Unskippable: Resonance of Fate

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this was such a great episode. I really want to play this now to see what happens next.

Thats funny i might actually buy that game just because it was so funny 'Ominous glow to see you' Laughed so hard.

Dawww.. no splat, no crash.

Lock your armor, spartan!

Love this episode! The game, however...oh the hurts it game me due to its difficulty spikes and pointless grinding sessions! I barely made it halfway before I quit for good. Still, I love the opening movie for Resonance of Fate; very beautifully done and it gave me goosebumps watching it for the first time on my HD TV when I first purchased my Xbox 360 (wasn't my first game; that would be Street Fighter 4).

The game is pretty fun. The learning curve on the combat system is a bit steep, but once you understand it, it sort of just clicks and fighting enemies is pretty easy.

You also don't need to grind at all. I mean you can, and you might for a few items, but victory in battle has a lot more to do with positioning and timing than who has the bigger numbers. Although bigger numbers also helps too.

Anyways, a playthrough usually takes 50+ hours. So ya, it's a long game.

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