Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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Funny from start to finish, great review.

BTW, is there a 360 or PS3 version of this game?



I've said it before... I'll say it again.
Did he say if he liked it or not?


Yahtzee tends not to flat out give games thumbs up or thumbs down on the grounds that this is the easy answer befitting to tools, but he will tell you the parts of the game he liked and the parts of the game he didn't like under the understanding you'll judge for yourself if that means you will like it.

He played it twice. That's a definite like.

loled all the way

I can't believe No More Heroes 2 isn't out in Australia yet. I've already bought, beaten (thrice), and got bored with it already.

To save time, Yahtzee, you know the shift from realism between Condemned 1 and 2? Well take what little realism No More Heroes 1 had and reduce it to a gory Toonami cartoon.

I dunno, am I the only one who thought the story was full of plotholes (spoilers)? I mean the revelation about Harry for one makes his ownership of a fancy hi-tech iPhone completely nonsensical. And I guessed who the person in therapy was within the first ten minutes (mind you I didn't quite know how it was going to work but was hoping against the dread that they were just going to go all Sixth Sense with it.)

I dunno how real people changing in appearance based on your choices is "psychological" either, they could have NOT done that and focused on making the Otherworld change instead. I swear they only chose ice because of the graphical limitations of the Wii.

And I was kind of annoyed that the town of Silent Hill seemingly had nothing to do with events, the story could have taken place anywhere, change the name of the town and characters and you'd swear it was just a rip-off of Alan Wake.

that article is complete bullshit written by a butthurt silent hill fan
the game never says when the therapy is, could be 18 years into the future, that would make considerably more sense no? hence harry not walking around in the 90s

the rest of the article... it's too stupid to argue with, he makes too many assumptions of what silent hill is to him, therefore what it must be in this game then why this game doesnt make sense assuming that... eurgh

and ice cause of graphical limitations? are you actually a tard? the ice has insanely good refractive effects going on, hell the general graphics on this game are as good as most hd games (minus the lack of anti aliasing on the shadows)
rust would have been far easier to do since you just need a red dull texture everything rather than making literally everything refractive and shiny which takes a lot more graphical power

jesus, some people will hate anything

You know I wish more games did the whole pyschological thing.This is like a troll on a forum getting inside your head its scary as shit.

Hhhmmm...its odd enough I really liked this game, despite this I agree with all the criticism. Also the end "analysis" does seem to be random, the first time I played through I pressed the wrong button and didn't save after the credits. Being a pedantic fuck, I went back to my last save and replayed, making all the same decisions. The "analysis" was almost entirely different. fun to play, but not very psychologically deep...fuck it. I loved it.Best Silent Hill game since 2.

Perhaps too much of your disturbing sexuality, Sweetcheeks

Pink dresses = shit getting real. Just type "Aeris" and "cosplay" into google if you don't believe it.

Well...I might pick up Shattered Memories, if only because they've lost the whole "evil cult" angle. I played Silent Hill 2 before the original - imagine my disappointment when the hooded robes were unveiled and the story got really silly.

Awesome review Yathzee. Was kind of expecting either Splinter Cell: Conviction or Metro 2033,but was rather pleasantly surprised with this. Oh and next week: Hamsters!?

Nice. I was wondering what happened to the No More Heroes 2 review.

In the 2nd area in the woods, depending on your choices it's possible for there to be a bear in one of the cabins laying on a table with it's stomach cut open and a bunch of hook chains stuck into it. The room glows red, you can see all it's guts, and there's a fair bit of blood on the floor. I guess Yahtzee didn't see it.

.......But yeah, the game really does have way too little blood.

and yea it wasnt scary but neither was homecoming or 4 and the story was amazing
little shallow on endings being based on are u good bad a drunk or a sex addict
it seems they took ideas from previous silent hill's to show parts of characters and just made them each a whole story which kinda suked and the meeting between u and cheryl was better if u took ur time collecting things rather than running to save her...

If nothing else, I took away from this review that there exists a Silent Hill arcade game. How? Why? What?

I mean... If they had that Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles game in there, sure... but how does that even work for Silent Hill?

Never mind, don't tell me, I don't want to know. Ever.

ha ha! I never heard such an awesome string of back handed compliments before.

