The Day the Multiplayer Died

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With giant HD TVs more and more common you'd think the technology is perfect for split screen gaming.

personally i love splitscreen!!! online gaming is all well and fun and im not saying it is (better) by any means, but they both have their purpose one shouldnt be abandoned for the other. i love playing online when im alone and if i want to play with a friend he/she shouldnt have to lug their console to my place and hook up to my internet just so we can see each other shoot each other face to face. Also is it just me or has coop campaigns seem to be becoming rarer and rarer. sure borderlands had it and i appreciated it for that, but most games seem to be ditching it. i bought resistance and totally enjoyed it coop with my best friend. i bought resistance two and enjoyed the game alone i mean dont get me wrong the level based multiplayer thing was unique and fun, but well it just lost alot of something without coop campaign. Also my best friend who i pretty much grew up loving games with DOESNT have internet!!!! so lately with games that dont have splitscreen we tend to meet at my place and do alot of controller passing. all in all its not something deal breaking for most, just seems to be sort of a shame. online socializing my be the future, but that doesnt mean tackling your friend because he/she is a screen watching jackass should be a thing of the past either....

Y'know what happened? The horrors of X-Box Live and the douchebags it came with.

Thank GOD! for Pacific Rifts 4-player Splitscreen, hours of fun were had because of it.

you know i love playing online shooters, but nothing beats the fun of sitting next to someone and blowing their head off with everyone in the room laughin about it

I agree, I live in an apartment with 4 other people, 3 of which play games, and it's kind of silly to play with them online, in 4 separate rooms.

The DS download play offers an almost split-screen experience, but more often than not it's like playing a demo. Even then, less DS games have download now.
I still have MoH:Rising Sun for the PS2, and I love the bots in there. Bots would be great in more games, but not in every type. MAG, for example, shouldn't have bots because it's based around working with other humans in a squad. AvP though, could plausibly have bots, because it is hard enough to find a full online game.
Overall, I wish that the ultimate split-screen/LAN paradise would appear, but it isn't suited for every game (just a large amount of them).

I miss the days of Goldeneye, getting 4 mates in a room on a tiny television, with a quater television each and trying to kill each other.

Those were the its all about been alone, in a room, wioth people oyu may not even know

real, real shame

My favorite thing in the world used to be playing Jedi Knight II with invincibility and infinite life on against hordes of bots.

I really miss bots. A lot.

Also: Gears of War 2 has them, it's the only reason I don't sell that game: There's a lot of fun to be had with a friend against bots.

This is why I have game night with my friends, admittedly we do play lots of Brawl but we do play other games too and it's getting harder and harder to include FPS, we do play beat em ups or party games or racers but still...

I couldn't agree more with everything said in this article.

I always have been and a;ways will be a someone who believes playing with four people who are in the same room as you is better than twelve+ people online.

Bring back fourplayer splitscreen! Bring back system link!

Halo2 is one of the most fun games to play 8player system link. You can create some really fun game types, such as; Super Zombie and Super Zombie Convoy.

split screen and bot matches died when online was so simple to get

I see a lot of people saying "I miss bots". True, I miss bots sometimes, too. But my aim is getting better.

Seriously, play with the bots off of Left 4 Dead 2. That will remove your nostalgia in a heart beat.

I am really hard pressed to find a game with worse bot AI. Except for this one Military game. Can't remember which one, possibly a MoH game, in which the bazooka toting bots would zero in on an enemy bunker and let fly, yet not notice there was a wall less than a foot in front of him.

Goodbye squad, goodbye legs. This is Lt. Dan, signing out. *bleh*

I would much rather play with people, even that horrible little 8 year old that somehow got his/her hands on a copy of L4D2. At least completing a level on Expert has a chance that way. Otherwise, the Ellis bot will be sure to spray your memories across the wall as soon as he gets his little bot hands on that shotgun.

I hate friendly fire...

I think your concentrating too much on shooters, ive had 7 people just last weekend in one fifa match on ps3, racing games and fighters all still have multiplayer, but i do see what you mean.

I am very annoyed with the lack of splitscreen and multiplayer expecially when it lets you do it online, It seemed very promising at the begining of the generation, resistance 1 had sick splitscreen and killzone had bots but these were the last of a dying breed.

Meh, I recently had a ton of fun doing three player split screen with some friends over the XBLA Perfect Dark, but there is something to be said for using all of my ginormous television so I can see. And if those friends would both download Perfect Dark then I would just play them over XBLA and we'd enjoy that as much I suspect...

(And they wouldn't be drinking all of my beer so there is that...)

I think we have Halo 2 to blame for this rise in online games. Before Halo 2, I can't think of much console games that were huge online successes.

But at least Halo offers 4 player split screen. For both online and offline play.

And I'm sick of the excuse that devs can't do splitscreen because "the console would have to work harder."

If Goldeneye can pull of 4 player splitscreen on, what, 4 megabytes of RAM with a fraction of the budget for todays games, and according to Wikipedia, which we know is never ever wrong, Goldeneye's multilayer was a damn afterthought!

Something tells me developers can put in 4 player split screen with the massive budgets and teams we have now along with powerful consoles.

And don't even get me started with bots. All the time I spent on the Unreal Tournament games playing with bots...

My housemate and I occasionally rent a game and play through it co-op in one sitting but our choices have been severely limited as of late; we've done Gears of War 1 + 2, Perfect Dark XBLA, Perfect Dark Zero and Army of Two 40 Days.

I know exactly what u mean. me nd and old friend decided to relive the old days when only one of us had a console and rent out sum co-op games and have few beers, etc. the only problem was that the only game available to rent with co-op was the fantastic was really bad...

