Stolen Pixels #186: Well Lookie Who We Have Here

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I dunno, a Bioshock MMO sounds TIGHT. So long as it still had the original style shooter gameplay and plasmid systems.

i just think WoW with a quick reskin and re-naming stuff.

although it could be sweet if you rolled either a big daddy or a human, then the out side could be the big daddy area.

actaully, it could work. but make it a prequel, so that parts have turned to turmoil with people fighting (the PvP areas) and parts are relativly unchanged so far (the places to buy/sell stuff).

Ugh, not like WoW at all. Make it Bioshock just like the games, but add in massive multiplayer. No grinding or shit like that (though keep plasmid and gene tonic upgrade system).

A prequel idea sounds nice, which is what they did with the Bioshock 2 multiplayer. Though a lot of Bioshocks appeal was the ruined great city feel.

I would totally buy a Cooking Mama brawler :D

A real time strategy Sonic the Hedgehog!: Would not play

Mass Effect tower defense!: Would open it up ... then get distracted by something else

A Metal Gear dating sim!: Would play religiously for 6 mounths and occashionaly go back at darker moments in the years to come

Cooking Mama brawler.: I dont understand what that could be

Animal Crossing: The Flight Simulator. Absolute must buy

A BioShock MMO.: Would get the 12 day free trial 1 year after relese, proabably play it for less time that it took to download

X-com shooter? : na I've got a life

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