In Which I Pretend To Know Something About Sports

I got to play the Wii, too, and didn't suffer a Black Pearl-type curse for an unholy bargain with the Nintendo Mafia, which my colleagues did. The zombie thing is disconcerting, but these are the sacrifices we make for journalism. You think "Nintendo Mafia" is catchy exaggeration on my part, but it really isn't. We were in a number of meetings where publishers/developers were especially eager to show off the cool stuff they were doing with the Wii and wanted to sneak one in, but...(here, I'm leaning forward and whispering, looking around for anyone listening) Nintendo would find out. This actually happened, to the point that when two Nintendo representatives strolled into the Majesco meeting I ranted about earlier, the other writer and I both heard the Godfather theme play (though maybe it was more like this) .

However, EA is big enough that the Nintendo Mafia can't flex on them, so when the rep doing the Madden Wii demo asked if I wanted to play, I was knocking people over like George Costanza in a fire. I mean, yea, Nintendo is going to make cool stuff with their platform, but this is a third party publisher and one of the biggest franchises ever. It'll set the tone.

Original Comment by: Kent William Innholt
Hey, that guy may have been me! :) I know next to nothing about american football, yet I still got the game quite fast. I think it's heartening to see how at least this game seems to get proper treatment from EA. Perhaps it will in fact set the tone for later editions of their sport games?

Also, the graphics on display were GameCube graphics, if anyone wondered. They said they were going to "next-gen" those in the coming months, after getting the controls right. I'm a bit impressed that they got their priorities right this time. :)


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