Rebecca Mayes Muses: The Machine

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I thought she did game reviews? Whens that coming back? Yahtzee will never love you if you dont do game reviews lol

That was really nice, guess it was kind of a love song.

Also, loved the off tempo nature of it, made it interesting to listen to from a musical perspective.

This one was quite charming.

One of the things about Yahtzee that makes him great is his original voice, which comes with some very unique phrasing. It would be cool if you integrated his shall we say colorful phrases into a song. For example: "You're more impressive than a triple c**ted hooker. The only thing that could make you more awesome is if you had tits and were on fire". It would be fun to take his words and apply it to him. It doesn't have to be vulgar, but since it's about Yahtzee it could work quite nicely. I hoped this helped.

Hoping to lend a hand to write your song. Here are my thoughts on what makes Yahtzee interesting.


He's daringly creative. Not afraid to address any elephant in the room. Sometimes, he laughs at the fact that he has to address the elephant.

He's smart. It takes some brains to pick apart games and find what's so wrong / funny / right with them.

He knows how to analyze things clearly. Having a background in developing games and being well-written helps.

He can appeal to the gamer demographic with inside jokes. There are many that don't come to mind, but they are there, nonetheless.

In sum, what impresses me most about Yahtzee is that he can get your attention and do it with some wit and style. I hope you can capture his essence =).

On a side note, I love how you are bringing music to the Escapist. Your segment is a good addition for a gamers' interest site which is filled with very visual mediums -- i.e. games, videos and writing pieces. Keep it up!

And good luck!


Is it me or was something up with the vocals? Like there was an H added to every other word or something.
Cute dog.

Any chance of mentioning the dice game Yahtzee in connection to the Man himself? One thing is for sure, people get excited whenever they see either one.

Okay. I have an idea for the yahtzee song. It's quite fast-paced at times, but upon further thought I realised that'd be rather suitable.


Dear Yahtzee,
How're you doing on the other side of the world from me?
Across the seven seas?
And the oceans too?
Anyway, how are you?
Dear Yahtzee,
Have you gone to those anger management sessions I told you to?
Are they working for you?
Are they wearing you down?
Are you wearing a frown?
Dear Yahtzee.


But I can tell
Under all that cyncisim and aggression
You're probably a really nice person
And I think we'd get along (maybe)
Oh please don't take this wrong
Dear Yahtzee.


I couldn't think of other verses but it's a start, can be edited of course to work better.

Cut your grass, you damned hippie.


As for Yahtzee - sing about the sensitive, vulnerable side underneath that near impenetrable bile-coated exterior. The story of a man who was somehow so slighted that he traveled to the other side of the world to both take out his frustrations, yet still make a living.

The video should include you being surrounded by numerous Wiimotes and plenty of come hither glances. Throw in a crocodile or two for the Aussie reference.

I'd just like to say that i'd never thought i'd love your singing this much :D first time was more of a "yeah why not" but your songs are very touching, and for someone that regularly delves into realms a la "gears of war" i think it takes some effort to get me that far.
thank you very much, and please continue :)

I have so far enjoyed all of your songs and this is no exception, can't wait for the albums release.

Well I haven't thought of anything lyrical...

but for the video, you can do a Yahtzee-styled video instead of filming yourself this time. That would be interesting. :)

BTW, I forgot to include how much I liked this new song. Really really charming and cute.

Looking forward to the epic win :)

How about:
Some say your the Devil, surrounded by imps.
Disliking Peggle, and all the mainstream chimps.

Great song but they are always

Cant w8 for this album... *sigh* but I guess I will have to

Sorry. Had to get that out of the way.

That's quite a unique looking time machine (if that is what it was meant to be)! After seeing that video, I'm tempted to dig the clothes horse back out the cupboard and try it myself. Amazing what you can do with the average household item....

I like your style!
you re so refreshingly different with your "i don t care" attitude.
no offense, that s just my impression of you.

Thanks Ms. Rebecca for another video!

Anyone want to give there thoughts on the meaning of the song. I am having trouble relating all the lyrics.

Preemptive Thanks!

Maybe you could make a song about singing? About writing and performing.
Maybe you could make a song answering popular interview questions and really think about where in the album this song should be.

Just rock up to the Mana Bar in Brisbane in a little black dress if you want to get the guys attention.

hmmm lyrics for a yhatzee song how about something to do with his top 5 games or the way he hates JRPGs. so maybe some like let your love for portal be for me dont hate this song like a JRPG. lol wow im the master of chesey lines haha

I still think it's incredible that you do everything on these videos by yourself.

Ok, so here are some Yahtzee lyrics I can come up with off the top of my head. You'll probably have to trim them or otherwise make them suit music:

With maniacal glee and antipathy
He delights me
With his love of tea and pickle
I just wish his heart wasn't so fickle

Sure he's got his likes
Dark apartments, half lives
Wooden planks and portal technology
But could he like anyone like me?

