Zero Punctuation: God of War III

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I agree about climaxing at the beginning being a mistake, I maintain that Swordfish would have been a much better movie if they hadn't started it out with the massive special effect shot from the second half of the movie and then skipped over it when it was time to show it.

That was fun!! I was waiting for this one for some time now.

I missed hearing the phrase "It's like God of War, but..."

That's because it IS God of War. Also, it doesn't take a doctor to realize that he has a sore throat. Get well soon, I suppose.

Good review, his only complaints were ones that have already been established. The equivalent of a Yahtzee seal of approval :D

The Hades comments were pretty spot on I thought

Thanks to Twatter, I knew he was ill. God I hate Twitter.

Well, like Kratos, the first step is to not keep using it.

God of war is a series I've never actually got round to playing. GoW3 may be the one to break that pattern. Maybe I'll buy it 2nd hand, or in the sales.

So that's the premise of God of War. I always thought Kratos was killing the gods to prove he could

I'm convinced not to buy it now.

Don't be. It's a fun game with some pretty impressive graphics and great boss battles. Sure the story is weak, but well, this is God of War. Going into this for the story is just like going into Halo for new additions to the FPS genre and an epic storyline (atleast the games that is). After all, the first game in the series had the "power to kill a god" turn out to be a super mushroom in the form of a box. Also, I never once imagined that Kratos was actually the loving family man the game tried to paint him as given how he acts, so those scenes where they brought up his family always fell flat to me. Regardless though, the combat was fun and puzzles, while not always the most interesting, could turn out to be challenging, and 3 continues the tradition.

So he liked GOW3 but thought it was a bit unnecessary. So the same popular argument as Bioshock 2. Well whatever that's his thing and just like Bioshock 2 despite the small gripes he has with the game I still like it. Now for two things, one gargle some salt water and take some cough drops, and two review No More Heroes Desperate Struggle next time.

Admittedly I never really had an interest for GoW3. After the second's ending I got the impression that the only reason they were making a sequel was because they knew it would sell. I guess in some part we're to blame for that since by purchasing sequels we therefore make that a more attractive option to developers looking for a profit.

God of War III. it has a push sword into face interface.

I didn't play God of War II, but the story after God of War I sounds rather contrived to me.

No great surprises. Sore throat was a little off putting at first, but we all get sick now and then. Looking forward to Just Cause 2 review in the near future.

I like how from 5:02 onwards people think that clicking to the end of the video, and then quoting the end, will make us all belive that theyve watched it through and therefore we should pay atention to them and ... yeah no.
If you have a quotation, or less, to add to this thread, GO AND DIE.
We, unlike you, have seen the video, just now, just back then!
We dont need reruns yet!

Every game is unrealistic!

Either hes really bored or its a throat thing


I'm guessing bored :P

Good job. But are there collectable stars?

awesome review

shame about the sore throat though


and the torrent of comments talking about his voice start now.......

Damn you for predicting me.

Nice review none the less, but I can't get over how weird the voice sounds......dammnit.

My Jedi mind powers are strong today :)
and he just sounds like he did on his first couple of videos for the Escapist.....oh joy I now sound elitist or just a plain ol' cock

oh. I thought the ending to god of war III was going to be better.
I had assumed he would kill all of the Gods, only for Athena to make him realise that his petty pursuit of vengeance has trashed the planet. Racked with a new found guilt Kratos would travel back in time and kill himself before he can summon Ares and start this whole chain of events...but no.

Is he on Xanax? There was lots of punctuation this week. Good one though.

He sounds more like his early reviews.

... he says it's good. so since it will be about 1 year b4 iget it somebody give me a spoiler and spoil the ending for me. i already know the ending to birth by sleep so just tell me how the game ends plz

After watching this I think I'll just buy the first game and leave it at that.

Well, finally a review that DOESN'T paint this game in some sort of holy light of the gods. Heheh. But it still seems pretty fun... Not sure I would pick up a PS3 just for that though.

And man, I had no idea Kratos turned into such a dick. I played Chains of Olympus, and he seemed... reasonable in that one.

i think thats because in that one, most the time he seemed like he wanted to be with his daughter (which is nice), he was fighting for the Gods still (because he hadn't realised they would just keep using him again and again) and they were definatly painted to be worse then him. Its the prequel to the first one afterall, and from what i've seen (i've not played the others) he only gets more bad tempered and more of "a dick"

i bet my Elder Brothers playing this wherever he lives with his shiny PS3... i wish he'd stayed here instead, then i could have a ruddy go... then again, he's probably already sold it back and bought some other not-as-good-game

wait.....taxis are not supposed to have balloon people driving them?

cool video, love my ZP fix for the week

Another great review. Hope Yahtzee gets over his illness soon.

He sounds more like his early reviews.

exactly what I was thinking

Funny review as always.

this was actually a pretty positive review

I have to agree with you considering its Yahtzee

He sounds sick. or maybe depressed because he has to decide between Bioware and Valve for march mayhem.

you sounded a little lifeless this week. Almost like you couldnt be bothered. Its not a cold is it?

Arh, Sore throat, Take Strepsals and get better for next week.

great review as always, keep it up

but still. where did he get a copy of the new duke nukem dammit!

I bet his extra punctuation will focus on bullshitty cliffhanger endings (rather drawing a franchise out to a point past suck) and then he'll focus on the comments regarding people talking about his sore throat. Again.

It was refreshing to hear/see a more laid back review. It was nice, well done Mr. Pitts er... I mean Mr. Croshaw

Loved the review. Agree on the fact that this probably really didn't need to be made, but it's enjoyable enough I'm glad it was.

What's with the Trilogy thing, anyway? I have a feeling they only stretched it out to toss a 3 on the end.

I have to wonder: While teabagging Helios's decapitated head, is it possible to angle it such that you can open your mouth and have light come out?

Wow. There's a sentence that would never work with any other game...

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