Three Reasons for Robin

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"So Batman, why am I dressed up in this gaudy costume when we're fighting thugs with guns? Especially as you're always hiding in the shadows with your kevlar armour?"

"No Reason."


"You'll pay for another Robin, Joker!"

I'm not very familiar with the comic, so I don't even know why people hate Robin in the first place.

I thought TDK had some serious issues in its story structure to begin with and would be quite open to seeing something with Robin in it and a lighter tone instead of another similar film. I recently saw the old Adam West Batman movie for the first time and liked it a lot better than either Burton's or Nolan's films, simply because it was clearly aware that Batman was always a silly idea and decided to have fun with it.




If Nolan brings in Robin, what do you do about the fact that Nolan's Batman 3 is the same as Schumaker's Batman 3, with Robin, Two Face, and (reportedly) the Riddler?

Two-Face is dead. The Nolan brothers have been pretty clear about that.

Really? I believe you Moviebob, but source?

And given the Dark Knight film, perhaps we will see a new Robin, in the form of Gordon's son. He has seen time on screen and has had some interaction with Batman and directly effected by the villains of Gotham City.


Barbara Gordon has never been shown on screen (As far as i know) and so they are free to cast whoever they want as her if they were to bring in a Batgirl.

Actually you would have seen Barbara at the same time you see Gordon's son; when Two-Face took the Gordon family hostage. All of Gordon's children were young. The third film would have to be at least 7 or 8 years after TDK ends to have a Barbara Gordon old enough to be Batgirl. But that possibility is very much open, so it could happen.

If I recall correctly, only his son was at the scene of the Two Face incident. I know for a fact he is the only one to get any screen time. Barbara might have been on screen, but her face was hidden and she was nothing more than background decoration. I feel like they are purposefully leaving her open for future movies.

You people must be on crack if you want Robin in the next Batman movie. What makes Batman special is the villains, and Robin would take a lot of that focus away. Not to mention how, when you look at the way The Dark Knight ended, much Robin would feel crowbarred in. It would be like "Hmm, everyone thinks I just murdered a bunch of cops, and now I'm on the run... I'm going to go look for a sidekick!" Throwing on a sidekick takes away the silent guardian, lone warrior motif. It would just be wrong.

Ya know... I really had to think on this article. Robin is the perfect thing for the next Batman movie. They couldn't save Harvey Dent's GF because Robin wasn't there to try to save her single handedly.

Top that off with his acrobatics and his more upbeat attitude, and it's the reason he's the perfect fit for Batman.

It's funny I always wondered why the first few Batman movies in the 90s didn't have them. I'd never heard of Batman without Robin before hand then the movies come out and skew that all to hell for me.

I agree, we do need to have someone more upbeat who is tagging along with Batman.

I actually thought they were leading up to Batgirl in the Dark Knight. I mean, they mention Barbara a few times, almost every time the Gordan's wife is around, and she's in the scene with Two-Face and we don't even see her face. I think they're planning on bringing Batgirl in, but they didn't have an actress so they hid her face as a background character. I said it the first time I saw the movie and had a bit of a geek moment because of it. I honestly think they're lining up for Batgirl, and it could be a fantastic little addition to the movie-verse.

[quote="Dok Zombie" post="6.194626.6222145"]AAAAND, combine this with my Harley Quinn idea (see above) and you have a great theme of hero-worship going awry and the impressionable effect that characters like Batman and Joker have on young people./quote]

I actually think that's a fantastic idea. I'd heard Harley is in this one, I really hope they use your idea now.

EDIT: Quote fail...

Ok, lots of comments, not enough time to read through them all, so sorry if this has already been said.

One interesting factor in TDK which could be explored further is the "Fake Batmans" near the start.
Instead of going for a by-the-comic-book approach (AKA Dick Grayson as an orphaned circus approach, or Barbara Gordon as the daughter of the commissioner, which is obviously impossible in the Nolan universe as we've met his family and his daughter is about 8), Batman's "sidekick" could start off as a separate vigilante.

It could provide a more human element to the action - after all, Batman has his company, his millions and his gadgets to rely on. Admittedly it'd be a very Kick Ass angle, but it'd be good to see someone who has to struggle with balancing vigillantism with a "normal life".

I'm voting for Batgirl and Harley Quinn and the "celebrity culture" angle some people have suggested.

Edit - Read a good point on another post - Rachel died and Harvey was horribly injured because Batman could only reach ONE in time. So if he had an assistant who could actually be out on the streets (instead of like Alfred and Lucious (sp?) Fox who can only help from afar) then there'd be less chance of a repeat of that incident.

I think a teenaged, like 16 year old Robin, could work. To better explain how he's able to kick ass.

Just no stupid Robin joyride bullshit like in Batman and Robin.

I pictured Robin showing up in the new movie as a pint-sized street urchin that gathers info for Batman so he stays up to date on the latest crime news. Sort of like Batman's eyes and ears for when he can't be there to do the surveillance himself. He gives Bats a few hot tips on what's going down on the street and gets paid for it while Batman finishes the job himself. That way we get to have Robin and the fanboys won't complain. Everybody wins!

I'm not very familiar with the comic, so I don't even know why people hate Robin in the first place.

What? Aside from the obvious controversy that Robin could be seen as Batman's gay mistress (just look at their tights)? Such a situation would be a terrible blow to the Bat's masculinity.

