Escape to the Movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street

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The only reason I might see this movie is to see Haley play Freddy. That sounds awesome. However, Since seeing the first Halloween remake, I know that the remakes of all the good old slashers will suck. All we need to complete the sucky remake spectrum is a crappy Hellraiser remake. Oh crap, I think I jinxed us now. At least I like Jason, Michael, and Freddy more than Pinhead Larry.

So the Dunes guys are like LJN but for movies

Personally, I like the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Maybe because I'm more open to it because I love the franchise and I'm willing to give a remake a chance, as well as not label it as bad just because one person is involved in it. Also, I thought that the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies were pretty dang creepy, and good. They were MUCH better than Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.

I am a horror fan. I'll admit that straight up right now. The one question I have to say is, do you really look at the remakes before assuming they're bad? Do you really look at Michael Bay movies before assuming they're terrible? I'd have to admit, Transformers was mediocre at best, but that's not what we're discussing, now is it?

I found this Nightmare on Elm Street movie to have some interesting elements from the original, like the girl rising from the bed and getting slashed lengthwise. And how her boyfriend was accused solely because he had her blood on his shirt and the authorities believed him to be the killer. I do have to admit, though, that I don't like how they changed Freddy up in this, either. I prefer him to be a killer, not a molester. It's not as good as the original, but I still liked it.

I just saw this and it was not worth the envelope that netflix put it in to mail it to my house. This movie blew and the child molestation angle was just in bad taste.

I don't see what's wrong with Michael Bay directing a Halo movie? It would be an over-the-top action flick with a plot-hole ridden story and cliched, so bad they're funny characters doing cool action stuff........which is what Halo IS! Now if he were doing a Mass Effect movie? Well, time to book a ticket to LA or wherever the fuck that guy lives.

Why michael bay? why?

Great review, I'm 100% with you on Michael Bay, why won't he stop? He's destroying cinema with all the cold, methodical urgency of the fucking Terminator.

i liked it

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