Escape to the Movies: Avengers: Assemble!

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The man does make some good points! and its nice to see someone taking what it at face value within what we know already and coming up with images that do makes scenes rather than people goin 'Oh, it would be soo cool if this happened or this'

Well know we just have to play the waiting game . . . I hate that game, Im off to play World of Warcraft


I think that it's said in Iron Man, that Howard Stark "gave us the atomic bomb", which would place him in the WWII-era. I'm pretty sure it's Obadiah Stane who says it.

next time, talk about a dvd or some classics we should watch. This was a waste of good review of the up coming Iron Man 2.

It amuses me that there is a major "nerdgasm" about the theory that moviebob describes, although...wait, oh yeah this has already happened. several times, in fact. it's no secret that they are trying to make an avengers movie, but why is this a surprise?! this combo of fantasy, sci-fi, and action have been together for years in the marvel universe. it's not new.


lead sharp:
Has kick ass not come out in the us?

Nope. Not until next week.

Aw man, that's a crime, it's seriously very very fucking brilliant.

I normally don't even pay the slightest attention to comics...

But that looks fucking awesome!

i dunno, i think i can not look forward to it, in the thinking that these kinds of 'should be epic' films are usually screwed up.and tbh, i don't wanna see something like that happen, since it would be frankly awesome incarnate to see it and to see it REALLY GOOD

I watched Ironman for the first time after watching this. (I know. Shameful, isn't it? I intended to see it when it was in cinemas, but I forgot.) And I coudn't help but notice the line "Your father helped give the world the atomic bomb." So Stark's dad was definitely alive and working with weapons during WW2.

I bet you anything Howard Stark created cap's shield. Make's total fucking sense, cause if you think about it, Tony hasn't had any contact with Cap yet as far as we know. So how else would he have Cap's shield in his workshop!? Because it's a prototype he either found in his dad's old stuff, or something he built based on old drawings his father came up with that he found in his dad's old stuff.

And that right there, is the kind of combo movie gold/nerdgasm that get's you the fans, and the big bucks. I've seen the scene, and it's pretty unmistakable, it's cap's shield. The only problem is, it's never made sense, why would he have Cap's shield if he's never met the guy? Which is why everyone questions it, but with the above explanation, it all makes too much sense. NERDGASM!!!!

Holy damn, I commend everyone on finding all those clues, I only saw a few of them myself, but never thought anything of them. Though there is one clue that this video review misses that I only saw because someone else also pointed out. At the "Iron Man" scene when Pepper first sees Tony taking off the suit, you can see just in the background when Tony turns around a red and blue round object on a desk with two white points pointing upward with the rest of it looking broken off, looking like a broken white star. Perhaps this is Cap's sheild and this gives more to the idea that Tony's father had something to do with the superhuman project as the review pointed out. Either way, I can not wait for the movies to come out, this will be great.

Avengers: Assemble!

This week MovieBob gathers all the clues that seem to point to an Avengers film.

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I hope this interests you if you didn't already know, either way looks like you were right.

thats a bummer, I too was also looking forward to seeing some webslinging going on. It was about halfway through this episode of moviebob that I realised that spiderman's villain "the green goblin" was also genetically altered by a chemical. It got me thinking that maybe this was in one way or another similar to the chemical used by hulk/cap. but FUCK no spiderman or X-men!

So... this hasn't been "fully" confirmed yet, but Deadline Hollywood - and they're right 9.999 times out of 10 in these cases - is reporting that the director of "The Avengers" is...

Joss Whedon.

Try not to get any on the good furniture, fellas ;)

Onyx Oblivion:
Time to start brushing up on my Marvel. Without tracking down 100s of comics. Anyone have a good reference site?

What most people here said, Wikipedia. I even started a biography of Spiderman in greek.

This sounds like some sort of conspiracy theory O.o
I'd laugh if this somehow worked and everyone was like "WOOOAH NICE JOB THAT WAS AMAZING"
And then the producers said... "Uhhhh... sure we MEANT to do that..."

I just nerdgasmed in my pants.

one word...WANT!!!

How come this makes no mention of Edgar Wright's upcoming Ant-Man movie?

OH MY FREAKING GOD. If this is true. Dude. Just Woah! HOLY SHIT! I am so excited!


Okay, someone has GOT to make a .gif of that nerdgasm thing.

Its only sad that Marvel doesn't have the rights to some of their biggest franchises...Spider Man, FF, X-Men...all rather conspicuously absent from the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" because Sony is greedy and wants to make a Spider Man reboot which will undoubtedly suck, but everyone will go see it anyway because they wanna prove how much it sucks, sony will make gobs of cash and they'll continue the abomination because all the geeks/nerds walked right into sony's evil demented plan...

Sorry for the nerdrage.

