I Hit It With My Axe: Episode Four: A Lot Of Spiders

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i dig the psy on display...but realy now: does anyone think this series or whatever it is is worth beeng here on this magnificent site????
All the other vids are ether funny or smart or infiormative or somthing......all this vid is is BORING...well not wen cleavege is in display but...hey if that's the price i have to pay....i'l watch it
P.S all that D&D stuff is fun wen u're 9/10 or somthin...we are all grownups here i guess...and ahhh fk it nvm

for some reason i really like, maybe its because all the pornstars (google a name like i did) Question!! whats with the guys on the bed or sofa?

There shooting a gang bang later....so u know...there geting ready...xD

(UUhuuuu i'm on a comment frenzyy!!!)
The funny part of this vid is the comments u ppl post ...
Oh and i never edited a vid in my life but i bet my weener i'd do beter..it's all so messed up..and i think the vid shood be like 10 or 20 mins longer so i wood get the "storry" beter...or see there cleavege beter...BHUhuhuhhahahahhaaaah


Bullet Alchemist:
Call it crap if you want but secretly everone loves Frankie

The guy from 'Everybody loves Raymond'? Yeah your right! Secretly everyone loves Frank Barone, now mister Bullet Alchemist make me a sammich!

Sorry but sammichs aren't my speciality
But here have sum nooodulz

It seems to be getting better, but what was up with the random few seconds of metal music in the middle of the video?

yeah thats super annoying

its getting better with less jumping around and more gameplay.

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