I originally complained about how the ice world was blue. It *is* a calming color. I also complained about how it didn't look like a true Silent Hill game, without gore.

But I disagree with the "no weapons" thing. If you were in a horror situation, you would try to find a weapon. Running around without one is actually less realistic. Most people wouldn't be pacifists when demons are trying to kill them. He could at least get a pipe or a baseball bat. Sure, being weaponless might be more scary, but it's less realistic.

oh no a pink dress SHIT JUST GOT REAL !

Oh my goodness I have never laughed so much at a ZP before. This I think is probably his best..........and yes shit does get real with pink dresses

He actually semi-likes a game and its his funniest one in a while. Don't you find that strange?

(If Red is benign and pink is "shits getting real" what's white under a weak red light.


Aura Guardian:

Dumping on the Wii get old so fast it's not funny. Actually it was never funny. Nintendo did release a proper next gen system. It's so successful that Sony and Microsoft would said that what Nintendo is doing was silly is now copying them to get the money Nintendo got. Plus, The Wii has a lot of great games. The ahem.."Hardcore" gamers are blind because they see other games that don't hold their attention. And in this generation of games...the games for the "hardcore" audience needs online,guns,blood,gore,guns,QTE, and guns. RPGS need to be in the Bioware status or needs to be well known(Final Fantasy). The Wii has Rpgs,shooters,platformers, and action titles. Games like Muramasa,Little King Story for example don't get noticed because the gamers who would love those types of games moved on to the shooter area.

You must point me to some of these games, because the only ones I've seen for the Wii are multi-console games that look and play significantly worse then their PS3/Xbox counterparts (ie, CoD 5) and the insulting casual gamer plague (Wii Sports, Music, etc.)

By the way, this is not intended to be trolling. I seriously want to know some examples of 'good' Wii games. My sister got a Wii for Christmas a while back, and while she is a casual gamer who is easiy amused by Animal Crossing and Boom Blox, I have been stuck with the watered down port of CoD 5. So, when I'm home for the summer, I want to play some good Wii games - which I do believe exist.

OT: Great video, Yahtzee. I like the snow instead of the fog. Don't know why, though.

Cool, the list can be brought out again:
- A Boy and His Blob
- Another Code R
- Battalion Wars 2
- Blastworks
- Boom Blox
- Boom Blox: Bash Party
- Cursed Mountain
- Deadly Creatures
- De Blob
- Disaster: Day of Crisis
- Elebits/Eledees
- Final Fantasy: Chocobo's Dungeon
- Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
- Fragile: Farewell Ruins of The Moon
- House of The Dead: Overkill
- Little Kings Story
- Madworld
- Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
- Muramasa: The Demon Blade
- New Super Mario Bros Wii
- NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
- No More Heroes
- Punch Out
- Red Steel 2
- Super Mario Galaxy
- Super Paper Mario
- Super Smash Bros Brawl
- Tales of Symphonia II: Knights of Ratatosk/Dawn of The New World
- Tatsunoko vs Capcom
- Trauma Center: New Blood
- Wario Land: The Shake Dimension
- Warioware: Smooth Moves
- Wii Play
- Zack and Wiki
I really hope Yahtzee reviews A Boy and His Blob. Assuming he can find the one copy they might still have at JB Hi-Fi.

Its a great game, and is one of the best looking Wii titles. It takes a more realistic look at the silent hill experence, but was not that scary, i kind of look at it has a dark adventure game. Great review Yahtzee



I've said it before... I'll say it again.
Did he say if he liked it or not?


Yahtzee tends not to flat out give games thumbs up or thumbs down on the grounds that this is the easy answer befitting to tools, but he will tell you the parts of the game he liked and the parts of the game he didn't like under the understanding you'll judge for yourself if that means you will like it.

He played it twice. That's a definite like.

Actually, he played it twice because he was trying to see what differences his choices made on the advertised psychological adjustment mechanics, but I'm not saying he [i]hated</i. teh game.

His best in a good while! Loved it!


SHOULD I hunt down a copy of the ORIGINAL Silent Hill or just go with the reboot?

What a surprise, more dumping on the wii. Not that I don't agree, but it's just getting old now.

