254: The Games That Bind

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Step 1) Let her know you have feelings for her.
Step 2) If Step 1 goes well, bus ticket.

(Worked for me!)

1: Did that, good gods how I did that. She too 'likes me more than she maybe should', or something like that.
2: Requires a wee little bit more than that. The difference is 16.000 km's. So yeah.

I just don't know anymore.

Me and my girlfriend bond over Persona and Okami all the time :)


Enjoy your happily ever after!

My girlfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship, and World of Warcraft has always been something that's binded us together... I'm an idiot, and will often forget what playing WoW means to her.. and in those moments, I don't want to play it anymore. She's kind of gotten used to me leaving the game for months at a time, but I always come back.

It really isn't the same as the situation in the article (although, if our stars finally align maybe one day), but WoW has really been a binder in our relationship (and at times, when my dislike for the game erupts, has led to some of our biggest arguments).

A couple that games together stays together though.. She doesn't have too much in the way of games, WoW is pretty much it for her, but I've been trying to expand her repetoire. She is constantly telling me she wants to play games on the 360, but she doesn't own one.. So I keep telling her that when she comes and sees me, she'll be able to play them all.. and I have a list.. and I intend to find those games when she does arrive and help her play them.

I posted this article on her facebook wall though, because I think she'll really like it. Thank you for writing it :)

This sounds like EXACTLY what I'm gonnna be like. Without a doubt. Games have bonded me with so many people, so yeah.

It still makes me smile that my g/f and I met at a console LAN party, playing Cooking Mama and the Zombies!!! tabletop game. Now if only I could find a fighting game that she likes, life would be perfect...

Dawww... the ending was cute...

I've always had a soft spot for these kind of stories.

What a great article. There needs to be more video game articles about life.

This has a lot of merit. My wife and I met playing The Sims 2...seriously. We were both too awkward around strangers IRL Our initial topics of conversation were only about Sims 2. Our first 'dates' involved duoing on City of Heroes until we warmed up enough to meet in person.

This video was played at our wedding.

Very cool :) I like stories like this one :)

Videogames are only a bane for relationships with only one gamer. When both are gamers, then many relationship probelms can be avoided, particularly spending time together besides physical. Ofcourse, they must have similar tastes, or new more unique relationships may occur. (A CoD fangirl and Halo hater wont last with a Halo fanboy and CoD hater)
Even if you do not love the same games, willing to play them helps, and can bring you closer. My boyfriend and I both love different games a great deal, but we both try to get into the other's/ (He is a huge MGS fan, and I a TES and Dynasty Warriors fan and we both have gotten atleast somewhat into the other's games)

I think the bane that comes with videogames is when they're used more to escape then just as a hobby, unless a couple are both guilty of using videogames as a way to escape relationships will fall apart. Why is it not seen as a problem when both people are doing it instead of one is what baffles me addiction is still addiction xP

In any case I still gotta wait for that special someone I guess, not that I'm doing nothing but waiting, but you can't plan these things like meeting that someone they just happen x.x

I hope for a marriage like this.

Great story, thanks for sharing it.

It's great to see that sort of thing, as I've lived through it with my fiance. We have lived 600 miles apart for the 7 years we've known each other (we've been dating for two) with me in Ohio and her in Maine. We met each other for the first time face to face in March of our first year when she came down to Ohio for a week. The first thing she did was buy me Persona 4, which was released only a week or so prior, and we spent that week or so playing it since it's Ohio and there's absolutely nothing to do here.

It wasn't a matter of her watching me play for the next 80-some hours either. We made choices on the day-to-day activities to play together, she made me a list so I could see when certain Social Links were open and when to raise stats, and we held each other in mutual tension and glee after the besting some of the most difficult bosses in that game, with mutual strategies.

Even now, as I prepare to graduate and move up to Maine to live with her, one thing we look forward to most is the release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep so that she can curl up against me as we spend hours tucked in front of my PSP sharing a mutual love for games in our own way. She loves the stories but is terrible at gaming, so she's content to watch as I engross myself in them for hours on end. It's a happy medium.

I love stories like those that reflect upon the same kinds of experiences I've had with my fiance, and I think it's something all young couples should at least try to incoporate into their lives if one of the parties involved loves video games. It becomes an activity, in it's own way, unique to just the two of you.

Brad Shepard:
Me and my girlfriend bond over Persona and Okami all the time :)

XD my fiance bought me Persona 4 when it came out just so she could sit and watch me play it.


Brad Shepard:
Me and my girlfriend bond over Persona and Okami all the time :)

XD my fiance bought me Persona 4 when it came out just so she could sit and watch me play it.

:) that was nice of them, my girlfriend spoils me with a bunch of Game and Anime items, owr first valantines day she spent over 100 bucks on me, and all i could do was O_o

I am now happy... and wish that my boyfriend will come home so we can play RTS games together!

It all began as a way for me to understand his hobbies and to meet his friends.
It progressed into a bonding exercise as we explored Diablo together and built kingdoms in Age of Empires 2.
It saved my sanity when I was undiagnosed with bipolar. We didn't know what was happening, but we did know that when I was concentrating on Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, I was happy and focused; the only time of the day that I was.
It made us friends: our LAN baddies are now just as happy to hang out as to shoot up baddies.
It gave us careers: my boyfriend is a games programmer, I am studying multimedia and games design.
Maybe we'll have a games development future? We discuss it often. I can craft stories, characters and models, he is a great programmer with a good sense for what makes a game.
I look forward to the future :)

*sigh* I need a Gamer girl...T-T

This story is sweet ^^
Me and guy love playing games together.

*sigh* I need a Gamer girl...T-T

She'll come around, whoever she might be.

I love watching other people play games, it's a fun past time for gamer couples.

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