LoadingReadyRun: The Gay Chicken

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Bill has two talents, the other being crashing the desert bus.

Flat out hilarious, all the way through.

Absolutely Hilarious! Great job as per usual LRR Team!

gamecube controllers? wtf? lol

That was too gay for me... o.o

Absolutely brilliant. Never before has a string of dick/gay jokes been so relentlessly hilarious.

I wonder was shooting when Bill and Morgan where doing there...frontal assaults.. I feel bad for them. ._.

Wow, it thought I couldnt loose......guess I was wrong.

I ABSOLUTELY lost my shite at...

'Daddy's got you!'

Thanks for this guys!!

(I was afraid the 'full frontal assault' was going to lead to some 'rear excursions'!)

Gay chicken is a lot more fun when you really are gay. And the other guy doesn't know it. But you are pretty sure that he is a closet case.

Good times.


The ending just made it for me. "*whimper* Bad touch..."

Thank god my games of Gay Chicken have never been that...intense...

Did they get a new camera for this one?
I enjoyed the D&D dice focus pull.


This was genuinely funny. I WANT MORE!

I'm a bit late to post this. I've just been getting into LRR and have to say that this episode was outstanding. Funniest one I've seen.

Bills stoicism is unparalleled. How come LRR doesn't do as many videos with him anymore? He's barely in season 7 after being such a huge part of seasons 1-6.

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