Go Back To WoW

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Go Back To WoW

These are four words that we'd all be better off never speaking - or hearing - again.

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Coming on here, talking all over our Escapist. Go back to IGN!

As an actual WoW player, if I was told to go back to WoW, I probably would go back to WoW :3

It's funny really- the worse the MMO is the more often you see "go back to WoW" said in it.

I don't really see how anyone can use the term when this is probably one of the few times an entire genre is trying to be like just one game. They're not even really being so subtle about it anymore. The folks behind Aion literally had a board meeting to discuss how to make their game more western like, highlighting the WoW methodology of simplifying things.

WoW isn't the bad guy here. Most people screeching about going back to WoW either never played the MMO market before WoW, or really are just that much of a merry band of blind fanboys.

I actually just went out and bought a new WoW card too so I literally am going back to WoW.

Don't know why WoW is suppose to come off as an insult. Just because it's alot more aaccessible than most MMOs, doesn't mean that only stupid people are going to enjoy it...

I'm going to totally misinterpret the fact that City of Heroes wasn't in that list and say it's because the community is awesome as a whole and not only accepts criticism, it offers it constantly (not only that, but last I was there, the devs went out of their way to respond to and thank critique). But that's off-topic and possibly nostalgic.

Then again, since I'm also a WoW player (albeit one who never graces the forums), I have to admit never having run into this, but the article conclusion sounds logical.

Aion? 15.


They seem like nice people.

I agree in that it feels like a general over-arcing insult to WoW and the player. For the short time I played Aion, I saw that phrase used all the time in game, and I still see it on occasion when I play Warhammer online right now. At least in the Warhammer community, more people than not also see that problem, and many people will actually call out people who say that, pointing out how stupid the retort was.

I have also seen "Go back to WoW" used in proper context too, which makes me kind of sad. People will show up in game, complain endlessly about the class, and it will basically amount to "Like a rogue in WoW?" While this can be a bit common as well, in the end, I still see everyone as at fault. Input is input, but many people also do just come to make that 'MMO x to WoW' comparison.

I haven't been told to go back to WoW, but I still plan on going back to it. It may abuse me, but it still seems to love me, holding me close for days on end even as I waste away from lack of sleep and food, lost in its -

Yeah, I'll stop now.

Go back to WoW? Don't mind if I do.

Fanboys in other fields? In science, you can definitely have fanboys like you see in System Wars. Are you into single-cell electrophysiology or functional brain imaging? Are you into math or physics? Psychologists vs. physiologists? I've met all types that "know" that they are better than their nemesis.

Nice article, next you should look up the phrase 'Go back to CoD'.

Onyx Oblivion:
Aion? 15.


They seem like nice people.

Maybe because it's quite new? (compare to the rest anyways)

I think the insult towards WoW is because it's sorta like Disney... huge, popular, successful, and brings lots of joy to young and old people alike.

I'll admit, the title confused me. "Go back to WoW? But Shamus hates WoW!" I proceeded to read the article, which clarified it for me. I, personally, have not seen those words used often. I play WoW myself, and never really understood the hatred people treat it with.

Angry rant below. I'm not looking for a fight, this is just how I feel about people who don't consider that some people like WoW.

Kinda funny since the only MMO I've found good is actually World of WarCraft. The rest never appealed to me beside RuneScape which occupied some years of my youth(Then again, I never played any other MMOs except WarHammer for one day.).

But I can understand the fanboyism since I'm a Blizzard fanboy. I tend to defend their games religiously when it comes to facts and misunderstanding.

I love the results differences between Aion and everyone else.

Yeah I hate that arguement too. Its like on BF:BD2 if you complain about a feature in game its always go back to CoD

As one of the unfortunates who stumbled into day one Age of Conan, I can attest that the relatively high number will at least in part be made of people saying "I'm just going to go back to wow"

Please bare in mind that Warhammer Online was ruined when in 2006, a lot of people who had played WoW, didn't like the PvP in WoW and were expressing interest in this supposedly very PvP(RvR) focused game and subsequently and very vocally wanted it to be more like WoW.

When WHO came along, it was WoW. Almost all the PvP was pushed into instances against the advice of smart people that wanted an actual war-like environment with zero-sum rewards.

It isn't unique to games.

When I was younger, I was part of the "BMXers are fags", being a skateboarder then (and now without the borderline xenophobia).

It's basic human nature, an unsure mind can genreate false security by degrading the validity (perceived or otherwise) of any competing articles.

QED - 360 vs PS3, MW2 vs BF:BC2, ad infinitum. Justify and falsely strengthen your "corner" by mudslinging. Applicable to every single instance where there is two opposing forces.

I got that in Age of Conan, which I thankfully only started playing because my boyfriend had bought it and let me start a character on his account and didn't actually pay for myself. I got told constantly to go back to WoW for just standing in the wrong spot at times (usually when some asshole way too far above me in level for a fair fight would shank me).

I quit that pile when someone told me it after running across the surface of the water I was swimming in to get away from him, killed me, and ran off again. Fucking bug exploiting asshole.

I played the trial of Global Agenda, and the whole time I played I saw four comments repeated endlessly in city chat.

"This is just like WoW." (It wasn't...very different)
"This is way worse than WoW." (So why play it? I didn't enjoy it, but, that's me, and I stopped)
"Do you honestly only ever talk about WoW here?"
"If you love WoW so much, go back to WoW."

And that final comment is honestly the only way "Go back to WoW" should be used. Not if someone complains that a game is bad, but when someone complains that a game is bad and WoW is so much better. Because it makes sense.

Don't make me go back to WoW... Don't say it... Exam Season is starting...

