Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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Here is how to structure a post responding to a new ZP review:

1) make sure you reply within 5 minutes of the video going up just so everyone knows oyu haven't watch it yet, save maybe the first few lines.
2) Insert "ha ha very funny yatzhee", "great review", "i loled", "lol@[insert 1 joke from video here]", "[insert any other generic praising despite not being able to have actually watched it yet given the time]".


Anyway about the review: I'm scared of the Silent Hill series. Scared that playing any of them except SH2 would be a waste of time. This actually sounds worthwhile :S

And if Yahtzee half likes something then normal people would like it heaps.

Brushie Brushie Brushie Brushie.. lol

I am going to be going out to get this come the weekend (yay pay day and friday afternoon), so it'll be interesting to see how the supposedly evil and scary side really does get portrayed. I'm a creature of habit though, so I'll probably find myself going to do one thing, and then realise the game is actually different to the original.

Also - I thought it was common knowledge that shit only gets real when a pink dress is involved ;p

My GF is a huge SH fan so bought this day 1.

She was not amused.
The Wii-mote anoyed the crap out of her she is a leftie though), the second world (all icey) anoyed her and the monsters....were crap. There's no other word for them. Crap.
Y'know if the psych element had warped the monsters to your fears (like Mr Croshaw said) it'd be a good game. But alas no.

I think the problem with the New Silent Hill titles is the whole hell world/safer world dynamic. It should be either hell world all the time, or screw the hell world and let the town progressively become worse (doesn't hell have 9 circles to it?).

Oh Fuck! A pink dress - Shit's getting real!

And, it looks like I won't be picking this one up :(

Love the Twilight reference.

Oh my, Yahtzee said a Wii title was Ok. This is a revelation. Having watched this series from the begining, i have to say that anything remotely positive means it's pretty damn good.

Personally, any Thundercats reference = automatic epic win.

I was hoping it would be have been better I would have loved to seen Yahtzee "remove three of his vertebra, peel his spine back and eat his own ass."

Keeping monsters only in the nightmare world does make the game less scary, but I found the nightmare worlds to be pretty scary.
I remember the first time I got to the end puzzle and the clue wanted me to go back out and find something outside... I thought to myself,"No way am I going back out there."

And when you realize why the monsters want to hug you, that just pretty creepy in itself. The whole game gives an eerie vibe. There is always something that is not quite right. It was really unsettling.

I think this boils down to the fact that I easily immersed into games. I mean I found oblivion pretty immersive despite its weird characters. For Yahtzee his experiences won't allow him to ignore many flaws the average gamer would. That is why he is the critic.

I was hoping it would be have been better I would have loved to seen Yahtzee "remove three of his vertebra, peel his spine back and eat his own ass."

I doubt we're ever going to get a Silent Hill game that leads to that. I will say this: this is how Yahtzee should review a Wii game. Stop bitching about the console, stick to bashing the game. That's why I watch this show in the first place. Nice to know he can review still Wii games like he did in his earlier reviews.

Still like to know what the fuck is wrong with him that he keeps having Wiimote problems. I rarely ever have problems when I play Wii games.

I hope they try again with the no actual combat, only attempts to escape. I always thought the idea behind that was interesting for this game and that seems like it could really create tense horror situations. Maybe if they had the nightmares occur at random times and just make your main objective to survive for a (random again) length of time rather than having the nightmares be plot driven. That way there would still be the tension of not ever feeling really safe (cause a monster could spawn at any time) and on top of that you'll always be feeling helpless. You never know when or where you'll be attacked, you'll need to always be attentive of your surroundings knowing where the escapes, hiding places, and distractions are.

Only other elements needed would be above average level design (If the developer's can't control where your going to fight everywhere needs to be designed to give you options), and some nice monster variety. I'm thinking the key to having the monsters all feel different and scary would be to change how they track you and their movement speed/style. Wow I'm going off on a huge tangent here (I was about to describe different ideas I had for monsters and how you would interact with them, seems you lose your self control a bit after being up 48+ hrs). Well anyway I hope they try it again as it sounds like a great concept that just needs to be grown on. I may pick this up if I got some spare money this summer.

Uh oh! A pink dress! Shit's getting real!

Replayed it again, and I do believe the UFO ending makes the entire game worth it. It's just too funny(that is if you know the story, since it only appears on a second and + playthrough).
Though some people here are suggesting that's already in the game...For example, when running from the monsters, you can throw stuff behind you to block the way and hide in closets/under beds, and the Monsters appearance does change depending on your choices:
Aren't they cute?
Anyway, there's a lot of needless complaining, so watch a video or something before you comment...Just saying...

o no a pink dress, shit is getting real

Liked the pink dress shits getting real part.

Seriously lol'd about the thundercats thing.


