The Day the Multiplayer Died

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I miss bots :(

I remember playing I think AVP2 (one of the AVP games) and discovered it didn't have bots, was a massive shame, my friends and I use to enjoy playing 4 marines against a horde of aliens.

I hate playing with strangers online, I'd much rather play with a handful of friends against a bunch of bots.

I agree with what you're saying , but honestly , some games are getting very complex , mainly graphic-wise so if you don't have a huge tv ( I don't ) it can get pretty difficult to focus .
I often get headaches when trying Gears of War , MW or Resident Evil 5 on local.

Heres my two cents on the whole thing.
With consoles now with really bad ass hardware and the tech for splitscreen, bots, and LAN being all old school programing it would not be very hard to slap on. There is no online versus LAN here though since one of the greatest online games of the previous console generation was also the greatest LAN game, that game being Halo 2. I remember the excitement of of reading up when the PS3 and 360 coming out with it suppourting up to like8 controllers on one console and the PS3 with 2 video outputs. Than the disapointing reality when the most games will give 2 player split screen at most and the ps3 only having one video output.

This article is pretty funny for me because me and a friend of mine were just recently having a discussion about splitscreen and bots being missing from modern games. I honestly think that its a great feature and FPS games would not be where they are today without it. Despite what Halo has become it was the splitscreen LAN'ing king of the previous generation and modern warfare being the online king. Both are great and sell ridiculous amounts of games but it would be nice if a game could integrate all those wonderful missing features from the previous generation.

And on a side note, when the hell will PC developers make a splitscreen game for the PC? Honestly? With quadcore processors and the amazing video cradds and mulit-screen crap like eyefiniti combined with being able to use 360 controllers with most any pc game there is no excuse. I bet if someone made a well developed game for the PC that did this you just might see PC revive as a very viable platform. Just think of how nice it would be to play next gen games and NOT have to buy a bunch of controllers ever generation lol

One of my best video game memories was playing Earth Defense Force 2017 split screen. That game was a hoot.

The only reason I want people over my house playing games is if its RockBand. Otherwise, I only want to see you online. There is no reason that i should play with 1 - 3 friend(s) in the same room, with 12 - 14 bots (which, are nothing more than just movable aimhax with various degrees of planned misses) when i can play online with 16 friends and trash talk all of them at the same time.

all imma say is: Mario Kart 64

Bots and lan are the way. The real way and the only way. Red Alert 3 and star wars battlefront 2 did it right. "Coincidently" enough those are 2 of my favourite games.

multiplayer at all kinda sucks...

but splitscreen IS better.

personally i wish games completely forgot what MP was...

I salute you!!! Splitscreen was a great idea. I'm moving in the near future and I was thinking about setting up xbox live in my new house (The place I'm at now, it would be way too expensive), but if more games I liked just had splitscreen I wouldn't have to worry about setting up the cables to my box and paying for live gold. I could just have a few friends come over. I bet hoarde on Gears of War 2 is fun with a full party of guys sitting right next to you rather than alone in a dark room.

So once again, I salute you!

some of the best times in my life have been when my friend and I just mess around on Halo 2 multiplayer. the miniature screen is worth the memories.

i love split screen best ever i was playing MW2 split screen yesterday way better than online.

I totally agree! It sucks if your having people over and the only thing you can do is let ONE person play while the rest watches or decides this sucks and goes and get drunk.

In all honesty, Gears of War is one game that stays true to the couch-co-op and even couch-multiplayer.

I enjoy it and it should never ever be eliminated.

I always hated split-screen. The brawlers and fighting games are best; no 'screen-watching,' no squinting at itty-bitty HUDs squished into the corner...I do miss LAN gaming though.
That Starcraft 2 doesn't support LAN is a pretty bad blow, considering my roommate and I are both RTS players. Now we have to go through the whole online thing, just to connect to the person sitting 8 ft away.
I never had much experience with bots. I know that Valve is trying something with TF2. It's not perfect, but they're tweaking it based on gamer input, so at least that's something.

I very rarely play online multiplayer because I like playing with people I know, and it's hard enough knowing enough people who have the same system and the same game as me. So I enjoy it when my friends come round and we can all play together, in the same room, drinking and talking together. We hardly ever play on the Xbox 360 now. If there's two of us, fine, Left 4 Dead is fun, but there is no excuse why there's no 4 player local multiplayer for Left 4 Dead. So we play on the Wii. And now my friends want Wiis. They don't want Xbox 360s, they want Wiis.

I need to track down a copy of Timesplitters 2.

Shit, most of my friends have never even heard of it!

Yeah split screen needs to come back. Not everyone has Xbox Live or PSN to play against other people. Then again, not everyone has 3 friends so they need bots. Both would be great to see as a must feature for FPSes of the future.

I firmly believe this is simply marketing sneaking into your games unnoticed.

Like the games that used to be on your mobile phone. Solitaire, minesweeper or whatever.
The last phone I bought had no games, it had 30 second demos and a link to the site where I could go and purchase solitaire, with actual money.

As for the multiplayer issue;
4-player splitscreen is 1 copy sold. No splitscreen probably isn't 4 copies sold, but at least it will be more than 1. Also, everyone playing the game will have paid the full price.
Eventually, we will grow accustomed enough to online play that it becomes a necessity in gaming. Which will be the point where the price of your subscription is tripled.

Other than the income thing, it's also a piracy thing. Forcing people to play online effectively forces them to actually buy the game, or go through a lot of trouble getting the latest "untraceable" console mod that could get your account banned the second the next update hits.

The fact that it took this thread for a lot of people to realise "Hey wait, splitscreen is gone" already shows how much a lot of people really care.
I'll bet the vast majority of gamers (that aren't sharing a console) only own 1 controller per system, except for their Wii perhaps.
Any possible second controller was either given to them for free, is a collectible, or is commonly extremely busy collecting dust.

