The Girl With a Sensitive Heart

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Game People:
The Girl With a Sensitive Heart

There lies a surprisingly emotional experience underneath all of the mindless violence in Call of Duty.

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I know what you mean man. I love CoD2, it think it's the best WW2 shooter now and probably forever. However, it is much more interesting when playing with the Germans PoV mod. (well, called the SP CoD2 Axisplayer mod).

You get to experience a side of the war that's almost never told. Just think, if you signed up to the German army pre-1939, unaware of what kind of daemonic lunatic would be in charge, and then when Hitler did come into power, you had to take an oath of allegence, even though you didn't agree with him. Imagine fighting a war you didn't really want to win, but fighting anyway because you had to, because you'd be shot otherwise, and then who would look after your family then?

Imagine knowing you were on the losing side, and still fighting? Imagine gunning down people who you knew were actually fighting for a just and noble cause, not to simply conquer and help commit genocide (SS did that, not the Wehrmacht though, lets clear that up). It would be terrible, and a much more complex and interesting story than the same old, tired "play as the US kicking nazi's in the face" WW2 storyline we get repeatidly rammed down our throats.

I think that's a story rarely told, and without good reason. Men and women died on both sides of the conflict, and most of the time it wasn't always clear-cut good vs evil. The german army consisted of regualr soldiers, people, just like any other army, and they should'nt be demonised the way they are in WW2 games.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, but i believe strongly in this. We need a WW2 game with a storyline told from a german's point of view, to show that ultimately they were human beings, not just objects to be shot at in the name of saving the world!

I agree with this. Infact, one of the big reasons I was immensely looking forward to the German Front Mod for the original Call of Duty was precisely beacuse they intended to have a campaign focused around German soldiers. Unfortunately, after releasing an SP demo (which I replayed at least dozens of times), they preety much made it a multiplayer mod and left it as it is. They then tried to make an SP campaign for COD2, but it seems that is preety much dead as well.....

Sadly, I do not expect game developers will have the courage to take a German perspective on the war. Plus, there is the general perception that WW2 shooters are overdone, even though the only reason for this is that the games generally tend to follow the same pattern and thread the same ground. =/ Oh, well...

I know I feel some real tension during Search and Destroy because one whoopsies not only means death but you don't just get to try again right away.

I do agree that there is an emotional experience in even the violence fests. Actually, for all the ragging on MW2, it does use some storytelling techniques that are exclusive to games, which have a powerful impact. If you stop thinking about the power fantasy (and certain questionable business decisions by IW), and try to get past crass cynicism, I think you will find that ideas like first person death experiences and No Russian are innovative storytelling techniques worthy of praise.

However, I have to say that Call of Duty has an emotional underscore that is far more difficult for me to appreciate after experiencing the story of Brothers in Arms. That is a game that truly try's to pay proper respects to the source material.

I've never been affected much by the CoD games, but I will say that Fallout 3 has had some of the strongest impact on me. Allow me to explain.

I have lived in Washington, D.C. for about four months now, and playing Fallout 3 is a scary feeling. Everywhere I go in that game, it feels like a place I myself have been, and people I know have been. I can find my apartment in the game, and see that it is destroyed, gone from existence. I can remember what the setting should look like, but there is the game telling me that this place that you knew is gone forever.

I will forever remember just how emotional that scenery made me feel.

I felt much the same as Jen with various CoD games. While the most powerful moment for me was the impression of being forced to kill and possibly die as a Russian soldier, watching soldier NPCs being shot by their own superiors at the beginning of the Russian Campaign in the first CoD, I found something like that in most CoDs. And it really is the franticness of combat, most of the time.

But I think the games fall short of their potential. Yes, these moments are there, as are all the elements Jen described. And they're not in the game by accident, they are intentional and meant to be seen. But all the same, I have the feeling IW also intentionally tones them down not to alienate their testosterone-laden audience. That's why CoD games, especially the more recent ones, only have hidden depths - and not actual depth as a focus of the design.

I think it's funny that people found it "emotional" I guess in a Band of Brothers kind of way, but me? I just like to shoot thing and watch it explode/die.


