Editor's Note: Blue Planet

Blue Planet

The Escapist pays homage to Mother Nature this week by recognizing what our world inspires in games.

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I like the new colors that have come out recently, especially in Just Cause 2
on the space shooter, I like em(EVE is sort of a rebirth or last breath of the genre), even though my father tries to stay away from 'Asteroids' because he's addicted to it :)
P.S. congratulations on the 250th issue of the escapist :D

Congratulations on issue 250!!!
Games in space may have been easier to draw in the past, but I'm a bit nostalgic of that era. Remember those missions in Wing Commander, when you started spinning out of control, alone in your cockpit with the Kilrathi closing in on you?... Now *that* got the blood pumping. I think there's something to be said against pushing realism to an extreme, and for leaving a few gray areas for the player's imagination to fill in.
That being said... I love a gorgeous game as much as the next gamer.

perfect theme for the days we are in, isnt it near "planet" day?? (or something like that)

perfect theme for the days we are in, isnt it near "planet" day?? (or something like that)

Earth Day is this Thursday. :)

Hey, never really tought of that, but it makes a lot of sense1 also, it seems to me that, back in those days, the designers had to rely more on their creativity to make good games, while nowadays they can rely on good graphics to astonish the wannabe players and sell the game even if is just the same old stuff as always, behind the curtain of the gorgeous graphics...

Congrats on the 250th!

Susan Arendt:

perfect theme for the days we are in, isnt it near "planet" day?? (or something like that)

Earth Day is this Thursday. :)

oh yeah, thats right, haha, i never get the holiday names right in english!


Congrats on issue 250.
I do hope you will also do a special on Space(-sim) games as well in the near future, you just reminded me of some great golden oldies this way.
I wish more developers finally would take another stab at them. I will take the vast dark black with flashes of laserlight brightning up the place then another brown and green with the standard muzzleflares. It's been to long

I have to say I've really enjoyed this issue. The use of nature in games and their settings is an underappreciated "niche" that really interests me: and the articles this week are especially interesting, since they are to do with several things that intrigue me. Plus it has made me want to try out several new games... pity it will have to wait until after my exams...
Basically I just have to say thanks for dedicating this issue to nature :) I loved it!

And, since:

Susan Arendt:
Earth Day is this Thursday. :)

Happy Earth Day to all Escapists! :)

I raise my drink in expectation of the day I'll see truly realistic water physics in a game. (Well, a non-ASCII one, anyway.)

Also, I've always found looking at real things makes me appreciate their polygonal counterparts more, so this is an issue I'm already sure I'll love. Hooray.

Congrats on the 250th article! Russ made a really good point that I had never realized before; space games did die out around the time graphics became more advanced.

Guys, I think you may have made a HUGE omission regarding the topic you have chosen for this issue. I only have two words to say...




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