"Oh fuck a pink dress, shit's getting real!" - Brilliant.

aw hell yeah

Thank god! I must have been waiting for this review for forever and you did hit the nail on the head. But I did thoroughly enjoy the game.

I liked your review. good exposition on why there is no more horror in the SH games
and here is what Nintendo is doing that takes so long:

I told myself for a long time I shouldn't play any other Silent Hill games after Silent Hill 4, seeing how it seemed to me like they were running out of things to do with the series, so instead started throwing in complicated riddles you should solve in order to properly understand the chronologically confusing storyline tied to every game on independent level, and even more trouble being able to link all the games properly, but I always ended up coming back, both with Homecoming and Origin. My opinion on Homecoming was that it was a great example of what not to do with a game series, as it completely left behind the one thing that made me come back, the psychological terror. Origin, while being a festival of what seemed to me to be bland characters, made me feel desperate from time to time, and not knowing what to do actually made the horror even bigger, as I didn't know whether I'd be finding the solution to every problem in life on the next door or a monster the size of Canada, conveniently hiding in the shadows waiting for me to walk by, which was in my opinion the core element of Silent Hill games, and, on other medium, the film The Shining.
Redundancy apart, I come to my question, past the features you've discussed on the video, does the game flop on building atmosphere when you know you will only be getting attacked on the blue portion of the world, or does this actually make you feel intimidated by that portion of the game?

While I can understand the specific need for gore in a horror game, I feel like most people make the poor assumption that Silent Hill is about the horrific and goretastic environment rather than the subtle, psychological aspect. Any real fan of the series knows that the entire point of the game is to fuck with your mind.

I hate it when goth twats, the type who start jerking off whenever blood is drawn, get a hold of this series. I see this all the time in fucking moronic fanfics, but right now, I'm specifically referring to the Silent Hill comics. Add some pentagrams drawn in blood and and bone marrow, throw in stock Silent Hill monsters, and top it off some gratuitous swearing and sexual references, and suddenly they think they're being hardcore and "true to the series".

This is why I have to disagree with Yahtzee on one thing he mentioned: the lack of gore. Withholding the rusty blood and gore may not have been the best move on the developers part, but it still a good way to remind people of what Silent Hill is all about. This Silent Hill is supposed to be a revamp, helping the series to get back on track. The absence of gore is a great indicator of what I think was a success. The cult, the gore--all that in your face shit has been removed, paving the way for the cryptic, subtle mindfucker that we are all familiar with.

Great review ^~^! I hope to see more from you soon.

where has the horror gone now a days its either a gore fest or about as scary as waking up on the other side of the bed then the one you fell asleep on

I have the same feeling about purple dresses... Seriously scary stuff.

Great review, as always.

Wow, for once Yahtzee did a review that is actually 100% right and not just poking fun at the game.

I actually just got around to playing and beating it myself a few days ago and while it was interesting, he's absolutely correct about it not being the least bit scary. Creepy & Frantic? Sure. Scary? Fuck no.

It kinda defeats the purpose when you only have enemies in the nightmare scenes, and the inability to fight them only compounds this. I actually have to disagree with Yahtzee on that one point. It's not more terrifying when you can't fight back. The nightmare scenes were more frustrating than anything as the buggers move so fast that unless you have a flare handy or manage to hide and then leave the room before they notice you, you can not check your map for directions. It's basically a giant trial & error run for your life and I"m sorry but I did not find that entertaining in the least.

No, it's way, WAY scarier in in Silent Hill 2 where you CAN kill things except the allmighty Pyramid Head. The way I view it, it's far more terrifying to give someone the illusion of hope (weapons) only to abruptly take it away at the most inopportune moment (Pyramid head showing up, running out of ammo etc) because then you really know you're screwed. I dunno, I guess having that sense of hope and then having it stripped away gives you a greater appreciation of the situation you're in.

It's actually rather ironic for a game that changes based on the choices you make to deprive you of arguably the single most critical decision you can make - fight or flee.

"Oh fuck a pink dress, shit's getting real!" - Brilliant.

Definitely :)

Really happy he finally could do a review of this game! I've been waiting ever since it came out. Even with all the problems of this game, I really enjoyed it. The story especially got to me for some reason, the same way Silent Hill 2 did. I was in a daze for a few weeks after playing.

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