LoadingReadyRun: Hot Water at PAX

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Good laughs had here. Thanks guys.



Finally! Commodore Hustle is back! :D
And more awesome than ever!

Wow, that was actually pretty good. Generally I don't really get LRR, but I enjoyed that :)

cH is definitely my favorite LRR series... here's to much more of it.

Fuck yeah cH :D

I actually started watching the cH videos and I love how in the first video Paul and Graham are discussing the idea of 'making a video mocking the cutscenes in Eternal Sonata'... and dismiss the idea as being stupid.

damn, it sucks I couldn't go to PAX

Where is Yahtzee

Something from the LRR site you might want to know, the girl said yes! Congratulations, lovebirds!


awsome episode. It gave me flashbacks from my vacations with friends

I missed comadore Hustle so much, I hope it is back up to monthly instalments.




i have now been up well past my bedtime watching all of these previous videos... I love LRR!

Your bedtime is 7:49pm?

Man it sucks to be you.

There's some geographical magic called time-zones.. or someone has odd workshifts. ;)

Oh dang, forgot about that! My bad.

Ya I posted that at 3:49am in my time zone. had to be up for work by 9:00...

errrr .. Who is cH ?

It's good to see a more "real" episode to break up the sketches. How terrible that would have been if it actually happened.

errrr .. Who is cH ?

Not "who", but "what"

Note for new viewers:
commodoreHUSTLE is a series of video we do playing "ourselves", though fictionalized, exaggerated versions, obviously.
There's no ongoing plot or anything, but there is a standing continuity.
If you want to watch some of the older videos, go here:


It's been a while since I've seen cH. It's get funnier as the episode goes on.

this has to be one of my favs ^^
excellent ep

Ehem...What's up with "Bionic Trouser's Media" and not "Themis Media"?

What is this marriage proposal that everyone is talking about? I don't see it.

These keep on getting better and better! Keep up the good work! :-D

Huh... Paul showers with his glasses on :P

Why did they take the marriage proposal out of the video? It was at the end of this video when I first saw it, but it looks like it got edited off. Did she say no?

yeah okay that's it, I'm gonna go buy a LRR t-shirt, they're just too awesome not to support =]

This was my favourite Escapist-based LRR yet. Nice work fellas/lady!

Why did they take the marriage proposal out of the video? It was at the end of this video when I first saw it, but it looks like it got edited off. Did she say no?

It got edited out when she said yes. It was an inside-joke after all.

Ah, so I finally get to see what this looks like completed and not the parts I watched you film live at the panel. I'm bummed I can't see myself in the crowd, but oh well. Great one, guys!

Saw them at PAX, they were pretty cool.

Paul's hands were cold, though...

Bathroom's open..
"WHAT?? I just used the bucket!! What? you have no moral high ground...
You two shut up!"


Guys, I'm only just starting to Watch Loading Ready Run, but that was fantastic!! XD

"Kathleen, he's your boyfriend-"
"There is not the money printed in the world"


Great episode, plus, LOVE Graham's ringtone.

is anyone else sick of those vindictus ad's?

Where was this proposal? I don't see it.

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