Calumon: Please don't make him... He's clean for 3 months tomorrow!

So how does the prospect of a niche market play into this theory? Should the niche crowd allow their game to be improved at the cost of what they enjoy about the game?

Shamus seems to be coming at this pretty one-sidedly.

Never be satisfied with a game? That sounds like a really bad philosophy for anyone to take in terms of gaming. Certainly we can expect more from a developer and there is nothing wrong with that, but not being satisfied with the product only leads to everyone being unhappy. We should be satisfied with the games we enjoy and play, but that doesn't mean they can't be better.

Haha, oddly enough, skiers and snowboarders do challenge each other like that, or at least almost every one I know.

And I too love the difference between Aion and everyone else.

I hit your sample link and it said 91 hits for the lotro forums.

Get off my slopes you damn 2 plankers.

Your Aion statistics are way off.

By at least 60000. Maybe you used the official forums, nobody really uses them.

John Funk:
Go back to WoW? Don't mind if I do.

Heh. I played the ST:O beta, and 'go back to WoW' is exactly what I did.

For the record: Shamus, the "boatfags" remark is possibly the single funniest thing I've read on this website, ever. Well played, sir. Well played.



John Funk:
Go back to WoW? Don't mind if I do.

Heh. I played the ST:O beta, and 'go back to WoW' is exactly what I did.

For the record: Shamus, the "boatfags" remark is possibly the single funniest thing I've read on this website, ever. Well played, sir. Well played.


Agreed on all points. I literally snorted when I read that one.

Shamus Young:

Do skiers and snow boarders hate each other with the same fervor as Xbox and PS3 fans?

Yes. Possibly more so.

Goddamn skiers, taking up the entire frickin' slope. If you're going to go back and forth like that, at least let people pass you instead of cutting in front of them...RANT

Heh, this is really already 'obvious', well for me at least.

However, he's right and yet..We never listen to fanboys. Since Yahtzee destroyed SSBS, I won't dare threading that path again.

Only time I have ever used that was in WAR someone said they should have less PvP and RvR so he had it coming.

I saw a lot of that in EVE Online forums. This is probably because the game is renown to being deep and complex, and EVEites see WoW as a shallow play. As soon as someone doesn't like the confusing UI, the complex upgrades and armor types, or the cruel wastelands of lawless space, well...what? You expect us to make our game more accessible? Screw that. To WoW, you luddite!

Another reply I hate towards critisism is often said by the creator of the media under fire - but not always. The counter goes "Well, I noticed how YOU have never made a movie/game/flash animation/drawing, so you can shut up!". I disliked it, because it implies you have to have attempted to make something similar to what you're critiquing, as if you cannot give judgement on your impression of Avatar if you, yourself, never made a billion-dollar-budget movie. Arghrgrhgh!

Back to Azeroth? Only if it's torn apart by a... Oh wait.

I guess it is because the bright colors or the cartoon feel I get from it, but I couldn't get into WoW. I am a fan of LotRO, yes it has color but if feels rather toned down compared to WoW, and that is what I like about it. Also, comparing with WoW and what I have heard other people explain about other MMOs, LotRO has a lot more storage for items than any other. I heard from People playing other MMOs that players get 30 on person storage to to start out. LotRO of course starts people off with 5 packs with 15 slots each, and then you get a vault in large towns that store 30 and you can buy more vault space as you level up. Also when you buy a house you get a storage container with it too. So I have well over 100 slots to store stuff, though I'm a pack rat and still run out of space. I have the stupid tendency to think, hmm maybe I will need that later.

Now I would say that the one thing that MMOs need to work on is single player aspect. I'm not a very social person, so I'm the person that is fighting off people that are jumping around me asking me to join their fellowship or kinship. Turbine has been working some single player aspects into LotRO by letting players on some of the major story quests, choose to do it solo, which is not as hard with nerfed enemies, rather than the fellowship route. They still have a lot of main story fellowship quests that need to have a solo version added.
For example, my level 32 hobbit guardian is in the North Downs and I am on the main story quest where I have to save Dori the Dwarf from the Dourhand Dwarfs. I take the quest and head for the Dourhand fortress, then I waltz in and get annihilated by two level 34 elite Dourhands, that have over 4000 health each(I have only a little over 2000 health.) When I took the quest I guess I hadn't noticed that it was a fellowship quest. The reason I guess the Turbine hasn't given a solo option for it is because it isn't an instance quest. So, I guess I will just have to grind away and level up past level 42 or higher then continue with the main story.
I don't really care a whole lot about side quests unless I get something useful for it. I care about story. So I think it would be good for future MMOs and current ones, to make a choice that allows people to do all main story quests solo.
I'm not going stoop that low again and fellowship up with people to complete something. The two times I did do that, the people weren't very helpful, while I fought and died, they looted bodies. When you aren't in a fellowship, whoever places the first hit on an enemy gets all the loot from that enemy, but the thing I hate about being in a fellowship is the loot division system, it doesn't matter who hit the enemy first or killed it, you always have the stupid prompt for each item of loot, where it asks the players, do you want to pass the item to the other player or do you want to roll for it. The whole rolling for it thing is stupid, especially when you are the only one that attacked and killed the enemy. The reason I didn't like it is that 9 times out of 10, I wouldn't get the piece of loot. Each time I was in a fellowship, the only loot I got was worthless crap that couldn't be sold for anything more than a couple or three coppers.

I would say that the whole playing with other people thing is one of the main reasons why some people don't like MMOs. Some people play the game for story, but they can't complete it because the game forces them to interact with other players. As stated before, in my experience, there aren't that many people that are helpful allies.

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