The Pocket Gamer Report: Big Fish, Little Pond

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I hate it when games like this come out only for portable systems. I'm not a portable gamer at all, I can't stand tiny screens.

If this was coming out for PS3 I'd buy it immediately.

Then again Kojima's success and the entire stealth genre has come from working to specific limitations. I imagine it's much cheaper and quicker to design for the PSP too and he is working on the next MG for consoles so I don't suppose he's done himself a lot of harm.

yes, of course, seeing that MG4 for the PS3 was too much for Kojima (i feel he dropped the ball focusing in the hardware to make stunning visuals but short game sequences) he might feel more at home making a game for a more limited hardware and much more interesting game sequences.

this game rocks just playing co op is confusing

The PSP wont be such a total failure if it had A SECOND ANALOGUE STICK.

Seriously, the PSP is clearly aimed at much more hardcore gamers than the DS market. They are more likely to play shooters and such and all the nonsense with using the face buttons for the camera is ridiculous.

Sony, next time you make a new PSP just LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE, The PSP Go was a failure when everyone wanted the SECOND ANALOGUE STICK. WE dont care that you don't have a disc drive anymore, that means the games cost more and are internet dependant on something that never had good internet in the first place.

OK rant over.

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