranoid and afraid Kratos will do the same .. that's why when he stabbed him in GOW2 he was mummbeling about "the cycle" and "ruling olympus" .. and actually it won't make much sense without knowing about this whole story first .. but fact is Kratos never wanted to rule olympus .. he just wanted to kill Zeus who got paranoid and tried to kill him to break the so called dethroning cycle ... But frankly Kratos was simply playing his role as a god of war .. which is waging war and killing things ... what else was he supposed to do ... play Farmville XD

As for why Kratos has become so messed up .. well who wouldn't after all he went through .. it might not be justified at all (he is still a cold-blooded bastard) but still he went through hell (literally here) and no one in Olympus did anything to stop his nightmares .. if only they got him to a good shrink to stop the hellish nightmares that haunted him (although getting Kratos to relax on a couch and talk about his childhood would take an army of ogres) ... maybe the destruction of Olympus could have been averted ... but alas .. too late now XD

good review, sorry to hear about the sore throat though, instead of laughing, i found myself concerned for Yahtzee's well being.

Everything sounded a beat to slow, even the music...great review as always.

Sore throat yesreday Yahtzee?

silver wolf009:
Nice, As always. Sucks about the sore throat though.

I thought he sounded off...

Finally a review that doesn't make this game sound like the Second Coming or Herakles.

I agree with every word he said...yeah. Not much more to say than that, really...
Fun game, but it really does exist simply because of the second game's awful ending. And I'm glad I wasn't the only one who felt that the best thing to do for everyone would be to stop playing the game, because nothing Kratos did seemed to be the remotest be logical or reasonable. Funny, yeah, but most of it completely unnecessary. On top of that, I pretty much forgot what it was he was fighting for, anyway.

But yeah, the plot of GoW III was terrible. Everything else was incredible, so it sort of balanced out.

Is it just me or did the sore throat thing not just remind you of his earliest reviews? I think it's kinda cool that he's a bit less shouty. Perfect would be a nice medium between the two i think.

Not that anything stops him kicking ass mind.

So because he likes this game does that mean it actually sucks?


Oh, I think I get the pattern now. You review an overly popular, undeserving game that has millions of fanboys, then the next week you review a God of War title, and then finally you do a Mailbag Showdown with all the screaming fanboys of the previous week. Yahtzee, you creature of habit. :D

Seriously...its disturbing how many people posting here are sucking off the franchise. As though its a particularly different game from GoW2.

Heh, read my comment over again, boyo. If anything, it would be better to assume that I was completely indifferent when it comes to God of War III's quality considering I didn't even talk about it.

The game that is undeserving is none other than Final Fantasy 13. If you're a regular ZP viewer, back in 2008, Yahtzee reviewed Super Smash Bros. Brawl (another overly popular, yet undeserving game) which got all the fanboys up in arms. Then the week after that, he reviewed God of War: Chains of Olympus. And after THAT, he had a Mailbag Showdown against all those fanboys who cried out against his review of SSBB.

So like I was saying, this is turning into a continuous cycle here. Next week very well might be a Mailbag Showdown if Yahtzee is a creature of habit.

Hilarious, yet true, as usual.
Oh side note: Get well soon Yahtzee.

Not the funniest of Zero Punctuation's, but probably the most thought-provoking. Great analysis.

Will you be writing something about character growth/insanity-spiraling in your Extra Punctuation? That seems the gaming convention that you have chosen to pick up on in this review, that over the series Kratos has gone from kill crazy and vengeful, to kill crazy and more kill crazy.

I'm starting to grow weary of all the hate... I understand you want to please your fans, but now you're just nitpicking! You can't complain that a game has TOO MUCH variety... Ah well.

Well, he did and he didn't. He said there was too much variety in the weapons and spells, but he also said that the weapons were too similar, on account of all of them being spiked chains. So it's self contradictory hate, which makes it more valid!

Another great video! Though when I played the God of War 3 demo I didn't mind it so much. The quick time events felt more picky and unresponsive in GoW3 than they did in the first one, though the new weapons weren't really all that bad, in my opinion of course.

silver wolf009:
Nice, As always. Sucks about the sore throat though.

sore throat? i thought he was just sad over how the game turned out loL

Ha. His funniest in a while. I actually had to pause the video I was laughing so hard.

The best thing about this review was the outro sequence. That was pretty damn funny. Other than that, you sound like you're trying not to piss off your neighbours in this review. And by that I mean it's quiet and you've lost the energy in your voice. But that's not why I come here so I'll stop pretending it matters now.

Haha, good review. Kratos is just a violent douchebag now, you're not supposed to relate to him, just smash things. Like a Hulk game XD

Hey, cool videos, but I think you should put a "choose speed" button, because you speak too quick! :)

what's up with the voice?

Yeah, did Yahtzee get a cold or something?

After he mentioned the boss fights I thought he'd say something like they were creative and massive and fun, but he didn't really explain how they played, just that they were silly

Aren't the silliest things fun a lot of the times? Reference to his Saint's Row 2 review, it was mindless and silly, but became his game of the year 2008

Is it just me or did Yahtzee sound kind of different this week? New microphone maybe? Cold? Tired from the Mana bar?

What's up with your voice? ^.^

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