Not Hardcore Enough to Raise Chickens

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I didn't I could find a farming game more intricate than Harvest Moon....and then I got Rune Factory.

All of that farming work on top of dungeon crawling, monster befriending, and boss fighting.... Oh god the horror.

And I just bought the one for Wii yesterday.

DoW Lowen:
It's Farmville EXTREMRE edition.

Games can be so deceiving in their appearance - Monster Rancher and Pokemon are testaments of that fact. It's normally the hardcore looking ones that are shallow.

Oh Monster Rancher<3 I always felt that game never gets the love it deserves. I've seen some of the hardcore training guides... the amount of resetting involved sort of scares me to the point where I'm happy to just sit grinning and rejoicing at having gotten one monster strong enough beat A class.

I remember getting the GBC Harvest Moon as one of my first games and having a lot of trouble figuring out how to switch tools. Not that I fared any better once I actually knew how to play it. I think I spent most of my time in Back To Nature panicking about my horse not liking me, losing my dog's toys behind fences, and building walls out of the rocks on my farm. I'd like to say I think I'd be better at it now, but... I almost fear trying another one.

My mom is obsessed with Farmville, so my brother brought out the old SNES Harvest Moon version for her to try. It wasn't necessarily too hard for her, but she found it boring. It was like the day she told me the Joker was boring. My heart died a little.

"Susan Arendt always names one of her cows "Steak," just to be mean."

Mine's named "Patty", and the horse is "Elmer"


Harvest Moon was always a cute game from what i remember. However, i agree that it does get a bit...frustrating, at times. The game keeps you constantly working, and although that's a good thing which will keep you from being bored, it also makes you want to take too many breaks. Normally when i play video games, i want to keep playing as long as possible in order to reach the end or nearly reach it. Harvest Moon was one of those games i also never really got through. I also think it feels like the same thing over and over, no matter how many different Harvest Moon's are released.

I live on a farm.... we have chickens......why the hell do i want to take a "break" from being productive to PRETEND i'm being productive. farm sims are the most retarted things ever. im just waiting for "cubicle sim" to get popular.

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