Gunner 51:

Darn it, it appears that you have ninja'd what I was going to say. Though I always thought that Cpl/Sgt Joe Hartsock

and poor Sgt Baker had to tell him the bad news.

This scene really packed a punch for me especially as I had the good fortune to have played BiB: Earned in Blood which really focused Joe's side of the story.

Yeah, that scene had me crying, le sigh.

I played the games on PC first, recently I bought it for PS3 (to replay it at home on a huge tv screen, found it pretty cheap), and seeing the intro movie, it had me all teary again.

I quit EiB 2/3 into the game, I really should play through that one completely... him losing his finger was already a "oh, shit." moment, but still nothing compared to

The saddest part of this all is, Red is the lucky one.

If only the whole Brothers in Arms series were available on the '360/PC/PS3. Mind you, it'd be nice to see other games putting the effort into their writing and voice acting that the BiB games did.

You guys realise that the wars depicted in modern warfare 1 and 2 are nothing like the wars going on in iraq and afghanistan right now? many soldiers never see battle, including myself

Loving all the quotes you're getting?

OT: I'd have to say you're reading into everything too much here. Call of Duty is far to stylised for it to evoke emotion. If you wanted realism, the nitty gritty raw emotion, the game would get you tied to a whole bunch of people, then kill them all off horribly before your eyes. There would be blood, screaming, death everywhere. As far as emotion goes, COD makes it all a joke.

NOTE: I've never experienced war, nor understand the atrocities one must face on the front lines. But my point still stands.

What's a "pople"?

You need to fire your proof reader; a spelling error on the FIRST LINE of the first paragraph?

I had this experience with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (which I recently learned was developed by the same guys, the future IW). That game actually made you feel like you were in the war. And it was fucking nuts. Normandy was a nightmare. They worry that these games desensitize you. But that game did the opposite. I don't think any movie could have communicated as well how crazy WW2 was.

Sadly, I do not expect game developers will have the courage to take a German perspective on the war. Plus, there is the general perception that WW2 shooters are overdone, even though the only reason for this is that the games generally tend to follow the same pattern and thread the same ground. =/ Oh, well...

But CoD could do the German perspective. They are in a position to make a bazilion dollars, no matter what they do. Heck, I think they could make the next game based on a Taliban soldier, and they'd still sell out.

Ummm is it just me or was she talking about COD 2 not MW2. Everyone has related this specific review to the second game... which shouldn't be allowed.

The first 3 COD games are a huge farcry from the ones that came after, WaW was still completely different and it happened in the same time period. In a battle the emotion was more prevalent in the first 3 games while after it was more in what the missions was, kinda like the overall expierence. Stopping terrorists from blowing a nuke, an attack on an airport, and the sniper missions.

The first CoD put you in impossible situations that seemed grittier... because in most people's opinion WW2 was a lot more "grity" and "real"(because a lot of it actually happened minus taking a german installments in less then five minutes).

I'm assuming most of the people up their haven't played the first few games which is sad and the style for the most part seems unrelatable to me; besides the fact that infinity ward took the genre in a new direction when they realized they where falling into mediocrity.

Exactly! when I talk to people about CoD2 being the best COD game, theres usually people asking me what prestiege I am and what loadout I use.

A Good Ol' Kar98k is my loadout.

Cod1, I loved. Cod 2, alas, I never played.

You've covered 1+2's plot, so...
Cod4 was a brilliant, emotional storyline. They managed to make you feel emotionally connected. When that nuke goes off, and the chopper spins out control, you can feel yourself think "Oh, fuck, no!" and when you crawl out of the wreckage, limping around a completely obliterated environment, only to collapse and die, you're left speechless.

And then again, as you reach the Russian nuke base, only to witness the first shots in what could be World War 3, you feel completely defeated.

And the final stand is juist heartwrenching.

Call of Duty has (at least up before Modern Warfare 2) been a brilliantly made narrative. Then MW2 came along and did to Call of Duty what Michael Bay does to "complex narrative". It was epic, but nonsensical. True there were a few good points in the plot, and the most pulse-pounding ending to a game in years, but other than that, it lacked the gritty realism and believeable plotline of cod4.

Ah well.

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