Forgotten Heroes (Who Kicked Ass)

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I just watched Blankman last week!

I had seen it before but I couldn't recall a damn thing about it so I had to check it out again lol

slightly off topic, Greatest American Hero= Win

Does Italian Spiderman not count? I'm not due if it counts as a movie but if you string all the youtube episodes together and pretend a little its like a movie.

Blankman was as funny as having dental surgery while having bamboo splinters shoved under all your nails and your pubic hair set on fire. It had one good joke and that's that his sidekick is known as "The Other Guy."

I need to watch Blankman again soon, I loved that movie so much.

Anyway, thanks for not mentioning Orgazmo. Oh dear lord.

So glad 3 Dev Adam got a mention! <3

Only ones on the list that i have seen are Supaidaman and 3 Dev Adam.
I'm surprised how few people recall Darkman these days.

Yep only seen meteorman and I just remember him stopping the gang wars in LA making the crips and bloods bestest friends forever.

Even though it isn't a superhero movie I must say something about the gorey violent sillyness that is the Rikki Oh live action movie. I beseech any of you to watch it and figure out what anyone was thinking during any of the fight scenes.

EDIT: I saw Blankman that one time on Comedy Central, oh the shenanigans.

Wow Japanese Spiderman was something else! I have added moth Meteor Man and Mercury Man to my netflix instant play list and Sidekick to my queue. :) Neat list!

I have to see that Japanese Spiderman. That sounds like the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of.

If I am not mistaken Marvel actually have some of Japanese spider-man on their website :)

Since he really wasn't a superhero I'm not sure if it counts, but I'm going to mention it anyway since I've always loved it.

Hero at Large with John Ritter. Struggling actor hired to do appearances as the comic character (in the movie) Captain Avenger stops a holdup in a store while wearing the costume and becomes a reluctant real life superhero to the city.

Plus it has Bert Convey in it people, BERT CONVEY!

If you want to see something strange concerning messed up superhero adaptations for other countries, you need to search for "Return to Supermans" an unofficial series which I think might be meant as a joke, but I'm never sure. All I know is Superman fights Spider-man on the moon or something, Spider-man uses knives and Lois Lane treats Clark Kent like her personal slave.

There is another adaptation that I have only seen under the title "Italian Spider-man" where Spider-man has the power to teleport behind people, steal their guns, and shoot-up a desert base full of bad-guys.

As far as I know they both only exist on the internet.

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