249: Interviews With the Fandom

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One thing that made metravel less to fanfiction.net it is the huge pile of romannce fanfiction. It is at least a subgenre of 80% of the fics, I already read some good ones but I am really tired of that.

I've never had a problem with the romance genre as compared to, say, comedy. I'll admit that good humour is difficult to write well and I rarely read it in original fiction, but as a primary genre in fanfic, it should always be avoided.

And by 80% being 'romance', surely you meant 'porn'?

And one week after writing on this thread that I don't do fanfiction any more, I realized that a story I was writing, which used expys of famous characters to deliver a point, would be much better if I called a spade a spade and called the characters by their real names.

Maybe I'll have to register to fanfiction.net after all. It's definitively a better place for a story to be than in my private Google Docs folder.

Well Peter, I don't remember you contacting me on when you actually submitted the article. ;_;

I gotta say though, from what I said, I sound really pretentious. I guess I'm not really cut out to give advice to aspiring writers.

Good stuff. I think it'll be up to the author the level of quality they are willing to put into it. I think an author who is seeking constructive criticism and improving their skills will seek out the communities where that is fostered. There will always be places where anyone can show off anything. It just comes down to how badly you want to improve upon your skills.

If you think about it, isn't the Star Wars Universe basically built on fanfiction? George Lucas created the foundation, but the details and minutia have been created bit by bit over the years by various authors, directors, and game designers. All of whom were likely big-time Star Wars fans. That massive universe is exactly why I love Star Wars so much, so I'm glad there are people out there who are so dedicated to the subject to make it even more visceral.

On the other hand, the creeps who churn out fanfic after fanfic about different sexual encounters between their favorite characters in a series (I'm looking at you, Twilight) disturb me.

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