Zero Punctuation: Nier

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Neir has been shown on the PS3 store for the past year with various trailers/gameplay... hardly "new" just looked 'meh', a more PS2 game than PS3 [which you could tell just looking at the trailers and gameplay vids] research before buying... maybe you'd review a half decent game for a change. what? seriously... he was about to buy dead to rights 2 instead of nier.. i mean that's about as clever as sticking holes in the condom.

But yahtzee with a straight face buying a square enix game, i call BS on... the man hates that company; he despises JRPG's at all. Of courses he despise anything especially if they have too much "grey" [like a wall isn't supposed to look like a wall, it's supposed to be pink or something] or anything with too much "bloom". So basically he doesn't like much...

His voice has really slowed down, like his tired analogy's and his bitterness about the fact he's british but lives in australia. Move already. -yawn- it's getting old, i'll send over the queen if you wanna do her that much...

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but Nier did at one point have a skinny gender-neutral protagonist. I guess Square Enix just figured out that the US "men who live with their mothers" market wasn't so hot with that and had the good sense to switch it out for a grizzled middle age guy and leave the whiny kid to teenage girls with extra money for expansion packs.

That was great as usual.
keep it up!


wow didn't see this coming

a action JRPG and Yahtzee actually kinda liked it.

I really wanna check this game out it looks fun to me at least.

Um... did we watch the same video? His first comment about the game is that its name is similar to the sound he makes when trying to describe it. From there the biggest compliment he gives the game is that it at least doesn't use angsty teenagers as the main characters, from there it's the usual fare of him going through probably every gameplay aspect and talking about how poorly they were implemented. Compare that to games he actually likes where he has to get really nit-picky to find something to bag on in order to keep his review humorous.

The Iconnorclast:
Good review, though I must say why does Yahtzee feel than females in skimpy armor is a bad thing?

Because he's of the sodomite persuasion, DUH! It's like you've completely missed the copious amounts of homosexual innuendo in the previous ZPs, get with the program dude.

But seriously, the excessive nudity in modern games is getting rather stale. So stale in fact, that I might be developing a fetish for Victorian dress code.

*pant* *pant*
Ahem, excuse me while I go take a cold shower.

Anybody else notice the pregnant imp getting turned into a bunny?!

Wow i must say i didn't see this one coming. I nier-ly had a heart attack! >_<

I feel like playing this game just for the 'angsty leprechaun Jack Skellington'.


I must now get a job in the nobbing around department. I want to wear a hat with a goose (maybe?) on it.

Great review, I wish there were was a better selection of my kind of rpgs out.

...I really need to get an RPG to sink ungodly amounts of time in. Dragon Age Origins i'm getting you tomorrow.

Yeah, where the hell did Nier come from? Did the marketing department fall asleep?

do you do reviews?

I am kind of disappointed. I would have bet that he would have torn Nier to bits. He was far kinder than I am currently playing it. While the supporting characters were less annoying than those in higher profile games...(FFXIII)...they are still annoying. Battle past the first half is annoying with the entrance of two handed weapons that are slow as F or are only useful in a straight line. Furthermore wtf is with grimoire noir's entrance? it was so random it was like the story writers forgot they had to bring grimoire noir back into the story so they said "hey we can make this game twice as long by saying that last didn't die and there was this shadowlord fella. FART!

As usual, excellent job, kept me grinning.

Loved the Line "Called all the mates I know and niether had heard of it."

Guess one of his mates is gone, he used to have at least three for the multiplayers like SSBB, and Guitar Hero/Rockband

not a bad review
i rather liked the game the story and stuff could have been better but i had fun playing it so no big deal

I have also not ever heard of this title before you killed it with words. Interesting, I usually see obscure titles where I shop all the time.

Boosh? Really, Yahtzee? The only other place I've heard that was the intro to Haze and they were supposed to be a bunch of mindless drug-addled frat boy types. Some good moments though, particularly the new name.


Win. :]

If I have a "Nier" death experience, I want it go BOOOSH as well. I just think it would feel right.

Too many f*cks this week mister Yahtzee.
Liked it though.



Win. :]

If I have a "Nier" death experience, I want it go BOOOSH as well. I just think it would feel right.

Haha. xD

Too many f*cks this week mister Yahtzee.
Liked it though.

I like it when he says the F word. I laugh loud!

Didn't laugh Nierly as much as I normally do. The only part that really got me was the ending.

To me, the word "Nier" itself illustrates its purpose quite well in the following conversation.

Gamer 1: Have you heard about that new game everyone's been talking about?
Gamer 2: I have, actually. I got it at my house.
Gamer 1: When did you get it?
Gamer 2: Day before yesterday. I've played it for about an hour.
Gamer 1: How is it?
Gamer 2: Nier..*shrugs*
Gamer 1: Damn, that bad?
Gamer 2: I'm returning it tomorrow. Good thing it was just a rental.

'Boosh'? Dam you Haze!

Dammit! I was going to say that. Never mind. At least someone remembered.

"Alright, as my first act as sargent of this unit, I am declaring this a boosh free zone."

Wait, Did I just get 200? Weird.

I could trawl back and find the comments, but seeing as they were pages apart, I'm just going to say I saw several comments criticising Yahtzee's "raspy" voice. Maybe he has a cold? Give him some slack, he still DID the review!

Nier, far, whereeeever you aaaare...


Nier means kidney in Dutch :p

Oh shit he referenced Illbleed lol. A strange Dreamcast horror game that has the main female character come really close to full nudity, yet it slipped past the radar.

haze was shit, too.

"I called up all the people I knew and neither of them had heard of it either"

One my new favourite Yahtzee quotes

Good job. Do the new pokemon game for the DS. tehre just something wrong with remakes of an origional game.

Hmm I've actually heard of this game for a while now. Didn't know what it was about. Now I do. Guess I know where my paycheck is going tomorrow. :)

Sometimes, I wonder why I like Zero Punctuation. It's not new anymore, it's not particularly clever or funny, and, while it has it's moments, most of the time it's just simply entertaining. So why do I come back every week?
Well, I've just read the Dethroning Moment Of Suck page for ZP on TV Tropes, and I realized: I like the way he's trolling. All those butthurt fanboys raging, pathetically trying to prove him wrong; Yahtzee really knows to kick where it hurts. After every episode, I imagine all the poor sods assaulting the forums, smoldering with RAGE lulz.
But it's not (only) because I like to see stupid people being upset, it's the right to criticise anything that's flawed, even if it's popular. I don't understand why something I like should be always perfect. Is it not possible to like something in spite of, or indeed because of it's flaws?

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