Oh Yahtzee
You have a silly hat
Oh Yahtzee
You know where you're at
Making silly videos
Like a fiendish impressario

Why do you talk so fast?
Don't you want this moment to last?
Press X not to die
Grab your jetpack and fly

Oh Yahtzee
You have a silly hat
Oh Yahtzee
You have a mighty moustache
and a beard that's weird
But it suits you.
It suits you anyway.

White figures against a yellow screen
They dance and prance and sing
About all of the things you hate.
Your fiendish wit cuts like a sword
You rule the Web with your cruel word.

Oh Yahtzee
You have a silly hat
Oh Yahtzee
You should know that
Love is not a quick time event
It takes time to understand that
It will all be OK.

You know what I see
When I use a salt-covered teddy
To find a hidden room in a mansion
That I'm trapped in
I see bad gameplay and unclear objectives
It gives me a sense of perspective
Why'd I have to drain that pool anyway?

Oh Yahtzee
You have a pretty nice hat
Please tell me that under that
Oh Yahtzee
You think of me.
Oh Yahtzee
You don't criticize me
Oh Yahtzee
That you're really real.

I feel both very proud and deeply ashamed that I actually did this.

Better than your other songs in my opinion. Sounds like you broke your mold for it.

Glad you did!

As for Yahtzee?

How about a song about a eccentric english person who was forced to Aussie land for his obviously criminal critiques on gaming today. 8)

There is being a devils advocate and there is being Yahtzee. One is considered journalism, the other entertainment.

Like this song very much :)

cute song and a little too real. How many people hide in their machine..

Good luck on the album, look forward to it

Oh and cute puppy..

There's always something about your music, i can't put my finger on it.....

As for yahtzee, well.........

Just write about why exactly you love him so damn much.

I guess that that would work. Usually does.

I'm not sure if this can be used in a song, but here's what I came up with (infulenced by the Wolfenstein review's limerick, obviously) :

We're swamped by games mediocre
with controls as clumsy as ogres
where there's no plot or theme
and bugs reign supreme
and a new idea would be a shocker.

When reviewed by a professional troll
with wording and wit admired by all,
these games with their flaws
get nailed to a cross
and we laugh as these advertised giants do fall.

Each week when the time is right
our screens run yellow with waves of white
and full of disdain
he comes to entertain
with fast forward dictionary might.

Here are my wishes before I say "bye" -
May ZP videos forever thrive,
so "live long", I guess,
and "Yahtzee for prez"
for the people who are still alive.

I hope I helped with something.
Also, great song, that last one! :)

I don't know how you do it, but please don't stop! :)

as for the theme of hiding in the machine... yikes, that was amazingly close to the bone. I went through a pretty bad break up recently enough, and to sort of escape the misery, I played Mass Effect 2 till I was too tired to do anything. Finished the game in two weeks though... :P

I love your stuff, it always soothes while making a statement. Thanks for taking time to put this up, hope the album is going along better now for you!

Beautiful song
Beautiful lyrics
Beautiful woman

What a trifecta. I will definitely be buying the album when it is available.

wonderful song, like always

I can't wait until the album is released!!!

Rebecca Mayes=Win!

For the Yahtzee video you could portray yourself entranced, hypnotised by his voice? Drawn towards him hammer style. No idea for lyrics but as a concept for the song and video thats what I keep coming back to.

A song for our beloved resident Yahtzee eh?

Well he spends all day dishing out hate for games and making it seem as though he is a burnt out, spineless, evil shell of a human being for the shallow entertainment of us. Yet at the end of the day maybe he has got a heart of gold, I think that in any context would make for a fine song, the joker becoming the joke.

Really enjoyed the song, as always, I did especially like the motorcycle helmet.

'Even though you speak so long without breath,
You still take mine away.
You rattle words off by the thousand,
But I still don't know what to say.'

eh? fairly awful, but it could work if talent were applied

I love your music Rebecca Mayes, esp how you weave in real life issues (ala the mirror). You remind me a lot of the music I typically listen to (regina spektor, tori, kate nash). You totally do your own thing and its awesome. It is cool to see a female performer who plays her own instruments, does her own thing, and doesn't cow down to industry standards that women in the media are just supposed to be pretty and nothing more. I loved your mirror song the best (though dear god is battling for top spot too), because as a girl, I know what it is like to feel inadequate when compared with media's presentation of women.

As for concepts,

The death of a tamagatchi pet and greiving/ remembering one's time with their pixeled character.

How about how in turn based rpgs (ala final fantasy, dragon warrior) the heroes and monsters take turns in attacking. Even though they are trying to kill one another... they are being civil and waiting for the other one to strike. Maybe something about how they should not fight each other when their "action bars" finishing loading, like why are we even fighting? (real world connection - relationship issues of couples fighting but shouldnt be)

Or a look into MMORPGs and how one should be themselves and feel confident of themselves when in real life they might be feeling down, but feel great in the online fake world.

I don't really play these games, but my friends are obsessed with facebook games. So maybe something about them?

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