Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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I never understood the whole PAL (50fps)/NTSC (60fps) nonsense. No modern display is even remotely aware of the frequency the AC outlet happens to be spitting out, as they all run on DC. Heck, even computer CRTs back in the day could be set to whatever refresh rate you so desire, regardless of whether the pins go from positive to negative and back to positive at 50hz or 60hz.

Also, there is the whole sticky issue of films being shot at 24fps ever since sound has been added to film. 24 does not divide into 50 or 60 evenly. The display makers briliant(ly stupid) solution: have the refresh rate of high end large format displays stuck at 120hz or 240hz in NTSC regions.

Even my cheap 17" 1440x900 LCD panel lets me set the refresh rate to 75hz. C'mon, What's wrong with a little flexibility!?

I'll be damned, Yahtzee had something good to say about a wii game!

Hehe. Can't disagree. Although even if it dosnt work the psycolofy bit was still fun

that was a good one. very funny indeed.

Can someone please tell me who that male face is that Yahtzee uses in almost all his videos. The one that looks like Wally with blond hair from 'Leave it it Beaver'???

Good episode. Don't know why but the whole pink dress joke was fucking hilarious to me.

I liked this review a lot. It had less bile than usual, but was sill amusing. You were very constructive, but still made lots of amusing jokes. Nothing laugh out loud, but it was consistently amusing. So, positive step for Silent Hillafter some lamer attempts, despite the defanging?

Geez, you still gotta wait another month for No More Heroes 2...
I guess I just don't understand what goes on in Europe and Australia... Is it this whole PAL-instead-of-NTSC thing?

Another "meh" review, overall Silent Hill:SM is less scary than say SH2, but it plays better than say SH1

Sweet, he thought it was such a great game he played it twice! I'll just ignore the parts where he calls it bad then...

So its a reboot someone fished out of the lake and shat in.... is it so hard to take the first games brush up the writing and voice acting and refine the combat/hide&seek elements?
Oh I guess it is.......................

AMAZING jokes, I really laughed out lol on some occassions.

Things like "Shit is getting real" and the ending analysis. It's hilarious how you offered a fact that contradicts it except for the last one.

You still got it and I hope you retain that momentum you just build up here, with the jokes. My week just started because of your review. Keep it up!

"I don't find that red dress very intimidating, but oh fuck a pink dress . . . Shits getting real!"
First Zero Punctuation to make me laugh aloud in several weeks. that a hint at a menstruation fetish at the end there Yahtzee?

I'll be damned, Yahtzee had something good to say about a wii game!

Guess you missed Mario Galaxy and No More Heroes?

This was one of the best in a good while, thoroughly loved it. The first 'kicking in the balls' quip made me burst out laughing, and that rarely happens. Nice!

very nice, although a bit too much hating.

I never understood the Silent Hill series so most of these games that Yahtzee reviews is only half baked since I don't know what the hell's going on.

Great review,I liked it :D

No atmosphere or dangerous monsters? Myst was more intimidating than what Yahtzee makes this game sound like. To be fair, the first time I played Myst I was really freaked out (I think I was under ten at the time)


So, what I interpret to be a final verdict is as follows:

Not scary.
Weak psychological aspects.
Pretty damn good story. Well, compared to most Silent Hill games in the last five years.

Eh, good enough for me. I liked it well enough, and running from those beasties always got the blood flowing for me.

So Shattered Memories is a glorified Robert Pattinson simulator? Pass. Anything that can make me empathise with that monotonous bitch just isn't worth it. And living with a guy (my brother) who speaks only slightly better than him certainly doesn't help the verdict much.

I've said it before... I'll say it again.

Did he say if he liked it or not?


It may not have been scary or anything...but I found it really immersive, and a huge step in the right direction for the series.

On the fucking Wii of all things.

Yea... the last bit though... -.~?

Yahtzee's done so many Silent Hill reviews that I thought for sure he had done Shattered Memories before. Nah, probably just confused that with Homecoming. (Since, after all, whose homecoming isn't rife with shattered memories? ;))

From the sounds of things, the game isn't bad, provided you're not playing it specifically to be scared. I've never been much of a horror fan. I can't see the point of evoking a fear response other than perhaps a desire to be a part of mass hysteria, and that sort of makes you an evolutionary dead end when the poisoned kool aid gets passed around.

I've said it before... I'll say it again.
Did he say if he liked it or not?


Yahtzee tends not to flat out give games thumbs up or thumbs down on the grounds that this is the easy answer befitting to tools, but he will tell you the parts of the game he liked and the parts of the game he didn't like under the understanding you'll judge for yourself if that means you will like it.

Oh, you mention the arcade game! I've only seen it and played it once in my life. (It was on a trip to Sydney.) And then always kinda thought it as some bad dream.

That was actually a much tamer review than I was expecting for this game. I enjoyed it myself, but it was also my first Silent Hill experience. I figured Yahtzee was going rip apart any Silent Hill game that wasn't Silent Hill 2.

That "This game plays you as much as you play it" bullshit is... well, bullshit. They could have as well called the psycological test "Settings" and there you have it.

That's the reason why i don't fuckin' care anymore about Any Wii related game or console or accesories, and that's the reason why this is going to be the last time i answer in a Wii related topic loool ! XD

"Oh fuck a pink dress, shit's gettin' real!"

That is all I have to say about this episode.

this was the first time ive laughed out loud at a zp in a while. keep it up Yahtzee!

The help-along-cue-card pictorial-animation felt messy to me in this ep. Took too long to get the joke in some cases, which doesn't help much considering they're like a Powerpoint presentation on overdrive. Might be just me tough. Meh.

Will look into SM if it is in fact miles better than the newer ones.

Haha, the bit about not resting 'til the rubbish has been diligently ignored made me inhale my cup of tea. After coughing it up I realised that I might give this game a chance, had I a Wii. However, it won't make me re-buy one.

Nice review, good to know there are at least half-decent games on a console I very quickly got bored of.

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