Escape to the Movies: Avengers: Assemble!

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Bob your just awesome. Love your show! But seriously, get a better microphone!^^

Well I wish I had a time machine, jump into the future and get an advanced screening of Marvel's movies. Hope they do this right, not like the X-Men movies. Guess Marvel beat DC to the punch with movies, then again hasn't Marvel made more movies then DC? I'm not arguing for either, just saying Marvel seems to present it self more.

Whoah wait a second

Wasn't Doctor Strange an Avenger?

I darn sure hope theres a Doctor Strange movie one day...

Actually they made a straight to DVD animated movie of Doctor Strange and I thought it was good.

And I can't wait for all these crossovers to happen.


My Nerdiness has been re-awkened. Few questions than to add:

1) It's stated that TIH takes place AFTER Iron Man 2. Not sure what that means but it's a continuity point to remember! I love continuity!

2) Ant-Man and the Wasp. I don't think they'll be in it. It's too late now to fit them in. Heck, they're pushing the release dates with Captain America. They were part of the original team but of well.

3) Is it based on the Ultimates? I hate the Ultimates and I have a dislike for Mark Millar but he put a lot of interesting idea's out there which Marvel seem to be following (Black Nick Fury and so on) In that one they also totally re-envisaged Hawkeye. Also Hulk was the villain.

4) Which properties can Marvel buy back and put back into their big new Universe. X-Men and Spiderman is the one we want, but the least likely we'll get. How many years have to wait before Marvel can say that the studio's are just not using their toys anymore and they want them back. Surely Blade, Dare Devil, The Fantastic Four can be taken back. I imagine Lionsgate will give The Punisher back.

Oh I do love a bit of Nerdiness.

Yes I am also having a Nerdgasm at this point.

Admittedly was never into the comic book thing. To busy climbing trees, fighting other kids and playing sports. But even than when I could lay my grubby dirt ridden hands on an issue I would, to great dismay of any collector now having to wade through my grubby fingerprints.


Finally some movies that speak to current day audiences. The main FAIL with most movies is that the story starts to unwind half way and becomes utter manure and you lose all form of already weak connection to the characters. Here however long as you take your material seriously like with The Dark Knight and Watchmen, your basically set for a success if you can keep things interesting. Because EVERYONE connects with super heroes because we ALL want to be that guy. Okay maybe we don't exactly want to run around in skin tight gimp suits, but we do want to be super powerful and all important.

It's the same switch that Pixar hits by addressing or featuring issues everyone relates to.

Kinda weird isn't it that 60's entertainment works best for today. Probably has something to do with technology being so advanced all that is standing between us and an actual Iron Man suit is 60 billion dollars. Bill Gates AWAY!!!!

That sounds awesome but............

WHEN DA F@#%!!! is the DEADPOOL movie coming out!!!

deadpool Pictures, Images and Photos



Also great review as always.

This all sounds too well-planned to fail - that is, unless someone were to go outside the studio system, completely revolutionise the entire superhero genre with one independantly-financed movie, and render most traditional comic books heroes, archetypes and tropes quaint and dated overnight. Uh, about that...

Dang it man, you've actually got me moderately excited for all this...

Not a massive fan of Marvel, but serious Kudos on the detective work!

I never liked the marvel universe, except for some xmen comics of the 90s, and spider man\punisher 2099. Ill just stick with Jodorovsky and good manga ( Myazaky )and other artsy stuff... OH and the Watchmen was very cool... But i guess the movie would be fun, especially since i dont like all that realistic thing going on around the dark knight. URGH.

I only wish that they had the 616 version of Nick Fury to be in the film(s) but there is no white actor so far that can play regular Fury better than Sam Jackson can play the Ultimate version, last thing I want is Hasselhoff *shudders*, looking forward to it!!

(Fury is my favorite character in the Marvel U, nothing against the ultimate version but IMO the regular version is more hands-on and kickass and the Ulti version is more administrative, but it looks like they are gonna have Fury be kickass in the movies)

Hurray for well done mash ups!!!
hopefully they won't screw it up!

I think you could have a very workable Avengers with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, and SpiderMan...assuming you could get Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst to sign on.

Hell, pull one of the X-Men into it if you want. I think you could get Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, or Kelsey Grammer to sign on if you asked nicely. At least one of them.

Now... I'm way more of a DC man, than a Marvel man....