Well Hello 'Silent Hill Shattered Memories',bout fucking time this game showed up in Australia.
I've actually lost all interest in playing it now.

Although I don't care much for the game, I'm always amazed at the quality of ZP as a whole; it never falters and every week is worth looking forward to. Keep it up Yathzee, even if you are crap in bed.

What a surprise, more dumping on the wii. Not that I don't agree, but it's just getting old now.

"Oh fuck a pink dress, shit's getting real!" - Brilliant.

Funny, I thought he was generally positive about the game. As a critic, he has to expose faults...

I really don't think he was dumping on the wii persay.

But yeah the pink dress part killed me. lol worthy

My GF is a huge SH fan so bought this day 1.

She was not amused.
The Wii-mote anoyed the crap out of her she is a leftie though)

The wiimote+nunchuk is compatible for both lefties and righties.. so that's not a valid reason.

I bought the game as soon as it came out in the US and I played it through I think 3 times. Pretty good, better than the other games besides SH 1-3. It's true that it's not very scary though the atmosphere is very immersive.

great review

I kind of disagree with some of his points; for instance, while the cult is overdone now... it's been at the crux of each game, even SH2, albeit in a much more subtle way (if it weren't for the cult, the Otherworld wouldn't have taken over). There IS some blood, and the color blue, while relaxing, was used differently; it wasn't completely effective in my mind, but it was nice to see it subverted into "WAIT WHAT THE FUCK" rather than calmness.

As for the psych readings, they tend to be as accurate as general statements can be; sometimes they're wrong, as we can see with his review. I wonder what he actually thought about the plot's psychological elements, though; that's where the best part of this game is.

I DO agree that the changing of clothing and such is more of a "Wait, what?" moreso than anything actually scary, though him getting the same ending twice is more based on subtleties rather than doing everything opposite. I wonder what he actually changed.

I also agree that the game wasn't wasn't scary. It was more tense than scary, and I think they could've thrown in other things even if not monsters during the non-Nightmare segments. I think they needed to make the monsters more threatening--other attacks besides grabbing you would work. It may have been effective thematically, but horrifically, not as much.

It sounds as if Yahtzee quite enjoyed this game, minus the Nintendo-bashing there was quite a bit of praise.

I'm sure you've answered this at some point and I'm just not paying attention but why not just order a version of the game from another country as long as it's English?
Also- make a Harem of all your fangirls and then let me join.

On a SERIOUS note- I played this game at a mate's house- I say mate because hes British. It wasn't horrible and we figured the bad psychological reading was because we were both playing and we'd confused it about what was going on. It was a fun game and despite the fact that monsters were easy and non-threatening and that the Silent Hill-y parts weren't as scary as in previous games, the fact that it was still a Silent Hill game kept on us edge, thinking but mostly hoping things would get scary- much to our disappointment.

There was a silent hill arcade game??

Shuttered Mamaries Ha! Funny right from the start! Good review.

:D wednesdayyys.

The Wiii has allways been a kids console and will allways be a kid console
so it`s no wonder the game has little blood or isn`t scary, its for kids and fat people!
The only game that was able to give the wiii some chesthair is fucking mad world.

btw great review as allways mate^_^

I'm thrilled that I'm not the only person who—having played SH2 before any other installment—finds all the cult shenanigans to be bullshit and was thrilled that they did away with it.

I wonder how he'd have liked the Penumbra series (PC game). One of the few horror games that actually managed to creep me out.

Richard Hannay:
I'm thrilled that I'm not the only person who—having played SH2 before any other installment—finds all the cult shenanigans to be bullshit and was thrilled that they did away with it.

Despite starting with the best, I don't really mind the "cult shenanigans" because SH3 is thus far my only other game in the series and it's awsome.

hey yahtzee, I remember you said awhile ago on twitter that you were going to jump off a plain (skydiving I hope) but you said it wasnt going to be that day cuz there was to much wind. Did you end up doing it afterwards, and if you did, is it fun, or at least worth it?

The pink dress line actually made me lol, which hasn't happened in a while on ZP. Very funny, well done.

The conga line of monsters reminded me of Shamus Young hilarious review / roast of Silent Hill Origins:

Have to agree with most of the points Yahtzee made, but I disagree that this was a "good" experience. I walked away from Shattered Memories wondering why I bothered playing the game. It never scared me, and rarely surprised me. Searching for random trinkets was utterly pointless and boring, and the monsters were annoying rather than terrifying. And as for the psychological profiling, well, if you know the game is "playing you," then it can't play you anymore. You'll know the game is trying to test you and respond accordingly.

I do admire the developers for trying something different, but this style of gameplay has already run out of steam, and I hope that this is the last Silent Hill to use this style. It's just disjointed and not fun or scary.

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