Game Dogs: Season 2 Announcement

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Damn S-1 went by fast (:1. Looks good, hurry up with S-2 :).

Russ Pitts:

Don't ban me bro.

You remember how well that worked for the tazer dude, right? ;)

Did I ever tell you how much I love Game Dogs?


the whole episode was filled with BOB?
god damn...
just reset it all, or shove it, but do not ever let BOB talk for such a large ammount of time ever again!

"you're FIRED!"

season 2 begins i guess, because all the entertaining dogs got fired, and BOB took over the whole place.
he might be the new main-character.
not a brilliant idea in my eye, but we can al least let them try, before we tell them to stop doing crap.
season 2 might be called "BOB in the break-room" instead of "Game dogs"

Why keep this up? The series is mind-numbingly boring >.< Make room for people with more talent but less publicity :D

Jaker the Baker:
Why keep this up? The series is mind-numbingly boring >.< Make room for people with more talent but less publicity :D

This. I think Russ is trying to put too much effort into this series because he is kidding himself by thinking it still has potential. The advertising, the furry episode, the facebook fanpage... he is seriously trying to get people to like this and it just isn't working.

They need to let better series like D and Associates take over and get more attention.

Might want to spell check the title: announcement. ;P

I'm confused why people are getting suspended over voice their opinion that Game Dogs is terrible. I certainly don't find it amusing but saying it gets me suspended? *flinches in expectation*

You don't throw people head first out your door just for having an opinion. Be professional about it, and take criticism where it is due. And personally, I don't care if I land face full of dirt for this. It needed to be said.

Few thoughts.

1) Banning people who are expressing how they feel about this public series is not helping the series. Sure maybe they shouldn't be posting how much the series is lame on every thread, but it's their decision to make what they do with their time. I mean, it's a public video put out there. Take the good with the bad.

2) Maybe you should take the concept that you love so much and find proper writers who know their stuff. I don't know who writes the show or even directs it, but their sense of comic timing is always just off. Jokes that are funny go on too long and jokes that could be funnier aren't given enough time to shine. The characters all have their "quirk" and it seems that there's NO way we're going to get anything other than THAT from them. Bob is quotes "subsection x states etc," Gary fires everyone all the time suffering from cliche little man syndrome and Chet is lazy. Yay. We get it. Develop them further, don't stop at cheap jokes.

Having said that, next season I'll read the forums first and if they raise flags, I'll probably give up on Game Dogs.

Thirteen episodes is a common season length for TV series, so why should an Internet cartoon be different?

LAWL, "flont." I do so love that Bob.

And Mr. Yee. Never abandon the Yee. I can't understand all the naysayers (who keep coming back for more week after week despite repeated threats to go away! ;-) He's funny. The show's funny (usually.) I'm with Legion, Hamster, Ricotez, GameGoddess, Chipperz, and everyone else with whose posts I agree (or mostly agree.) GD could be much better, of course, but with a new episode expected every week, I fully get why that just may not be possible. Anyhow, I look forward to Season 2. (And yes, thanks to everybody who watched it every week thus far, whether you liked it or not, and thereby contributed to its views and thread post counts! ^.~ I hope that, should you continue on watching the second season, you will eventually see the show reach a level that better pleases you...

Honestly, people!! Just a few things:

1.) Not EVERYTHING has to be funny!!! Rebecca Mayes Muses isn't funny, but I like it because its interesting and new. Neither is A Good Knight's Quest or I Hit It With My Axe, but people watch those. You can't judge everything by ZP. Adjust your expectations and judge it for what it is-- a character story.
2.) If you hate Game Dogs so much, why come back every week just to comment on how much you hate it? Do you have nothing better to do??
3.) People who are getting suspended for hating on GD isn't because they don't like it, but because they are needlessly hating without offering anything to the conversation...

That said, I like Game Dogs. Some of the episodes were slow or uneven, but I am looking forward to season 2.

1 - Understandable, but this show is A COMEDY. The show is indeed supposed to be funny. Actually, it is NECESSARY for the show to be humorous. That is the concept. You don't even need to consider the fact that the main characters are all talking dogs. Just watching an episode, they put all the focus into one specific joke and then run it into the ground for eight minutes. There is a bare segment of plot per episode that drives the story forward, then they put the rest of the effort into the jokes. Jokes that are not funny. The show is comedically driven, no matter how bad it is, therefore making it a comedy.