I really wish Marvel would get spider man back and continue where it WAS, even if Venom was kinda a pansy (I don't count emo-Parker as bad because I thought it was funny as hell and a wonderful depiction of what would happen when a total geek gets infused with a huge amount of confidence) it was still better than any crap Sony is gonna spew out now: Taylor Lautner as Peter Parker anyone? (No that's not a fact, that's me being a whiney nerd)

I'm very much a DC fan to heart, but the aspect of hearing the words "Avenges Assemble" on screen is something of epic proportions that DC comics yet to have for their DCs respective teams to rally behind. When the movie does come out DC/Warner will without a doubt have a hard time for one their movies/franchises to match what Marvel is putting out.

I have to give some kudos to Marvel of their ability of dropping cross franchise references, the subtle and the obvious ones, that DC can't quite do with their live action movies(the only one that I know of was in that horrid batman and robin where they mention metropolis).

I will say, it sucks ass that Chris Evans is playing cap, because he was Human Torch, so if Marvel ever does get the rights to FF back, Torch will be recast, and I hate recasts...


I wasn't really excited about Iron Man 2, even though I was one of the five people waiting 5 minutes for the end credits bit. Probably do to the fact that, while a Marvel fan, I haven't actually heard of the Avengers that much.

Check the imdb news page for Avengers:

Joss Whedon To Rewrite 'Captain America'?
16 April 2010 7:00 AM, PDT | MTV Splash Page | See recent MTV Splash Page news »

Earlier this week, reports emerged that Joss Whedon is in final negotiations to direct "The Avengers," with an additional report indicating that Whedon will also rewrite the film's script as well.

While Whedon's involvement with "The Avengers" has yet to be confirmed by either Whedon or Marvel Studios, an additional rumor has linked Whedon to another Marvel film.

According to Pajiba, Whedon will also rewrite Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely's screenplay for "The First Avenger: Captain America." However, this rumor is still unconfirmed and calls to Whedon's representatives were not returned at press time.

Chris Evans was recently cast as Steve Rogers after an exhaustive search, before he was joined by Sebastian Stan as Bucky and Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter. Hugo Weaving is still reportedly in negotiations to appear as the Red Skull.

Whedon's involvement with the "Captain America" script would potentially increase his long-standing association with Marvel.

How come this makes no mention of Edgar Wright's upcoming Ant-Man movie?

I dunno why MovieBob didn't mention it, but at the above news page, there's a report that makes it clear that the ppl in charge are aware of it...

That Donald Blake guy actually looks a lot like Hawkeye.

Avengers: Assemble!

This week MovieBob gathers all the clues that seem to point to an Avengers film.

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I'm curious about one thing: isn't Captain America supposed to be dead? So does his movie and the avengers movie just ignore this fact, featuring a completely stand-alone storyline? Or is this an Ultime Captain, just like we have Ultimate (Black) Fury. Or is this a Siege tie-in where Cap is back alive?

If this is to be believed, then Thor most definitely cameos in Iron Man 2.

Dude, That was awesome! You just blew my fucking mind! The actors who will play Thor and Captain America look to young to play the part. Gerrard Butler as Thor and Randy "The Natural" Couture should be Captain America haha!

I'll tell you how I "can not look forward to that." 2 words: Fantastic Four

I saw that Iron Man clip when the movie first came out and I knew about the Avengers from the Ultimate Avengers movies they made a couple years ago, which were preaty good themselves. So when I put 2 and 2 together I was psyched. I cannot wait to hear more about this.

FMBI (for MovieBob's info) in Iron Man 2 - no cameo for Cap, no cameo for Thor.

If people haven't already seen a blurry ytube video about the final clip in IM2...

If this is to be believed, then Thor most definitely cameos in Iron Man 2.

This guy is...

Concerning the shield...

And Stan Lee is in the movie as...

tony stark's father helped create the atom bomb i would be surprised if he was not involved in world war 2... but i didn't do a link whit cap!that theory makes so much sens i'm ready to bet its true




lead sharp:
Has kick ass not come out in the us?

Nope. Not until next week.

This video would be completely different if moviebob had seen Kikc-Ass first - in fact it might not even have occured to him to make it, as K-A would have likely changed his whole perspective on superhero movies in general, and compilations of multiple second-tier superheroes like Thor into one movie in particular. It's that important a movie.

No it wouldn't have.

How's THAT for a tease ;)

Well it SHOULD have, nyah! =P

In all srsns: the Avengers movie isn't as good an idea as you think it is. It's like going "why not put He-Man, Aragorn and Luke Skywalker in the same movie?" There's no reason to do it, because they're all essentially the same Joe Campbell character - just like Thor, Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man are the same superhero character. I know, I know, they have different powers, appearances, weaknesses and backstories, but they're still concieved as protagonists: they don't complement each other like Hit-girl, Kick-ass and Big Daddy as they weren't written to explore different aspects of a single theme. Any movie they appear in is going to feel less 'realistic' than even a Thor movie, as it'll be asking us to accept all of these dudes standing next to each other on screen at the same time, lol.

Things it will have: each character will get "showcase" scenes where they remind the audience what they can do, each of which could come from any of their movies.

Things it won't have: any expansion or development of the characters as individuals.

TL;DR - it'll be an action scene best-of collection at best, with the overall quality of the experience determined not by the sum total of the hero's parts, but by how well the villain is written to challenge them.

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