However, I'm pretty sure that Christopher Nolan could work it out in a suitably macho manner.

I was one of those people that thought robin had no place in a modern batman movie but you convinced me. If they did it right (you know, without making it an annoying boy wonder) it could be pretty cool. I think they should skip right to the slightly psychotic robin though. They played with the idea of violent batman wannabes in the dark knight but they should take that a little further and show how his "side kick" is gradually getting more and more violent.
My perfect vision of a dark knight sequel robin, he starts off as the acrobatic (possibly a free runner in his free time to make it a little more plausible) side kick who always follows order but is a little too excited to be with his hero. As more and more criminals attempt to kill them, he starts to rethink the original rules that are put in place. He starts by breaking a few more bones than he has to or torturing criminals for information and sometimes just for fun and eventually starts to murder criminals (first calling it an accident but then sneaking out without bruce and doing everything he wants to anyone he finds breaking the law) and eventually bruce has to come to terms with the fact that he has been teaching the kid to kill and get away with it.

I just hope they don't rely on another well acted villain for the sequel.
EDIT: Forgot to mention, no yellow. Nolan probably knows this, after all he didn't make batman with the big yellow logo. A knight wing type of costume would be perfect. Robin could make a few comments towards the end about how batman never took it seriously either since he's still wearing a cape and a silly costume while his was made for maximum mobility.

Wow, a Swing Kids reference. Moviebob, you rock.

Also, yeah, bring in Robin. But a good Robin, not a nearing 30ish actor to play a teenage acrobat. Find a 13 year old, one who actually could be believed as needing to be placed under adoption when his parents die. Or fuck Grayson, bring in Tim Drake.

Or just cast Hit Girl as Robin. Why not shake things up a little?

I don't see why they shouldn't be able to make him fit into the world. I mean, if the place him in his late teens (19 year young man instead of a 14 year old boy) he's the same age as some guys who are beeing shipped off to fight real wars IRL.
He doesn't have to be the boy version of hit-girl.

I could actually mroe or less imagine some of teh things said in the article merged together, you have gotham without batman due to the ending in TDK, Robin beeing the more "super heroism can be fun, or at least adrenaline intense fun/cool" is taking his turn trying to do some good, something happens and batman gets involved, and you can get teh character growth bob is talking about.

I don't know I think you might have me convinced here Bob.
I honestly don't know that much about The Caped Crusader to begin with and most of the things I think of when I hear Robin are a prepubescent kid saying crap like, "Holy Hang gliding Handlasers BATMAN!" And that never really sat well when thinking about Nolan's Batman Universe. But one series I did watch and like as a kid was Teen Titans, and looking back on it Robin was actually fairly dark and gritty himself, even going so far as donning the Red X costume and taking his friends out to prove a point. If they had a less cooky side-kick Robin and a more, I enjoy being a super-hero but know when to be serious kind of thing like they had going with Robin in Teen Titans then I would be totally happy with Robin in Nolan's universe. Oh and also we would have to change his costume a bit... I've ALWAYS hated Robin's costume, it just sucks.

EDIT- Actually I can think of a starting storyline for him in the Nolan Universe. After Batman becomes the cities new punching bag and scapegoat a kid around the age of 18 or so decides to pick up where Batman left off and become the new hero of Gotham City. Sort of like a more competent version of Kick-Ass. We give him his usual background of acrobatics, maybe this time he could be a street performer after the death of his parents. Due to his skills in acrobatics he easily picks up parkour and since he is hurting for money he eventually becomes a Runner for a drug cartel or other crime lord. Eventually though he becomes sickened by what he's doing, and instead of doing something like running away or just giving the police info on them he decides to don a costume like Batman and take out the guys he's been working for. And thus is born Robin!


But, when I think of bringing him back I think of the show Teen Titans. In that one, Robin is a leader, he's well grounded but also has moments of volatility, and he's an exciting fighter. If they brought Robin back in that type of character, where he's a ground for Batman but also looking out for him at the same time, I'd be more than happy to watch it.

I used to hate Robin until the show Teen Titans. It actually showed me that Robin could be done well as a character.

Done to great effect in Justice League: The New Frontier. Batman's appearance scares a boy accidentally while he's trying to save him, making the rescue more complicated. Next time we see Batman...

From movie:
Robin: [to Batman, about Superman] Wow, you really do know him!
Superman: You must be Robin. I hear you're quite a detective.
Robin: Well, I try not to brag, but...
Batman: Have you finished your homework yet?
Robin: Uh... Right.
[Robin exits]
Superman: Hmm. New look, a sidekick. Do you mind if I ask?
Batman: As a matter of fact, I do. Let's just say I set out to scare criminals, not children.
Superman: Fair enough.

Basically, he cares about people and he's willing to adapt his image if he thinks it'll help.

I absolutely thought the a Robin storyline would be great follow-up to TDK. Narratively he wouldn't even have to be a sidekick, more of a replacement after Bruce decides to quit, which would be a great end to the whole thing. From what I've read about where they're going with the movie, that seems like it IS the direction, only with Catwoman taking up the mantle of vigilante crime fighter.

Which is great and all except that it feels like they're shoehorning her into a role that the character doesn't really fit into, and Selina Kyle has that on and off again flirtatious relationship with Batman, and I cannot see Bruce flirting with another woman ever again after what happened to his last love interest, it'd just be unnatural.

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