2 - True, there may be some people wasting their time watching a show they don't like just to comment on how bad it is, but I only see that as a small percentage. I personally have watched nearly every episode in the hopes of the quality becoming better. I get the impression that a lot of people really want this show to succeed. And you know, we're living in a time where people don't have time. Everything needs to be short, concise and to the point, so I'm not surprised when I see many people just stating their overall feelings of the show rather than going in depth into their reasons. Of course they have reasons why they didn't like the series, and it doesn't matter if they don't give them or not. They just want their opinion heard, and there isn't anything wrong with that. You can't say they have ulterior motives for posting because you don't really know. That's a fact that cannot be denied.

3 - It's a forum. It's their opinion. It's not against the forum rules. There is no insult toward any of the other users in this community. No disruption in the forums. Why should it be not permitted? That's never stopped anybody before when voicing their opinions on games in this forums. Russ and the rest of the Escapist crew are professionals. He made the series public, giving us the right to say what we think about it. If all he wanted were positive and constructive comments, then he shouldn't have posted this series on the web in the first place. For crying out loud, post anything on the internet and, of course, you will eventually get negative opinions. Go ahead and argue with them, say you disagree, but erasing their opinions all together is borderline childish.

Am I the only one that found it a tad bit offensive?

I'm confused why people are getting suspended over voice their opinion that Game Dogs is terrible. I certainly don't find it amusing but saying it gets me suspended? *flinches in expectation*

According to the official rules it's because people posted messages that were the equivalent of "Game Dogs SUX LOL!" and not really contributing anything of value to the discussion (or just stirring up trouble), the few detractors I've seen actually giving constructive criticism to the show on this thread have not been suspended or moderated. That said, given that the show was made by an insider on the Escapist, it smacks strongly of bias, no other show gets it comments moderated as severely as that and I haven't seen any suspensions handed out to the people who were just praising the show and its new season and contributing absolutely nothing of value to the discussion. Oh well, may as well move off this thread, let the butthurt fans and admins have their damn show.

Nerf Ninja:
So you're suspending people that don't like this now?

I saw that, what the hell? People are entitled to their opinion.

wait so people are getting suspended for expessing their distaste for the series?
ok my turn.
I think this series is utterly terrible to the point of repulsively boring and (along with i hit with my axe, doraleous and others) grossly degrades the quality of the site.

Hit me, soviet Escapist!!

I think this show is the best non-review show on the site. I love Bob. He and Bethany are my favorite characters. Can't wait for season 2.

Still trying to figure out why this series deserves a second season. Oh well, some people enjoy it I guess...

To answer the question of why people comment just to hate on it, for me it's because I hate to see something on the escapist (which I truly adore) which is total crap. I mean, like the awful kind.

I guess I expect more quality coming from the site that gives cash to LRR. As long as they keep fueling my favorite Canadian comedy team, I'll stay. But... game dogs just insults the quality the site used to have. I think the staff here is great and I don't mind adding new things to the escapist (yay for D&A!) however, I think that the community has acknowledged that this horse is very, very dead. So they shouldn't keep beating it. Know what I mean?

Alright, so, I've been watching this since the beginning. I've never liked it, but apparently, other people do. So I kept watching it, because I wanted to see what it is other people like about it. That, and that this series seems to have the effect of a train wreck on me. For all my effort to ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist, I can't help but come back week after week to impose it on my poor, helpless eyes. I'm honestly surprised that the Escapist is going to do a Season Two, with all the negative reviews Game Dogs has been receiving.

So far, the only character in this show that's even remotely likable is Bob, and only then because he's such a stark contrast from the one-dimensional characters of the rest of the cast. Most of the jokes are either "they're dogs, guys! DOGS! ISN'T THAT FUNNY? *twitch*", or misogyny, which only make me roll my eyes.

I wish I could offer some constructive advice, point out something you guys have done right and encourage you to move farther in that direction, but... Honestly, I've seen nothing in this series that amuses me. While I understand that other people like this story, I can't for the life of me comprehend why.

Most of the comments explaining this that I've seen claim that the high point of the show is not the comedy, but the character development.
I'm still confused.

Character development? What character development?