Splinter Cell Conviction has a lot of split-screen co-op stuff, and even a versus mode which is pretty awesome. The main campaign is single-player, however, the co-op campaign is quite long in and of itself, my friend and I only finished about a fourth of it in one sitting.

And besides that there's other modes that are good for replay value because they're not static, like the mode that's player-vs-player but with a bunch of enemies in it as well. All in all it's a pretty good split-screen game, though I wouldn't mind more appearing.

I've always said co-op can improve any game. Why Ininity Ward didn't do full co-op throughout their campaign, when you already have an AI partner in pretty much all missions anyway, I'll never know.

I love local multiplayer and local coop, but they both seem to be disappearing and that sucks. I think that's fine if you want online play as well but don't just leave out local, what I think is it's just the companys trying to make a few more sales because now your friends have to buy the game and get online if they want to play with you.

We need more games like Gears 2, Perfect Dark, and UT3. Games with offline bots you can play against for people like me without Live. Its not like it wouldn't work with some, any game is better with bots, I hope Bungie add them to Reach as an option.


I've been lamenting the slow demise of split screen for years now.

As I've noticed, almost no PS3 exclusives have any split-screen options. They all push the visuals instead, so that having more than one player playing would slow down the PS3 and wouldn't be feasible. I mean, it's fine for me because I rarely have friends over (always go to someone else's, my house sucks), but for other people it must be a pain. Killzone 2 would've been mad with split-screen.

And Uncharted 2's co-op? The perfect recipe for couch awesomeness, but they pushed the visuals so hard that running more than one instance of the game on a screen would implode the PS3. Such a pity.

I hearken for the days gone by when me and my friends would sit on a tiny couch for 6 hours playing Smash Brother's or Goldeneye. The nameless faceless gamers on XBL are still fun, but it just isn't the same.

as much as I love some of the experiences found in single player campaigns, at the end of the day, it's the co-op and splitscreen features that really make the game worth keeping...and more recently for me, worth buying at all

Thats why I liked Tom Chicks "Shoot Club" so much. He wrote about the paradise we were thrown out of :(

I just read it and i was hit by the reality. it is very sad, i could almost cry. i do believe in online multiplayer very much, but it is nothing compared to the buddy next to me.

It's good to know I'm not the only one who misses the Split Screen experience. I know the developers (and more to the point, the publishers) want everyone who plays to be forced into buying a copy of the game for themselves, but gaming has always been (and should remain) a social experience.

Online modes are great and all that, but at the end of the day I want to get a friend or two and beat up the Covenant with my friends right by my side the way I did in Halo 1 more than I want to challenge screaming children who apparently never learned how to behave when other people are around.

My best friend calling me a tosser when I blast him with a tank seconds after he respawns onto the battlefield= A-OK superfun goodtimes and laughter for all!

Some 13yr old stranger calling me a tosser (or worse, a cheater) because I beat him fair and square and he can't handle it= A big steaming turd of an evening that will never be very fun.

A few responses here, this topic is near and dear to my heart, because I didn't realize how scarce splitscreen had become until I had people over wanting to play a game.

To get more bots in Perfect Dark multiplayer you need to complete the first few challenges. It really takes no time at all. You certainly didn't spend very long working on this problem.

Post a video or a screenshot or something. I played Perfect Dark for 10 years off and on and I never had 12 bots. You are full of shit.

The Conduit does not offer splitscreen, however, The Conduit 2 will offer 4 person local multiplayer. Like above, unless you can provde me with a really convincing screenshot or video, you are full of shit too, and I play The Conduit ALL the fucking time.

Bots are what I miss most about splitscreen definitely. For the first time on Saturday I played Unreal Tournament 3 on 2 player splitscreen with bots and it was really fun. Timesplitters 2, in my view, had some of the most memorable multiplayer, its really shitty that it is not backwards compatible with Xbox 360, because that is my console of choice I take to all gaming gatherings, that or the Wii.

Goldeneye pulled of 4 player splitscreen, yes, but just barely. If more than 2 grenade explosions were going off at the same time in 4 player splitscreen the game slowed to a crawl that makes 1500+ ping online look like nothing. Perfect Dark was even worse, the game barely functioned running with 4 players.

You would think with all of these advances in technology we would have awesome splitscreen games that play smooth, and I am sure we could if game developers would put them in.

Earth Defense Force 2017 has some of the most hilarious physics I have ever had the pleasure to experience.

And all imma say is, Mario Kart Wii. It has 2 player splitscreen that can be taken online, as well as 4 player local multiplayer with lots of options like battle mode, teams, etc.

Ahh, I remember the good ol' days of all night four player perfect dark sessions (with loads of bots) to the sounds of the Marshall Mathers album :D

I think Gaming should go back to being split-screen for consoles and for PCs it should just stay the same. I think the most annoying thing anymore about multiplayer is the 10 year olds who get on and NEVER SHUT UP.

I love playing split-screen Unreal Championship/Tourament with my friends against bots. However, I was over at another friends house right after Battlefield:BC 2 came out. I wanted to play multiplayer, but he informed me that it was one player. Multi-player is not supposed to be single player.

I want to find the people who decide to cut split-screen from games and punch them.

I miss split-screen and bots too. I was so pissed when I found out that a lot of newer games lacked split-screen support but had online support. At least there are still some out there.

Yeah I agree it is like they are trying to extract all the parts of games you can do with a friend. I hope there is a resurgence of split screen games.

Friends? I don't understand.

This is one of the reasons why i play my nintendo 64 more than my Wii or 360. haha:P

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