Rebecca Mayes Muses: Behind the Scenes: The Sequel

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So... Rebecca may be able to cure the black evil heart of Yahtzee into something wonderful and shiny? Zero Punctuation should be in for some change.

That would be fun.

I think.

You have the best influences!!! Sufjan Stevens and Imogen Heap are some of the greatest artists out there and I can hear their influences in your work! Thanks for making these videos.

NO! Pokemon Red! Red is always the best :P Love the songs and think you and Yahtzee would make a great couple :D Will be getting the album. Keep it up!

I just started watching your videos a couple days ago and this is really a new style of music for me, very nice. I think some non-game songs could be cool, maybe tackle the "what is the meaning of life" question you read on the video

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