There's Gary. I can't remember any lines he's had where he doesn't shout something about firing people. He doesn't even say why he hates the only employees he has working in his branch of the company, he just rants.
And rants.
And rants.
Like what I'm doing, only with more repetition.
What's his motivation? Why did Mr Yee relocate him? Has he had bad childhood experiences with video games? Hell, I'd be able to relate to that, I mean, I can't play Star Craft because the first game I ever played... *shudder*

Aaaanyway. Then we've got Beth. I think her name's Beth. She could also be called The Girl, because that's really all she is. She's the character with boobs to make other boobed watchers (like me! =D) feel happy and included. Good work with that, by the way. She's totally made up for all the misogynistic jokes. Yep. I'm not bitter, nope. She's annoying, honestly, if only because her habit to pronounce "sigh" and "grr" as words and not actual onomatopoeia is... grating, to put it nicely. Which as character traits go is an interesting idea on paper, but did not work out. At all. It was mentioned, in a throw away "Oh, hey, we need a reason for her to be here" sort of way, that she's an artist. So that's cool. But once the sketchbook was put away and the story continued, she returned to her one-dimensional, boob-providing role in the "story". For all her complaints about sexism in the workplace, she never does anything about it. In fact, her protests seem to be simply token, which makes me wonder about the motives of the producers when they created her...

Then there's... what's his face. The white one. Who does the coding. Whatever his name is. I honestly don't care enough to remember it. Which is odd, because he's the most developed of the three main characters. He's not good with girls, he is good with computers, he has a sword, he kicks ass at Dungeons and Dragons. (No, I'm not calling it Dungeons and Dogs. Dungeons and Dogs is silly.) Actually, I'm starting to see a trend, now that I write it out.
Okay, so he's pretty much the embodiment of what every white male computer geek wants to see himself as, except with more fur. That's not really a bad thing, honestly. It makes it so that white male computer geeks can relate to him. That's an audience I'm left out of, but so far I doubt you guys really care about the women in your audience, so let's continue.

The last of the leading trio is... Chad. His name's Chad, right? Feth it, let's just pretend his name's Chad because I don't feel like going to look it up. Chad is... annoying. He's a slacker, which makes me wonder how he even got into the gaming industry to start with, he's misogynistic (oh, what a surprise), he gives his friends a hard time, he's a lazy bum...
I'd like to say Chad doesn't add anything to the show, but that isn't true, because he's the main character. Which is kind of depressing. Chad is completely unlikeable. That might just be me, though, since I tend to dislike lazy, wanna-be-womanizers.

Anyway, I'm gonna keep watching this series, because I'm masochistic I want to see where Russ and the crew are going to take Game Dogs, and see if it gets better. It's possible I'm the completely wrong audience for this series. Perhaps it is being aimed to people younger than I am. But then, we're talking about a website who's newest series is about strippers.

TL;DR: I don't see what the fuss is, and it needs to be improved, cut out the sexism plzthnx, but I'm going to keep watching anyway, because I want to see where it goes. Also: Complaincomplainwhinewhine.

I, too, am quite confused by the rampant banning going on in this thread. I know the Escapist has a fame for the draconian, but I've always understood the logic behind their bannings, until this very thread. This whole 'they're not offering constructive criticism' thing doesn't stick because when we're 13 episodes down a series and starting a new season we can expect the series creators to have already taken in all the constructive criticism they are going to. And 'people shouldn't just say they don't like it' doesn't stick either because most of the comments on videos account to people just saying they like it, and if one is allowed then so should be the other. Furthermore, while complaining about shows you don't like constantly is annoying, this is a special occasion in which things have changed and so people should be more free than usual to be bitter about it, not less. I, for one, tried watching the show, didn't like it, and simply stopped watching. (I know, they should have revoked my internet licence, right?) I watched this episode and read this thread out of sheer curiosity and from this small teaser I conclude the show hasn't improved since I stopped watching it. Would I have been banned if I had made a post to that effect before there had been forewarning?

Hopefully, those people had it coming somehow and I'm simply not getting the whole picture here. Every time the Escapist tries to do something new I've seen the forumites wail and gnash their teeth on how its doom doth approach. Game Dogs and its sibling videos, I Hit It With My Axe, Publisher's Club, you name it. My strategy of shrugging towards things I don't care for has not yet failed me. This thread is the very first time I doubted the Escapist's decisions, so allow me, for the first and hopefully the last time, to wail and gnash my teeth. Not for the second season of Game Dogs - I don't think it's that bad, and after giving me Doomsday Arcade and three weekly doses of LRR they might run YouTube Poop for all I care - but for turning a self-parody of itself. That sound you're hearing? Me. Wailing. Maybe a bit of gnashing of teeth, I can't really do them both at once. my opinion, of course, and I'm probably totally wrong.

