I Hit It With My Axe: Episode Four: A Lot Of Spiders

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Episode Four: A Lot Of Spiders

The girls fight some spider-people, set a pig on fire, and try to figure out where the entrance to this Goblin Palace is.

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Getting much better, really enjoyed this one.

All I could think of is, in the original Urealms:

"Holy crap, Mike. IT'S A SPIDERBEAR."

It seems to be getting better, but what was up with the random few seconds of metal music in the middle of the video?

Gave it a second chance.
Nope. As boring as before. Couldn't watch it all.
There's really nothing interesting in this.

I have being watching thus far...and i don't get it...a bunch of porn stars playing D&D sounded like fun...but it wasent :( i havent being this dissapointed since my xbox crashed. Guess i can always leave it running in the background to get the badges.

"I'm calling about the volvo you said it was ready" o.o that was the same convo I had with my mechanic. But it still was not completely ready when I got there o.O

Getting better but it's still just bad. You need better editing.

Why is this still here?! Its unfunny, too much bad editing and it is here for a gimmick. STOP. PLEASE. D:

I made a thoughtless and rude comment. I apologise to the women of IHIWMA for that.

I'm still not a fan of the series though.

Yeah.. not too good.
Hotter porn stars maybe?

Loved it! The editing could do with a bit more continuity but nonetheless; very entertaining.

Still saying the quick 1 - 2 second edits for 30 seconds straight needs to go. Slow it down a bit and tell Russ that the episodes need to be a bit longer and I think the quality of this will go up.

I did like Sasha's bit about DDR...

Legend of J:
I have being watching thus far...and i don't get it...a bunch of porn stars playing D&D sounded like fun...but it wasent :( i havent being this dissapointed since my xbox crashed. Guess i can always leave it running in the background to get the badges.

Yeah, I agree with this. Also, my Xbox crashed too! Anyways, I will admit that I don't play D&D, and perhaps that's why I don't get it.

Does anyone else feel like this is really gimmicky?

The Escapist: "We'll make this show that has D&D, strippers, porn stars, and a metal/Gothic theme to it. Our nerdy little community will drool all over it! They'll keep watching it just to see if one of them will take her clothes off!"

I'm going to stop watching now. If it gets accepted for another season, then maybe I will check up on it, but until then I'm investing my time elsewhere.

Worst series on the internet.

Another epic failure.

I mean come on, its just staring at their faces as they talk. It barely shows the dungeon master. Hell they could at least film the dice rolls to give some feeling of suspense. Urgh which idiot was in charge of filming this waste of time and money?

Lani Lane, Eve Lawrence and Lela Star would be an improvement to this show

This would be better with smoother editing. Too many jump-cuts makes it difficult to watch.

It's got more potential than some other Escapist video series, though. Could just be my tabletop-loving opinion.

Dear god its worse than youtube vloggers with the jump cutting.

It has potential though but I dont think I could watch a whole episode till the kinks are worked out

I said I'd give it until episode 5. I'm a man of my word, so against my better judgement, I'm going to give it one more episode. I'll admit I almost laughed once during this episode, but 10 seconds of almost funny in over 7 minutes is a waste of my time.

Game Dogs and now this. The women are not really particularly clever or enthusiastic or anything.

Game Dogs and now this. The women are not really particularly clever or enthusiastic or anything.

This makes Game Dogs look like solid gold comedy.

Still not very entertaining. And wth is with the random metal music popping up in the middle of the video? I like metal and hard rock, but not when it suddently attacks my ears when they're covered with headphones.

Anyway I kinda gave up on the show now. D&D is fun if you are actually PLAYING it, not if you are just watching it.

I still don't get this show. I would much rather see them play videogames, but that's just me.
Btw, the random music scared the crap out of me.

I like the idea. I have watched them all. Few things that do stand out as problems though.

The loud metal cuts in the middle... too loud and throws off the feel of what could be.

The mic picking up the cell phone transmission interference. Anyone who has held a cell phone next to a speaker has heard the noise. Is it too much to ask everyone in the room turn them off? (IE not just on vibrate)

Speaking of everyone in the room... what is with the guy in the background. If he is not going to play... have him leave the room instead of ... fiddling in the background with his Cell and scratching himself.

A camera person without ADD would be a plus. This would fall into "better editing" I would think.

A few mentioned above "Hotter porn stars maybe?" LOL there isn't a girl in the room I wouldn't like to touch with the tip of my nose, but they are not there for a porn shoot... they are playing D & D. Nuff said.

I do understand the whole idea is to try and make it seem as casual and realistic as possible, but it is after all an internet series and should be treated as such.

Bottom line: Needs better Editing :)

soooooooooo boring...

So, Sasha, why are you even there if you are so bored?
That makes the show even more boring.
Try to show someone who is enjoying what is doing... Come on!!!

Dungeon Master- This Video is making your brain melt, quickly you must drink one of these potions! 23 of them are acid, one of them is the cure, roll a 24 or higher to survive.

Hero- *rolls*.... Crap...

Dull as dull can be.

If your going to film a bunch of people playing DnD at least make it so that the viewer has:
A) A fair idea of whats going on
B) A motivation to care about whats about to happen

And would some comedy or drama kill you or am I just being picky?

I enjoy each of these more than the last. It's quite amusing to me to see how another group games. I really don't think anyone who hasn't played D&D would get it though.

I'm enjoying the show. Keep at it, it definitely makes me want to start playing D & D again.

So you get some porn stars, of which only 1 is really attractive, and you have them play D&D? Lame gimmick needs to end, this series is going no where and the general consensus is that it sucks.

Stop wasting your bandwidth, give us a better series!

Haa... like it so far, want to see more RPG character development. The starlet player thing is novelty at best, but I like the fact that it is a role playing adventure, and for the most part they do seem to enjoy what they are doing.
Sasha looks bored, the others look like they are into it which sorta make it worth it. Lets see a boss fight or something though. More RPG action, as it were. Someone needs to die, someone needs to come back to life. The Werewolf chick needs to spaz out and kill a few innocents, which will throw off their good standings in towns and alienate them from the authorities, maybe the could fall into some kinda of orc war or something, act as spies for different clans or factions.

I dunno, i never played a tabletop D&D game though. So curious to see how these things play out. The chick with the mohawk is funny, though.

What the hell is with the editing! It keeps getting worse! It's hard to fallow what's going on if you keep cutting to random metal music or pointless conversations! Seriously fix the editing! Other wise I think it's growing on me... but still I don't feel it's worth my time... yet...

for some reason i really like, maybe its because all the pornstars (google a name like i did) Question!! whats with the guys on the bed or sofa?

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