Zero Punctuation: Just Cause 2

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I was expecting this review to discourage me from buying this game. But I think the opposite happened.

Me too, I kinda wanna go check it out now lol

Why? Just... I better not :p

That was one of the best reviews I've seen- right up there with the Far Cry 2 review. I burst out laughing at the sight of that rocket propelled dolphin. Loved the way Yahtzee was trying so hard to complain about bits of the game but you could tell that he was lovin' it. Hoo yeah.

Pretty good review, though for some reason he sounded incredibly bored at the end of this review. Maybe that's just me though.

He sounded more exasperated, as if he would get called out on how fun that stuff was if he didn't mention it. Also he had to acknowledge that for some gamers it really is enough to be able to do everything you can in JC2.


great review. Back on form. Laughed so hard at the "asking a cat to sit on someone's face" bit and the hookshot cat at the end. Hmmm.....cats

Great Episode!

For some reason this was actually really good, compared to his other reviews, its surprisingly good.

Has Yahtzee possibly recently bought a cat? Good review though.

Now that was AWESOME! It was way better than the latest ZPs, well done Yahtzee!

Also: I thought only my cat did that "lie on the face while trying to sleep" routine. I was sure that ungrateful, evil fleabag was trying to suffocate me in my sleep to take the whole house as his own dominion. Too many times did I suddenly awakened by lack of air because he was sleeping in my mouth. And purring the fuck away like nothing happened. Fucking cat... But he can be so adorable when he wants to and pisses me off...

the best zero punctuation in a while!

If you think that Just cause 2's map is fucking huge you haven't played the first! That was at least 3 times bigger and it was ALL jungle to it felt never ending! Rico has changed... he used to be a real cool cat now he just gets pissed at everyone with his newfound slingshot powers (the sling shot from the first was a lot less powerful) I'm also suprised he didnt mention anything about the first game OR the fucking mile high club from the second. Just cause 1's Oddly and realism defyingly placed strip club was better. Why? JUST CAUSE!


That was one of the best reviews in a while.
Just cause!

It is indeed fun , but a highly pointless game. Spot on.

We all realize the game title is a play off of America's invasion in Panama - Operation Just Cause - right?

Not the greatest review he's done... But then again this isn't the best game to review.

The moment I saw some of the promos, I found myself saying "What a steaming load!"
Yahtzee has confirmed my suspicions.

He hit the nail on the head with this game. Dicking around is fun to do but the missions are pretty boring.

Glad I haven't bought it yet, I'll wait for a price drop before the aforementioned dicking will begin.

Also, the voice acting seriously pisses me off...

I'm surprised he didn't mention the ninjas...Yes ninjas

WHY? Just Cause... 2

Great review, but I was hoping to see a Metro 2033 review someday. I know he gets off at atmospheric games so Metro 2033 is worth a play.


blimey he mentions cats a lot this week.

Still an enjoyable critique.

I couldn't be arsed to go through roughly 300 hundred comments to find the answer to this question, so I'll ask you directly:

Has anyone used your comment as the start of a limerick, possibly one with references to the Wolfenstien review?




It doesn't matter what you would do. What matters here is what Yahtzee is doing.

And Yahtzee never said that the story and dialogue problems don't matter. He didn't even say anything to that effect.

Could you please stop being constrained by your own opinion?

No thanks. My opinions are too marvelous.

You see, you too are putting your spin on what was said. "I'm the only one who cares" does not inherently mean that it detracts from the experience. It just means that "I'm the only one who cares".

As for "Some might say that's enough. Some might say I'm too hard to please. But some can shut their fucking mouths." it does not inherently mean that he disagrees with what they're saying. It just says that they should shut up it.

I'm not putting a spin on anything. I'm simply trying to make an observation. I never said that Yahtzee doesn't believe that fun is all a game needs. I'm just saying that that is what he seems to be implying with this review.

Oh, and for the record saying "Some would say I'm too hard to please" does imply that he isn't pleased with this game.

This really sounds like my kind of game.


blimey he mentions cats a lot this week.

Still an enjoyable critique.

I couldn't be arsed to go through roughly 300 hundred comments to find the answer to this question, so I'll ask you directly:

Has anyone used your comment as the start of a limerick, possibly one with references to the Wolfenstien review?

Blimey he mentions cats a lot this week.
Still an enjoyable critique.

Explosions are fun, you have some really good guns
but the story is kind of weak.

Yahtzee seems to have problems with shooters.
He complains they are boring like pooters.

Yet he had a great time, god damn I can't rhyme
That's why this line ends with croutons.

(Feel free to continue.)

It's either too much realism or not realism enough... I honestly would prefer if Yahtzee had more time to do these, maybe a bit more inspiration and time would be good for the show. Nonetheless, this episode was very entertaining, as always.

Another great and funny review Mr.Croshaw!

I played Just Cause 2 and I found it the missions a bit too repetitive and rather pointless.Most would say it may be like a GTA with a bigger map,but at least in GTA you have missions and it has a deeper plot than going and blowing things up.

The review is right on the money.Why? Just Cause..2!

lots of cat jokes, yahtzee (assuming i've earned the right to call you that) did you just get a cat and have now gone on a cat loving spree?

Didn't check the ZP show yesterday.. Today i logged onto steam and i actually look at the screenies and the game "Just Cause 2" in the steamstore.

And it really came over as an uninteresting silly game. Like.. are you a stuntman or a CIA dude?

Also Vista/W7 only gave it kind of away in it being nothing of interest. (Who with a sane mind would target such a small market slice?)

Seeing Yatzhee ripping it apart, i kinda feel like it was a too easy, too juicy of a target. I think the 'Just Cause' phun catch phrase is pretty spot on though.

Didn't like JC2 much. Combat and Driving was shit, the only decent thing was flying, but even that took ages to get around the map.

Ferret sausage though... that's an innuendo if I ever heard one.


Am I the only one who noticed that Just Cause 2 is basically a terrorism simulator?........

my thoughts exactly! It seems like he NEVER just kills all the military occupying the area and captures the different pieces of infrastructure. In reality He is pretty much sending the whole country back to the stone age!

there isn't even a penalty for stomping civilians into the ground. At least in Crackdown, you get in shit for hurting the people you're supposed to be saving.

Very good one yahtzee :D

and i can only recommend this game! ;)

As has been said 5 times or more already in this thread:

"That's right. The best way to survive smacking into concrete at terminal to smack into it slightly faster. Maybe it's a homeopathic thing."

Absolute genius! Still chuckling after that one ... had to pause the video for quite a while there.

I have some horrible memories of homeopathic mosquito "medicine" from my childhood. Eating ground gnats and mosquitos is NOT the most rosy of my childhood memories....

the game is fun as hell. PC looks 5 times better then the ps3 version however. Not to say that's not the case with all games but... just a mention

Great as usual Yahtzee. It certainly looked like it would be about what you described. Nice to know that it's fun to play though, maybe a game to pick up when the price comes down.

A great review, Yahtzee is back on track again!!!

i love that game..."just cause....2"

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