Well I've never seen it, mostly because friends and people on here say how bad it is, but I was under the impression that it was going to get another season because of the massive amount of people who just don't like it. Couldn't it be moved out of the way from another show that people actually like? Then again it's not my site so the guys in charge can do what they want, and if you like the series then yeay for it getting another season.

Also why are people getting banned for saying they don't like the show, I guess your not allowed to criticize the Editor-in-Chief's project? The censorship on the first page is a bit Orwellian.

Why are you suspending everyone that doesn't like the show? That's the worst possible way to deal with criticism.

Well I think that the show is atrocious but if it does manage to pick up in series 2, I may come back.

While I did enjoy season one to a point, I think that there needs to be a little bit more development of the characters and a bit more of a backstory. The premise is very well thought out, don't get me wrong, but it's kinda hard to get into it when the characters aren't that well developed. I also agree with the sentiments of some of the people here: this show needs more Bob. He's the most interesting character because he seems to piss Gary and every one off to no end and that's good entertainment. In short, this show has potential, but the characters needs a big time overhaul.

i just dont get why theres gonna be a season 2... what does this show offer that we havent seen before, just funnier and better? im just curious here! where is this going?

one thing that i was expecting in this show was inside info regarding game-production (with related jokes) and nerd/fandom culture (also with related jokes). but theres nothing! everything about the "game making" is so far from reality. its sorta the way a "non-geek" would think programming was done.

thats what i generally feel watching this show: that the creators ridicule me for my hobbies and choice of profession. its like a bad version of "big bang theory". at least big bang does its research about nerdy-stuff and get the facts right, before they hit the joke.

so far, the only funny things ive seen are scenes with bob. bob is funny. why? cause hes original and unpredictable (in the way you dont know what oddball stuff hes gonna say). you couldve made a show about bob sitting in his cubicle, and it wouldve been great compared to what this currently is.

Why are you suspending everyone that doesn't like the show? That's the worst possible way to deal with criticism.

Well I think that the show is atrocious but if it does manage to pick up in series 2, I may come back.

aww heeeell. does this mean im gonna get suspended?

Well, cheers to those who enjoy Game Dogs!

Personally, I'd like to see an announcement for another season of Doomsday Arcade, whether Michael Shanks likes it or not.

I know that there's such a thing as a minimum post length, which could be the official reason certain people have been suspended, but you'll note that it doesn't extend to people posting short "I love Game Dogs" replies.

I've only watched a few episodes of this show. My advice to the creators: go and watch just about any British comedy created in the last ten years; such as Black Books, The IT Crowd, Coupling, Absolute Power etc, and take notes about the use of comic timing, irony and parody. At present the humour in this show seems to revolve entirely around the premise that they're dogs playing D&D, which was funny for about one second. Better luck with your second series.

Menopause already Russ?

You already know what i think about your show, i guess being what you are around here has it perks to push your show into as many seasons as youd like. Although i can see leading by example in this ever so mature community is not the way youve decided to go. Youre on a public forum, deal with it.

I have to say, I thought Game Dogs on it's own was one of the worst things on the escapist. As far as content went, if the Escapist was a pay site, I probably would have canceled my subscription based solely on the failure of this show alone. True, the criticism has reached a point where it has become redundant and tiresome, but the tragedy is that it has only become so due to the fact that so many people have rehashed the same glaring flaws and failures in the series over and over since it's premiere. Furthermore, I think it's a testament to the monumental patience and tolerance (or boredom and stupidity) of the community that so many people who claim to hate the series have spent week after week watching it anyway only to discover that any and all criticism, no matter how constructive, has not only been IGNORED, but in some cases appear to have been intentionally defied. For example, Beth was a poorly designed and implemented character from the word go, with the most criticism apparently targeting her actual saying "Sigh" and "Grr" instead of.. well you've heard it all before by dozens and dozens of posters it seems, but if anything, it seems as if Beth does it now just because the writers KNOW it tweaks some of the community and does our collective heads in. I sincerely hope that nobody associated with the show ever tries to claim that they heard the "fans" and used their feedback to improve the show to give us more of what we want, because they would have zero credibility ever again shortly thereafter.