But I still creamed my jeans (not really) at the thought of what you were hypothesising :D

Really stoked about IronMan 2 myself..... Woo!

No review of How to Train Your Dragon, huh? Oh well, this is probably even better. Probably.

To be honest, I haven't looked much into the Thor movie, but then again, I'm pretty much new to comics in general, so I'll be sure to look more into it.

Definitely look forward to the Captain America movie. Iron Man 2, as well.

That sounds awesome but............

WHEN DA F@#%!!! is the DEADPOOL movie coming out!!!

Good point!!!
where's our Merc with the Mouth?



i mean seriously!

Seen alot of Ultimates love on the replys. Bad news guys: You've been watching Movies based on Ultimates.
Ok, it's not a straight version of the Storylines as set up in the Ulimates books, so I guess a more precise description is Marvel Universe (616 for you true marvel zombies out there)/Ultimates hybrid.
Remember, in the regular MU, Hulk got his powers from a bomb test, Iron man armor was made in a Chinese prison, a radioactive spider bit Parker, etc. So, you now have more modern versions of those origins. Then you have them in modern settings, fighting updated enemies.

I hope they don't try to give Ant man and Wasp their own movies: make them appear as characters in either the Thor or Cap movie.

A marvel movie universe sounds brilliant, I realise this is only coming to fruition soon but it would have been nice to have seen winks about mutants or a certain web slinger in the possible avengers based film.

Really looking forward to Iron man 2 when it comes out, of course scarlet Johansson wearing skimpy clothes is always a plus (Got dragged to see He's Just Not That Into You, and was pleasantly surprised when she turns up in full jigglyness in her bra :D )

on another note, Is it me or does anyone else think that the character of Captain America only elicits excitement from Americans? I like the rest of the avengers cast, but captain America always seem a bit boring at best, or incredibly jingoistic at worst?

I fully admit if I saw a Captain Britain, or Union jack film I'd definitely be more interested, despite not knowing much about them, it would appeal to my patriotic side and thats where I think the interest in Cap America lies

A toast to something that seems to be both working and well planned.

Maybe they can even sqeeze Spider man into the fray....

BTW, I showed this video to an INCREDIBLY die-hard comic fan of mine, and he was annoyed that you "didn't do the research" and that you're "not a die-hard comic fan". Here was some of his reasoning:

When did he mention the ultimate universe? That's such a major factor with this Iron man Movie. ULTIMATE nick fury. VERY DIFFERENT from Nick Fury.

I'm not offended by the way. I was just saying. I'll give him this tho.

-The ultimate comics lines were actually a marketing scheme by marvel to get new younger readers getting their comics. so i'm sure he's aware of the line but he might now read them. I Don't even read them (except ultimate spider-man when bendis was writing it) but even that wasn't that great. But still, he should be aware that Ultimate Nick Fury. GENERAL Nick Fury recruits members for the Ultimates. COLONEL Nick Fury is Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. until Civil war which really changed everything, then secret reign in which Norman Osborne had taken over, as a result of Tony Stark completely screwing up and becoming a wanted criminal. I"M JUST SAYIN

I love the books and I want people to see these stories that a lot of writers and artists put a lot of hard work into. So I hope that maybe they'll use those works for the movies. I think people would really enjoy it. Sadly movies never translate well...

I really think people will never bother with the comics and its sad cause some of the stories are really remarkable :(

But Watchmen helped a lot of people start picking up the TPB's so thats good i guess :)

FYI = He didn't talk about it but this upcoming IRON MAN 2 movie is based off the arch "Demon in a Bottle" which came out in the 70's and which we see Tony Stark getting a drinking problem. So if any of you are curious to know thats the book. In all honestly its not the best comic, and its not worth the $25 hardcover but I just thought I'd say what book this movie could loosely be based off :)

*when I say "secret reign" its me combining the two events Secret invasion and dark reign since they were basically the same event. Both sucked anyway...

Thanks, Bob.
May can't get here soon enough

lead sharp:
Has kick ass not come out in the us?

Nope. Not until next week.

Onyx Oblivion:
Time to start brushing up on my Marvel. Without tracking down 100s of comics. Anyone have a good reference site?

Wikipedia is probably your best bet. Largely because people spend HOURS going through articles cleaning up any discrepancies. Basically, thousands of fanboys are going through these articles, and explaining every tiny nuance, down to who designed Captain America's outfit. And if Wikipedia itself doesn't have it, just look up a Wiki for the individual characters. Just like Wikipedia, there will be fanboys running that Wiki.

