Escape to the Movies: Avengers: Assemble!

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Just thought i'd give you hope

Whoah wait a second

Wasn't Doctor Strange an Avenger?

I darn sure hope theres a Doctor Strange movie one day...
Just thought i'd give you hope

I think after Ironman 2 this needs a massive update. There were so many references and things Movie Bob speculated have pretty much been confirmed.

Of course, I'm not saying he should, because that would ruin it for the people who haven't seen Ironman 2 yet...

Avengers: Assemble!

This week MovieBob gathers all the clues that seem to point to an Avengers film.

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And after the Avengers movie: a S.H.I.E.L.D movie!

I cant wait for that movie!!!

Im just scared of ONE thing. With all those superhero in the same movie. I hope its not gonna be one of those movie that is TOO SHORT!!! I hope that they take there time and try not to rush the movie.

I was quite excited about the Avengers movie, but I only hit nerdgasm point when I found out JOSS WHEDON is going to direct it.

I kid you not:


Man I've been dreaming about this stuff for years.


honestly tho, and this sounds SO WEIRD coming from a forgiving guy like me, but Iron Man 2 was very disappointing...

...compared to the first film

but for the movie universe, it totally works. unlike Transformers 2...another (way more) disappointing movie that killed off the universe it was going for

so Avengers...yay

I don't understand how Chris Evans can be Captain America within the marvel universe if he was already The Human Torch/Johnny Storm. Also do you think Evans is the best person to play Captain America?

Oh sure, completely not mention the Ant Man movie that is in production. Am I the only one that cares about that guy?

How can i not be excited about that?
It sounds spread so thin you'd need theoretical physicists to confirm the existence of an intelligent central plot.

Plus, i'm German, Scottish, and am a Socialist.
Chances are, if someone looks like me or shares my ideals, he'll turn out to be a bad guy. Especially if Captain America is involved.

And then The Dark Knight Rises thrashes all of these movies.

Nice call on Tony Stark's dad being involved with Captain America in the 40's...looking at it now...seems most of your predictions were right...havent seen War Machine yet though

it is amazing how much in hindsight Bob got right, and how much the things he got wrong were more near misses then anything.

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