Worse, much of the criticism is not unwarranted, but apparently is unwanted. So in that regard, I can truly understand the confusion some people have with understanding those who consistently bash the show but still turn up every week to watch the latest episode. Unfortunately, I attribute this to what I like to call the "Two Girls, One Cup" syndrome... in that everyone beforehand has pretty much an expectation of disappointment or disgust, but watches anyway, perhaps in the hope that somehow the series will have found it's legs and begun to carry itself. I know that I tune in week after week partly because I'm morbidly curious to see if the newest episode has suddenly discovered the meaning of the term "comedy", but mostly out of good ol fashioned "boredom".

There is little left that I think anyone at this point can add to the pile of criticisms. The only action people should be taking is to just stop watching. Perhaps ironically, that is the most constructive advise anyone could ever provide to those who have watched this series retaining the hope that it would somehow improve. Let's be honest, if it hasn't gotten better by now, it never will, so why continue to do so? Let those who enjoy it keep watching it, and those who do not should avoid it at all cost lest it somehow rob you of the joy of living.

Finally, the suspension of those who made negative comments about the show was beyond the pail. Instead of it's intended purpose to reduce baseless critiques of the series, it serves as a possible deterrent from users visiting the site altogether. It was incredibly poor form and wholly unprofessional. I think that apologies would be summarily in order if anyone values the site's image and integrity. I believe such hasty action has done more damage than good to the community, instilled a fear and perhaps even a disenfranchisement with the site... I know it has for me.

Should I find myself suspended for these comments, I would almost certainly take my time and potential business with the site's advertisers with me and never return no matter how fun it's shows and articles might be.

That said, I wish you luck with the second season of Game Dogs. I personally have concluded any interest in this series and will if at all remotely possible to avoid watching it or anything related to it ever again as I eagerly anticipate whatever new show will move into it's time slot. Perhaps it is a good idea that it is featured so prominently on the front page... that will make it much, MUCH easier to ignore.

Respectfully yours,

1st of, lulz at all the people getting suspended for ridiculing the show i feel ur pain and here's how ill hel- OH SHT THEY FOUND THIS

2nd its an ok series, it just needs that little "umf" And less DOG JOKES

Russ Pitts:
Season 2 Announcement

Bob has a message from the SRLF.

Be sure to join the Game Dogs Facebook Fan Page here.

Watch Video

Listen I see that you've gotten a lot of people in trouble for complaining about this show, but I'm going to anyway:

This show is just not up to the's standards. It's boring, vulgar, disgusting, and I don't like watching it. By keeping this show on air you are alienating a lot of your fanbase. It only took a few episodes for apocalypse lane to be good. But It's been a full season of Game Dogs, and this show is still painful to watch.

If you want to preserve the image of this site, cancel the show.

EDIT: also the central concept is crucially flawed, by making the show about dogs you exclude the human population of

That was funny^^. oh, and donīt kill Bob! His the best caracther Character.


And as i said before, ill keep up with the show because i do think it will get better. It finally added the Engine to the train of users to scale The Escapist Mountain

You make good, well-constructed and articulated points, but damn...

...Game Dogs on it's own was one of the worst things...
... since it's premiere...
... Instead of it's intended purpose...
... how fun it's shows and article ...
... l move into it's time slot...

"If you want it to be possessive, it's just I-T-S, but if you want it to be a contraction, it's I-T-APOSTROPHE-S. Scalawag." -Strong Bad

Punctuation errors aside, you speak the truth. The show seems to have developed its own vocal hatedom, but it's about time for us to rub our foreheads and walk away sighing. There is no longer much point in complaining, so I suppose we should just let it be. Good luck with the next season, I guess. I'm gonna go watch Office Space again.


Russ Pitts:
Season 2 Announcement

Bob has a message from the SRLF.

Be sure to join the Game Dogs Facebook Fan Page here.

Watch Video

Listen I see that you've gotten a lot of people in trouble for complaining about this show, but I'm going to anyway:

This show is just not up to the's standards. It's boring, vulgar, disgusting, and I don't like watching it. By keeping this show on air you are alienating a lot of your fanbase. It only took a few episodes for apocalypse lane to be good. But It's been a full season of Game Dogs, and this show is still painful to watch.

If you want to preserve the image of this site, cancel the show.

EDIT: also the central concept is crucially flawed, by making the show about dogs you exclude the human population of

you sir are a brave brave man, and I salute you!

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