Onyx Oblivion:
Time to start brushing up on my Marvel. Without tracking down 100s of comics. Anyone have a good reference site?

It's a huge comic book resource. It has bios, links to friends and enemies. It will even list the character's appearance in different continuities. like in Marvel how the ultimate universe is different from the main marvel universe, even though it has basically every character from the main universe... That being said I'm sure you won't have to be a super nerd to like the avengers movie.

I am a huge comic fan, especially of Marvel. But, on the issue of the Avengers movie, I am torn.

Here's my run down on the movies leading to the Avengers:

Iron Man 2: I have high hopes for this one. Assuming that it stays in style with the first Iron Man, this movie should be good to decent. I like the idea of War Machine, and the Black Widow making their first appearance in uniform.

Thor: This movie is problematic for me. I like Thor well enough, and he definitely belongs with the Avengers. But, he's a mythical god. Iron Man was believable because of the technology aspect, I spoke with several people who loved the Iron Man movie and had no clue he was from the comics. Hulk was already popular, despite this, the first attempt -Ang Lee's- sucked, making the significantly better revamp -Ed Norton's- go relatively unnoticed. A movie about Thor could go over well, it will take a delicate touch to get the mainstream audience to like this movie. Furthermore, in order to be successful, it would almost have to be a "dark" version. Think along the lines of "300" or "Gladiator".

The problem is, assuming the movie is successful, it would be virtually impossible to integrate the "dark" Thor with the lighter Iron Man.

Captain America: It's supposedly going to be set in WW2, which again, requires a "dark" view in order for the mainstream audience to accept it. Also worthy to note, Chris Evans is not known for his "dark" acting ability. You also have to overlook the fact that he's already played a super hero. ( The Human Torch).

( Side note: Ryan Reynolds is supposedly slated to play both Green Lantern and Deadpool, with Green Lantern coming out first, if Green Lantern is even mildly successful, there won't be a Deadpool movie, at least, not with Ryan Reynolds, I am betting there won't be one at all, which makes me very sad)

In short, Captain America and Thor both require a style which will not integrate well with an Avengers movie. If either movie flops in the box office ( which it is likely that at least one of them will) you can kiss goodbye to the Avengers. Despite the massive amount of comic fans, myself included, who will see these movies no matter what, it's mainstream audience who will dictate whether there is an Avengers movie.

As cool as it would be to see the earth's mightiest heros on one screen, there is a slim to none chance of it actually existing, and an even slimmer chance that it will actually be good.

It almost hurt to write that. . . damn.

I was really looking forward to the Avenger movie too.

That was great, glad you could keep me up to date :)


Thor..wonder how Fundamental Christian groups will take to a depiction of a Norse Man-God as an American hero.Cant wait to see how that story is depicted.

They probably won't take it well. Though, I'm Christian and I could care less. Hell, I even believe that aliens could possibly exist, cause I think that the other Christians are pretty naive to think that God created all the universe, but put life on only one planet.
My favorite character of all time is The Doctor from Doctor Who, and in the Easter special episode last year(Planet of the Dead), he said that he was present at the first Easter and it didn't happen like other people think it did.

Not sure how this didnt make it into the comment thread yet, but this pretty much confirms the start, or at least the though of the Avengers Movie.

Isn't Thor supposed to be basically invincible?

Kenneth Branagh is directing Thor? I may have to go see it.

Interesting note - on the subject of the super-soldier serum for Blonsky, I seem to remember that one of the barrels was labeled "Weapon Plus," which, while itself was spun off Project: Rebirth in the 40's, would later spawn Weapon-X, which would give Wolverine the adamantium. So, while Fox still owns the X-Men rights (I think,) there is still some continuity love. I could be imagining it, though....time to pop in a DVD!


Anyway, this Avengers stuff is pretty cool. Let's just hope it doesn't lead to the Civil War stuff, though.

They have already been talking about a civil war movie... but the Avengers' movie will come out first, because it is the Avengers that are one of the core reasons that the Civil War starts in the old comic books...

Sadly, I wish they wouldn't cast some of the actors/actresses that they have...

Thor will never be the same... The best Thor ever was in Adventures in Babysitting (1987)... but sadly he has gotten too old and fat to play the role...

Man bob I hope your right man. If they make a movie with the Avengers my brain will explode like that guy's did in Scanners. Dude I hope your right.

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