Review: Lunar:Silver Star Harmony

Review: Lunar:Silver Star Harmony

Lunar:Silver Star Harmony is a faithful remake of a quirky and fun series.

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Nathan, does your cat sidekick also have to be

I don't know - I can't imagine that they could have done better than the Working Designs translation. It's really a shame that they aren't around to do it anymore.

Hmmm...pretty much sounds like what I have heard. Im a pretty mediocre fan of the lunar series.

Ill prolly play it a bit, but, I doubt its going to be something for me which will make me think its the most epic of all.

Should still be fun though!

Mmmmmm Lunar.

Pity the DS one was shite.

I somehow doubt it's very faithful, since each remake makes the game easier and easier, removing everything that made the Sega CD version fun.


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