I dont mind if games aren't gears of war/ army of 2 style: co-op orientated, i'd just like more games to have a half decent option for it.

Me and my friends are constantly talking about this. Even LAN is being removed in games, like Starcraft 2. And a major selling point of Crackdown was the whole idea of having another guy running around with his own agenda. He may help you, you may help him, or he might just go off to the other side of the city. Then I found out you need to go online. Which is not nearly as fun. I've basically given up on more than 2 player split screen. New Super Mario Brothers was a lot of fun with four players though. We didn't have too much trouble. Apart from that, me and my friends go down to one guys computer store, and LAN there. Or my D&D group just gets our laptops and LANs Halo all night...

I have yet to play a multiplayer game without a local connection, and I cannot even begin to understand the appeal. Why would trade having half a dozen people in your room trading controllers to have Link bash Pikachu's face in for splitting them up onto six systems and TVs in six rooms where you all have to communicate via a silly headset system? Where is the fun in that? Maybe if you like getting beaten by some asthmatic stranger in Korea, but how can an asthmatic stranger in Korea possibly replace the interaction of my best friends?

I've been seeing these kinds of articles for years now and I still don't understand why the industry hasn't taken notice... we want our local multiplayer back dammit!

Goddarn you money grabbin devs!!

Gimme back my multiplayer! >:/

I agree with almost everything, except for:
"Shooters are hardcore."
"Just about everything else is casual."

Thank GOD! for Pacific Rifts 4-player Splitscreen, hours of fun were had because of it.

Too right, complete carnage and mayhem ensued. Some of the most fun I've had multipayer-wise this generation.

I never really got into the LAN parties until fairly recently because I was never really able to afford a machine that could really run most of the games. What I did have, though, was a SNES and NES (Duck Hunt FTW). Split screen and local multiplayer holds some of my fondest memories growing up, like the Desert World in Super Mario Bros 3, or Super Mario Kart. Maybe I'm just looking at it through nostalgia goggles, but I'd be a lying bastard if I didn't say I think they should bring local multiplayer back.

With giant HD TVs more and more common you'd think the technology is perfect for split screen gaming.

I totally agree with this article and thread, but especially this part, back in the day me and my friends would play quake 2 on the PS1 well into the night on a mid sized CRT TV and it was strain-o-vision experience, yet we did it time and time again cos nothing beats shooting your mate in the head and then laughing in his face about it.

If games can't support multiple players on 1 console why the hell to the consolses support so many controllers.

Props to nintendo for bucking the trend once more.

We're in the middle of a mistake. Games are abandoning local multiplayer in favor of online experiences,

...I don't think I've seen an article reach so much truth so quickly.

SplitScreen is cool and all, but being overdramatic is just going to make me, and many others, oppose you. I really don't care about SS much, as I don't have a bunch of nearby friends. Online allows you to talk to people around the world. Why oppose that?

Who's opposing online play? I can't think of a single person who has ever supported split screen instead of online, what we all want is split screen and online to both be available.

Honestly? Local multiplayer is great IF you know alot of friends who want to do it. I really don't. Hell, I have maybe 2 friends I know who are gamers - and honestly, I don't really like'em enough to want to invite them to my house, heh.

Come to think of it, Red Faction II (which is a seriously underrated game for it's lulz value), had both multiplayer splitscreen, and added bots for multiplayer, to you could have the (there) regular 6-player (team)deathmatches, with anywhere between 1-4 real people.

PREACH! Split screen is always a great option! My friends and I were sorely disappointed when we all got together to play Halo 3 split-screen/system link, and found out the co-op mode only supports two players on each system. We spent the rest of the evening playing deathmatch, which was fine I guess, but we were really looking forward to sharing the campaign experience and didn't want to leave anyone behind. Also Borderlands would be most excellent if it included split-screen/system-link simultaneously. And arcade start-in, every game should have that. If I want to add a player to a game, all they should have to do is pick up a controller and press start.

I love bots. I love split-screen (especially coop). Now that all those features are slowly disappearing (in a new age of parallax mapping and advanced tessellation, no less), I can draw only one conclusion...

Games companies hate me, and want me to suffer. :(

WHAT THE HELL CALL OF JUAREZ yu choose one of the two characters then have the on you din`t choose following you around for the whole game with only one instance where you are alone

Onyx Oblivion:
I'm glad that split screen coop still lives. Some developers keep it in for just that reason. (The reason being to keep it alive.) Such is the case with Borderlands.

As for bots:

Now, with the advent of online console gaming, and especially the rise of "ranking systems"...there's little call for bots now.

I like them, too.

I agree. However I wish more games had split-screen Co-Op. I'm not getting Battlefield 2 since I've heard it doesn't for example. Furthermore I think that more racing games should take the example of Motorstorm. I mean I got Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and there's only 1v1 head to head multiplayer. I my opinion...that sucks.

So yeah here's to hoping they are right and local multiplayer will be back (with a vengeance)!

SplitScreen is cool and all, but being overdramatic is just going to make me, and many others, oppose you. I really don't care about SS much, as I don't have a bunch of nearby friends. Online allows you to talk to people around the world. Why oppose that?

Gamepeople aren't opposing online, they're merely suggesting that split-screen not be thrown out of the van halfway along the trip.

I've been yammering on about this for ages, and one of my main arguments for why MW2 is good. It has the best offline multiplayer of any game in a very long time.

Nothing beats pizza+beer+MW2+friends. At least nothing gaming related. Execpt for that nympho woman.

I always bring this up but finally someone sees it like I do. There are rarely non online multiplayer games let alone split screen. Take Burnout Paradise for instance in order to play with a friend you have over your house you need to pony up 10 bucks. You would think since TVs are wider there would be more split screen games sigh.

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