Unskippable: Zoids Assault

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I was actually sort of quoting Left 4 Dead 1 intro (Damn it Bill! *wipes Calumon goo on Catkid*)

But now that I know he has been captured, I shall support you!

At least this was a step up from just using concept art...

Onyx Oblivion:
Took 2 minutes to get to a voice...WHAT THE HELL?!

This was so boring, that it was hard to sit through, even WITH you guys commenting.

This is not an Unskippable I will ever be able to rewatch.

Anyway, I believe it's actually a Strategy game.

I agree this was so unbearable I couldn't even watch the whole thing
The only highlight was METAL GEAR....

Which btw about the comments comparing to Metal Gear Solid 4, please don't compare still images and boring dialog that makes me want fall asleep to a game with stellar cut scenes (if you like a deep, well written story)

This is the most boring of all the cutscenes. Good thing we get to see it once so we know never to play it cuz it's obviously a horrible game.

Onyx Oblivion:
Took 2 minutes to get to a voice...WHAT THE HELL?!

This was so boring, that it was hard to sit through, even WITH you guys commenting.

This is not an Unskippable I will ever be able to rewatch.

Anyway, I believe it's actually a Strategy game.

Yeah that was almost too painful to watch, worst cutscene I've personally ever seen, even the cutscenes that show you all this cool stuff but don't let you do it aren't as bad as this, what were they thinking.

Awesome episode!
And was that a "Goon Show" reference at about three minutes in?

Holy crap...these guys listen to the Goon Show? o.0
Dudes...Love you guys even more now =D

Zoids Assault

Courtroom sketches finally get their own game.

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Watch Video

Well yeh Ace Attorney. Also whoever made this game needs to go away...

kinda funny but still boring

Haha, what a funny episode. I normally don't watch Unskippable, but this one was funny. ''So in order to understand the backstory, we need more backstory?''

"an experimental superweapon
-Metal Gear!"
good work there, guys XD

And for those wondering yes this game does have 3d graphics. The game also sucks as much as this scene here.

i think this episode is one of the worst didn't even finished watching it.


"METAL GEAR!" That caught me completely by surprise :D

And it was awesome!

Damn that game looks TERRIBLE!

Calumon: I thought the three year war would go on for 5 years, 8 tops!

The Hundred Years' War went on from 1337 to 1453

A hundred years is much easier to generalize about than three years.

Man, quite a dull cut-scene. Kudos to you guys for sitting through it.

Funny episode, but its one of those openings that is SO bad its difficult to comment on. Its like trying to make it all the way through "Manos - The Hands of Fate".

"Did you put a book into the xbox?" LOL

All that dialogue, and not one cat-mech.

Who the hell WROTE this crap? It's ZOIDS, man!


So where were the Zoids?


That's what I was thinking. How in the hell can something based off of Zoids be so damn boring?

I know it, that was possibly the most boring cutscene I've ever seen. Not even the Unskippable commentary completely saved me from boredom.

Wow, most boring game intro ever XD
I've seen better loading screens lol!

METAL GEAR! It can't be!

sorry, had a nostalgia moment there...

I know it has NOTHING to do with what I just saw but.

Paul... Or ThingsOnMyHead if you like that better, what the heck were you thinking when you uploaded those videos on youtube!? xD


I'm sorry xD

...Metal Gear?!

That was... a truly... truly terrible cutscene. I don't know how you stayed awake. Good riffing, though.

At least scenic Tenuto was, you know, scenic.

That game could easily have been made for the super nintendo. At least up until they start talking.

The first 2:05 were amazing!!!!! Very nicely done =)
And yea the intro was horrable, and yea the game sucked....... But I still got 1k gammer score for it, lol

Worst cut-scene I've seen on Unskippable since Farcry 2. The commentaries did help some, but this was clearly lazy work from the graphics department.

Metal Gear!! I want to play it all again.

I fell asleep, and it wasn't your fault.

thats what i thought at first, but after seeing all that text i certainly wasen't getting into the mood for "Zoids".


I was thinking the same thing..

Good GOD that was so BORING! How could anyone actually sit through all that?! What the fuck where they thinking making a game like this?!

I'm genuinely surprised. All the zoids cartoons I ever saw were pretty action-y and the action happened fairly fast.

Onyx Oblivion:
This was so boring, that it was hard to sit through, even WITH you guys commenting.

Agreed. I want to wash that 5 minutes from my memory.

Oop! Nonsensical political jargon disguised as exposition! Take a shot!
Names based on pseudo-German! Take a shot!
Ham-handed "war is bad" exposition! Take a shot!

After I watched the 100th episode, that guide to Unskippable Cinematics, I had to go see what Graham and Paul considered the worst opening to any game ever.

... I'm not surprised.

After their 200th episode, we should see if they've changed their mind.

The cutscene is boring, but the game plays quite well. It is actually quite challenging. The story gets better as you get further along. The only thing that bums me out is the fact that one of the cutscenes, one that promises to be quite exciting, freezes every time I try to play it. Of course that is probably due to a scratch on my disc. I can skip the cutscene and keep playing so it isn't unfinishable, it just bums me out that I can't even find it online so I can watch it.

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