Unskippable: Splinter Cell: Conviction

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Haha, nice episode :D I love the "I'm having a flashback to when I was Max Payne." Thats exactly what I thought of too :D

"Just make sure you stay away from that sitting duck. Its quacking could reveal your position."

Absolutely classic line, reminds me why I watch UnSkippable! Great show guys!

See, between this and the Zero Punctuation review saying that it's an easy shoot-em-up, I actually want to play this game now. I remember renting the first one and being disappointed that my having to stealth around like a ninja was rewarded with me not being able to kill anyone. I even skipped levels (this being before achievements and developers unwillingness to put cheats in started) and found there was only one where I was allowed to kill a guy. Now you are encouraged to take everyone down and the voice actor is trying to mix gravel Vin Diesel and "get off my plane" into one voice? I am so renting this.

"Tactical lens flare"
That should be one of the engi's new tools!
"This game is literally explaining the combat mechanics to you as if you are a child."
"The walls are getting really uppity in this game!"
This may be the funniest Unskippable yet!

This has to be the greatest episode since Halo: ODST, had me laughing dozens of times! xD And labeling rooms with blacklight paint seems like a KILLER idea :DD Imagine writing all kinds of weird and super creepy stuff on the walls and ceiling of your apartment bedroom, then just waiting for the havoc it causes with the next tenants >:D

How the hell do you chamber a pistol in public surrounded by people and no one notices? He literally stood, reached to his back, pulled out a gun, chambered it and holstered it in his back and no one noticed.

Am I the only one who thought that plate was a bowl of soup, and the phone was some sort of unidentifiable garnish? Seriously, Sam had to put in the earpiece before I stopped thinking the thing was some sort of plastic bay leaf.

Also, I'm definitely using that blacklight paint idea. I don't want my walls talking to me, but that is a pretty cool aesthetic.

Umm slight problem here. Isn't your show called "Unskippable" if so why is there a skip button inthe bottom corner of your movie?! hMMMM? I demand answeres! err. sorry i need to be nice.... I can has answurs pweez? :3

"What's the matter, kiddo?"
"My dad's Michael Ironside."

When I heard that, I was laughing so hard that I had to pause the video so as not to miss anything else.
It's just that it's so true: if he really does have a kid, you just know the little guy is completely terrified of his father's scary voice and serial-killer appearance.

i really have to give you guys props on that last one. i get so tired of playing games that treat me like im stupid.

Is it just me, or does Sam Fisher reek of Tom Cruise?

Loved the episode. The guys are getting better all the time.

Hurr Durr Derp:
Another Unskippable that's not really unskippable. :P

Yeah, i've seen it, too. All lies - LIES, I TELL YOU!!

Oh, and Sam Fisher looks a bit like Graham, doesn't he? Except for the muscle part obviouly. :p

"sam always sounds like hes 80"
i was thinking the same exact thing during the flashback

I found the video more interesting than the commentary D:

I prefer darkness as portrayed by Tim Curry.

That Max Payne comment was hilarious.

let me get this straight.... why is my home country a fictional island!?
ane way this was an epic eposode :D

Yay for the Mike Patton reference

Haha, nice South Park moment there, 20 Years ago, when i was Max Payne. lol, reminded me of South Park, when Cartman was in 'Nam.

Sam's character model looks early thirties and his voice sounds late-sixties. I guess that balances out, when he's supposed to be in his fifties.

Shut up building, you stay out of this!

Can I have this on a hat?

Now THIS was actually entertaining! ...Or at least the part where Sam explains the combat mechanics to his kid daughter. It's so creepy it's funny. :P

That is the second Mike Patton joke ive heard from you guys haha. Faith No More rules.

Look up, Look waaaay up. (had to add in my own "And I'll call Rusty")
Though it may be an obscure reference, for me it did play to nostalgia :D

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